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Libby Krimsier

MD / Morning Personality


New Orleans, LA


Libby's Career Capsule

You mean in radio? WBSN would be it. UNLESS you want the sordid details of my brief career in food service or my stint in beauty school.

1. What led you to your current position?
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I really have to say it was totally God.

2. What do you see as the main role of Christian radio today?
To be salt and light in the world. It's really important to enourage and build one another up within the body of Christ, but we have to balance that with actually getting out there and reaching those who are lost. Music is such a great medium to do just that.

3. How is the New Orleans market different from others?
Well, not having worked in other markets, that's hard to say. New Orleans seems a bit more urban than others. And the people here are such characters...

4. How do you keep WBSN sounding local?
Again, the people here are SUCH characters (does any other city have a "Ruthie the duck lady"?), and so loyal to ANYTHING "New Orleans," that they make it pretty easy. New Orleans is such a unique city with such a colorful culture. If we can plug into even a percentage of that, it's great. This community LOVES to celebrate (there is ALWAYS some type of festival going on around town), which gives us plenty of opportunities to be involved and relate on a local level with our listeners. We do constant local remotes (at least 2-3 a week during the summer) to connect with various areas of the community. We also feature local artists on the air (this city has SO much musical and culinary talent), and we do as much community involvement with local ministries as possible.

5. How important are promotions to WBSN?
REALLY REALLY important. We constantly do promotions - from simple on-air giveaways to large events like concerts, movie premieres, local festivals, amusement parks, etc.

6. In your opinion what song came out of nowhere in the last year to become a big hit?
Mercy Me's  "I Can Only Imagine." Not because it didn't sound like a hit, but because (aside from the praise & worship circuit) THEY seemed to come out of nowhere. It's amazing how much that song affects EVERYONE who hears it.

7. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Wherever God wants me...(geographically I hope it's in New Orleans.)



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