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Brant Hansen
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God, Give Us Something to Say





 So I was at this youth ministersí convention thing, back when I was a youth minister, and I donít remember much of it.  But I do remember 1) Everybody had goatees, and 2) This one guy who spoke made a good point.


Iíd happily credit him.  I donít want to steal his good point.  But I canít remember his name, which is why I just called him, ďThis One Guy Who SpokeĒ.


Hereís what This One Guy said:  


ďA lot of people want a platform on which to say things.   But donít pray for a platform.  Pray that God will give you something to say.Ē


This One Guy then said if God wanted, Heíd give us a place to say it.


And now, Iíve got a platform, and I mostly remember that guy.  





So you've got a platform, too.  And to think about your platform is one of those donít-look-down! moments atop a high ledge.  It may be scary for you:  There are tens of thousands of people (or, in my case, dozens of people) who just showed up, and want to hear what I have to say.  Yes, they want to hear the music, too, but they couldnít listened to their iPods, and they showed up for a personal touch.


Gathering humans, made in Godís image, all, and looking for Him, even if they donít know it, in the midst of their daily lives,   


Theyíre here, and theyíre looking for something.  From me?  Gulp.


So here I go:  ďItís Mornings with Brant, hey there, Iím Brant.  And did you know, on this day in history, the ball-point pen was invented...?"


God help me.





And God, seriously, please help me by giving me something to say.  


We all are in radio for different reasons, but there are -- basing this on anecdotal observation, here -- some commonalities.  Like, say, this:  We like attention.  Quite a bit, in many cases.  Or, at least, we did, when we got into this.  Or we like to be in control of conversations, or weíre trying to find popularity and acceptance that eluded us in seventh grade.  Stupid seventh grade.


This isnít evil.  Itís just our story.  I get it.  I can relate.  And because I can relate, I think, Iím especially aware when I hear another radio personality, when the need to prove something to someone, to earn favor from others, to personally become ďthe issueĒ, comes bleeding through the speakers.


Like I say, it's us.  But hereís hoping we can all find the freedom of actually growing up, and that means taking a look at our platform, the one weíre already standing on, and saying, ďGod, give me what you want me to say.  What is it you want me to do with this platform, with this influence, with these people?Ē


These precious people, Godís beloved, who turned your show on, but are truly, deeply, looking for Him.





Your job -- my job -- is bigger than we think it is.  I hate to remind us both of that, because itís daunting.  But if you believe Jesus is alive -- for real -- and Heís actually merciful, and the Holy Spirit is alive -- for real -- and lives in you, you have reason to be confident.


Ask God for something to say.   It probably wonít be in a prep sheet.  It may not even be discussed in the USA Today.  Itíll be better than that, and it may be something He wants you to keep saying, in different and creative ways, for the rest of your career.  Seriously, ask Him.  Doesn't that seem like the kind of prayer that God would love to answer?  Think about it.


Read books by thoughtful Christians.  Be discipled.  Disciple others.  Donít stop.  Be part of a community of believers.  Grow in love.  Donít think all of it is a distraction from your job.  This feeds your job, keeps you inspired, yes, but also keeps you wrestling with questions and emotions that will fill your show with I-canít-get-out-of-my-car honesty.  


Use your madd radio skillz (Iím ďcoolĒ with the kids like that) to say these things in ways that draw people in, and get them, ultimately, to look past you and at Jesus.  Be excellent at giving people what theyíre looking for -- truly looking for, deep down.  Do it well.  That's something they can't get on any other radio station, and, in many cases, nowhere else in their lives.  Seriously.  


Do it well.


Heck, youíre already in Christian radio.  Might as well embrace it.  Iím not an expert on Arbitron, or PPM stuff, or much of anything, really.  But I know Jesus said if we lift Him -- not us -- up, Heíll draw men to Him.  


(I know:  ďBut hey -- what about women, 25-54...?Ē)




Maybe Iím over-spiritualizing here.  I donít know:  But maybe itís kind of a John-the-Baptist-y thing weíre doing here. 


He was weird;  weíre weird.  He was an odd communicator;  weíre odd communicators.  He got a crowd together;  we get a crowd together.*  And his career pointed to one thing:   Hereís Jesus.  Follow Him, not me.  


He takes the precious people in the crowd, his crowd... and hands them over.  Thatís why heíd  been given a platform:  To hand people over to Jesus.


God, give us something to say, or help us off the platform.






* -- Okay, he also got his head cut off, but I didnít say the analogy had to be totally exact.  Work with me.



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