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  John Frost / Goodratings

They love you because...

Time For The Annual Checkup

The Discipline Of Programming

Stand in my place and ask “Why do I care?”

They'll Seek You Out

Mamie Williams Helped The Homeless

Relevant, then Interesting

Tell Me A Story

Experts vs. Viewers

Three Types of Christian Radio Stations

The Three Stages Of Success

A Tale Of Two Telephones

Looking Ahead To Look Back

What Tim Tebow Means To Your Radio Station

The big tent strategy and the Family brand

How Well You Are Doing Depends On Who You Ask

Facebook Friends and Food

What Can We Learn From Mothers Day?

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!

I Don't Have Enough Time

You don't have to listen long before,
 you know you don't want to listen

My New Year’s resolutions for the
Contemporary Christian format

Your station is like a song

It's like a death in the family

We Are Family

Wishes for the new year!  

Everyone Else Is Smarter At Something  

The Power of Precision

They've Closed My Favorite Restaurant  

A longhorn steer and your radio station

Why People Love Your Station 

The Power Of Christmas (programming)

The Curse of the Radio Selfie

Bring Me The Bad News

What we can learn from the Super Bowl

Beware Of Common Sense

He saw Billy Joel and it didn't go well 

The Spirit Of The Volunteer

It's All About Adding Value

What's Most Important?

Easter Sunday & the man with the umbrella

Stuff I found on Facebook...

The top 10 reasons stations aren’t successful

The top 10 reasons stations aren't successful—#2 

The Top Ten Reasons stations aren’t successful!  

The concession stands will close after the seventh inning 

Elvis, Assumptions, and Your Radio Station

My Dad Is The Pilot

Yankee Stadium, Change, & Your Radio Station

It Needs More Salt


Glen Hascall / KHYM Meade Station Manage

How Program Suppliers Can Help Radio Stations
Download Their Programs

Job Opening

The How, The Who and The Why

A Higher Expectation

Incompatibility: Grounds For Great Radio

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys

Promotions Outside The Box: A Round Table Approach


Sterling Tarrant / KSBJ Houston

What you Inadvertently learned at Momentum

The Last Step

A Bit Of Blasphemy

The Blue Parakeet

Candlelight & Congressional Scandals
(one way to make your messages relevant, real, and still safe)

The Power of an Embarrassing Childhood

Poor Rudolph

Christmas Song Thought Starters

The Bullseye for All On-Air Communication

I Heard the Other Station in Town do Something


Isaac Fineman / Bridge Media Group

The Power of The Spoken Word

Deliver Content...

Inspired by a soft-drink company

Social Media = $$

Make Time For Margin


Jerry Grimes / Advocace' Media

GroupThink: The Power to Confuse


Bill Martin / The Joy FM

The Eschatology of Leaving Eden

Someone (Worth?) Dying For

The Hunger Games & Christian Sensibilities

Kim Snyder / Kim Snyder Media

Are You Worth Investing In

Writing Highly Effective Fundraising Copy, pt. 1

Writing Highly Effective Fundraising Copy, pt. 2

Writing Highly Effective Fundraising Copy, pt. 3


Joe Burke / Consultant Programmer

How Program Suppliers Can Help Radio Stations Download...

Now's Your Time Seize The Moment


Jake Sommers / KTIS Minneapolis

An Open Letter to Record Companies

We Sure Ask A Lot


Jeff Cruz / WMHK Columbia

We Are Losing The Loudness War


Ace  McKay / Air Personality

Unleashing Your Right Brain Rock Star

The Magic Of Coaching

The Power Of A Praying Staff

The Art of Great Phone Calls

Avoiding A Bad Show

Morning Shows Are Just A Bunch of Kids!


Brian Wright / Audience Development Group

Arbitron E-Diaries



Leave them wanting for more

What Do Listeners Experience

Listeners Don't Really Listen

Steps To Revolutionize Your Station

Keep An Open Mind

Learn From History


Internet Access In Cars

In Times Of Tragedy

The future is approaching

Back To School Ideas

Connect With Your Target

Strong Personalities

How Do You View Your Station

What was good enough

Great Radio Talent

10 Steps To Victory

Personality Show Grid

The Club House

Holiday Ideas

Listening Universe


What Really Matters

Back To Basics

The Time Is Now


Shared Vision

Heavy Users


Substance Over Hype

Change Your World

Summer Promotion Ideas

Morning Show Guide

What Listeners Want

Listener Are Not Created Equal

Radio Strong

Reading The Room

Diving For Pearls

Theatrical Props

 Lead Don't Manage

What Research Reveals About Radio


Mark Kordic / Advocace' Media

Vision Props Boost Donor Response

Who Is The Best Donor Prospect For Your Station

"Listenomics" is the New Community Building Practice

Help…I Need a Director of Development!

You Can Be a Visionary Leader

Close Donor Connections....

Engaging the Discerning Major Donor

Moving from Stress-Filled to Fearless Leadership

You Can Find Major Funding Partners Today

Using Board Member MVP’s for Fourth Quarter
Income Growth

Following the Bouncing Donor Appeal...
Where's the Motivation to Give?

Finishing What You Start Leads to Donor Trust


Kris Byerly / The JOY FM

Few Things I Learned About Miley’s VMA Performance

Radio Imaging: The Underpaid, Overlooked Personality


Lisa Williams / Air Personality

Top Of Her Intelligence


Izzy Knight / Air Personality

Production Thoughts


Rob Regal / Family Life Radio

What We Say / What She Hears

Creating Content


Don Hughes / CEO Great Plains Christian Radio

Do You Need A Fundraising Makeover?

Boycott The Recession

Finding The Hidden Door

What I learned from George Mueller about Fundraising

Ten Points to Successful Fundraising

You Can Do More...

Essential Elements of what should be
included in a mailing to raise funds

Issues Facing Christian Radio

Psychology of Charitable Giving

Lessons of Einstein

What is the Vision for your Ministry?

Leading our Listeners to a Life of Victory











Brian Sanders / PAR

Christian Radio... You Are Not Roku

Christian Radio... Nervous

Dear Christian Radio... Q&A

What Does It Mean To Be Local

Dear Christian Radio…stop being so nice

We Do Life On A Dial


Todd Isberner / ShareMedia Services

The Secret Ingredient
(For Successful Broadcast Fundraising)

Can They Trust Us With Their Money?

What God Does When his PEOPLE Give

Do Not Promote Your Fundraiser...

Four Fund Raising Principles



Bill Scott / ShareMedia Services

When Comrades Fall  

The 7 Don’ts For Your Fundraiser

The 5 Don’ts At Your Fundraiser

The 4 Don’ts For Your Next Fundraiser

You Can’t Top This

I Hate Asking For Money

Saying Thank You

Bad Radio - 6 Rules To Break On-Air

When FM is Dead


Dusty Rhodes / Formerly WAY FM

Why I Left WAY FM


Tom Tradup / Salem Radio Network

How Christian Film "War Room" Stunned Hollywood


Jayar Reeves / The JOY FM

The Comic and The Jock

Giving Colors To Content

The Hat Trick

The Personalization Era


The Hot Button Scale

Hard Work


David Palmer /

FCC Changes Have Hidden Agenda

"iTax!" Coming Soon To a Computer Near You

New CRB Webcast Royalties, Net Neutrality and Mobile
Streaming a look ahead to 2011

Why You Should Stream

Big Changes at Apple Mean Big Changes...

A Text From God

Social Media And Our Kids

Christian Radios Dirty Little Secret


Paul Martin / Advocace'

Six motivation mistakes that stop success


Kayla Sanders / PAR

The Power of Insight


Dick Jenkins / Former CEO at EMF Broadcasting

Management Tips

Women In Management


Brant Hansen / Air Personality

Can Jesus & Christian Radio Co-Exist?

The Cost Of Christian Radio

God, Give Us Something To Say

Dear Other Radio People

So I Had an Epiphany About My Job...

Workshops I'd REALLY Like to Attend
at a Christian Radio Convention

Five Things On-Air Personalities Should
Consider Before a Pledge Drive


Lara Scott  / KFSH Los Angeles

How To Get Into Radio

Mom's The Word

The Best Format In The World

Please Leave A Comment

I Work From My Bathroom…

How To Win Tickets


Mike Couchman / WAY FM Denver

Pop Culture

What You're Already Doing Right

CHR Power Gold Analysis

CHR Momentum Roundtable

The Perfect CHR Storm


Tim Sinclair / Green Eye Creative

Who Sang That Song?

The Fine Art of Ignoring People


Alan Mason / Goodratings

Through Their Eyes

The Story Is In The Stories


Beth Bacall / WAWZ New York

Speaking Less and Saying More

Real Life "Rules"

The Score: Love, Love

Connect The Dots


Rick McConnell / The Airshow

Why Your Listeners Are Really Listening


Randy Brokema / Advocace'

I Hate This Fund-Raising Thing


Jack Eason / The Heart Share Group

Looking For Different Results?


Leader-SHIP 2

Leader-SHIP 3


RELATIONSHIP-The Necessity at Radio

Pay Attention

It's That Time Of Year


Coppelia / KSBJ Houston

Hope for Christmas Mourning

How did a Latina get in here?

A New Sharathon experience

An Ode to Christian music


Matt Stockman / OndaPaz Radio 93.2 FM Barcelona, Spain

Being 3 Dimensional

Asking Why


Bob Taylor / WAWZ New York

The Sounds Of Silence


Dave Brooks / WCIC Peoria

Riding The Digital Wave

Volunteers, Interns & Capes


Johnny Stone / Air Personality

Win Morning Drive, Win The Day!

The Power of Curiosity

The Lesson Roundhouse Rodney Taught Me

Just Be Water  

Try Not To Get Kicked Out Of The Car


Stacey Stone / Air Personality

The Gift of Listening

How's Your posture?

“Coca Cola” stunt

What If Your Station Is The Tiara?


Scott Herrold / SOS Radio


Shotgun Marketing, No Thanks



Terry Dismore / Lazarus Communications Group

Is It The End of the Road for Radio in Your Car?


Tim Dukes / Halftime

Your Calling

The Business of Ministry

Seize the Day God’s Way


Taylor Hohulin / KVRK

Parables, Christian Radio, and Connect-the-dots 


Frank Scales / Frank Scales Creative

Freely Give 


Dave Purin / WHCB

Pursuit of Relevance


Dan Young / KGCB

The Gateway to the Heart

The End Of Fundraisers?


Lisa Barry / KTIS

The Evolution of a Christian  DJ

Talent is Never Enough


Bill Lurwick / WKNZ

What I learned, from a Bartender


Glenn Goodwin / Air Personality

When Christian Radio Is Misused and Abused

Defining Moments



Steve Tuzeneu / Sonshine Media

A Resource for Engineers

Another Resource For Engineers

HD Radio : An Opinion

How To Find An Engineer

Improving Your Physical Plant

Your E-mail is a Spam Magnet

Compliance Is Cost-Effective


Matt Pelishek / KAXL

Murder By Numbers


Daniel Britt / PAR

Exercise Your Mind


Tim Moore / Audience Development

The Third Dimension, and What We Can Borrow From Jim Collins









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