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Brant Hansen
Air1 Air Personality

So I Had an Epiphany About My Job...




Beautiful day the other day.  I'm in my convertible, top-down, and I'm listening to a CD a friend just gave me.


It's a new band, and the songs were pretty deep.  I like the arrangements.


One song I was listening to got me thinking about who we are in Christ, as a whole, not just as individuals, but as a community, and as it faded out, I was thinking maybe God wants us to present us as a body, rather than individually, to the world, and HEY HEY BRO HEY MAN DO YOU NEED A FLAT-SCREEN????


That's what I was thinking, because a truck pulled up right next to me, and the driver started yelling at me.  


I told him, "No - sorry."  


And I drove to the red light, annoyed that my space got invaded, but this next song actually has a nice keyboard intro, which I didn't expect, and HEY MAN I DIDN'T STEAL THIS STUFF, IT'S FROM MY JOB! 


He was back, and I said, "Okay, man. I don't need it."


The light turned green and I thought, "What a way to make a living. I'm in my car, in my own head, enjoying this music, thinking about God, and this guy foists HIS agenda on me out of nowhere. I didn't ask for that. At the carnival, I could expect that, but I'm in my space. No fair. That guy is annoying."


And then it dawned on me: When I'm not respecting the music... 


I'm that guy.  



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