DEC PPM RATINGS DAY 4: Nashville, Austin & more... KFMK 3.9... WTLC 1.6... WGNR 0.9... WHZN 0.2... WNNL 7.1... WRTP 0.9... WGH 1.4... WAYM 2.0... WAYQ 0.5... WXRI 0.5... WEAL 0.1... WTJY 0.1... WAYF 4.1... WRMB 0.7... WHAL 9.7... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here.  (12/29)

Liberty University WRVL/Lynchburg and its stations around VA and parts of NC drop all teaching programs and is now all CCM; adopting the moniker "The Journey".  The station website says, "Teaching and preaching programs made up the bulk of the programming for nearly all of the station’s history. On December 26, 2014, after over a year of prayer and planning, Liberty University leadership and the radio team launched a fresh vision for radio. The station has adopted a new name, The Journey, and a new format that features testimonies of transformed lives, stories of hope along with music that glorifies God and encourages us on our “journey.”  Liberty is directing listeners of the Christian teaching shows to Salem's 

Journey Radio Network GM Barry Armstrong told HisAir.Net, "Our small, passionate team caught the vision early and literally transformed the radio station during the month of December. Comfort zones were left behind months ago! That is how we were able to roll out the all new Journey the day after Christmas. I am profoundly humbled, and grateful to God for the team, the opportunity and relationships that made this total transformation possible. You never know what lies ahead on this heavenward journey!” (12/29)

BITS: Bott Radio Network (BRN) expanded its nationwide Christian Talk Radio network with the launch of a new FM signal at 97.1 FM in Jefferson City on Dec. 10 and a new FM signal at 95.9 FM in Pittsburg, Kan.... Moody's KMBI/Spokane will switch to all Spanish, the format will remain the same and the affiliation with Moody will remain, but the language will switch to Spanish Jan 5th... Tom Baker joins WMUZ/Detroit as writer/producer... Richard Trejo is retiring from Salem Communications at the end of December, Trejo managed KDAR/Oxnard during his 14 years with the company...  (12/26)

Prayers are needed for WMIT/Ashville (106.9 The Light) air personality Ken Mayfield. Last week he fell 4 stories onto a concrete floor while doing work in the attic of his church. The nurses and doctors are calling him their Christmas Miracle since he fell that far, back first, and has no real spinal injury. He does, however, have several broken ribs and a bruised lung and is having trouble breathing, therefore his oxygen levels are very low. He's also been in a lot of pain. Today his wife Debbie and son Kellan posted a facebook update saying "this morning during his physical therapy session, he was able to stand nearly by himself and use a walker to cross the room and sit in a chair for his meal."... (12/26)

DEC PPM RATINGS DAY 3: Las Vegas, Orlando & more... KFIS 3.1... WMIT 0.6... WLFJ 0.2... KZAR 1.1... WCRF 0.9... KSOS 3.2...  WPOZ 5.7... WPOZ HD3 3.1...KJNW 1.9...  WCVO 4.1... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. (12/26)

DEC PPM RATINGS DAY 2: DC, Seattle, Tampa, & more...  AQH 6+... WGTS 3.0...... WAYF 1.2... WRMB 0.9... WPZR 2.1...  KCMS 4.6... KFLR 2.1... KTIS 4.9... WCIE 2.4... WBVM 0.9... KLDV 4.1... WRBS 2.6... KLJY 5.6... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here.  (12/23)

DEC PPM RATINGS DAY 1: Dallas, Houston, & more...  AQH 6+ KFSH 1.2... WMBI 0.6... WGRB 0.7... WONU 0.1... KLTY 4.4... KCBI 1.9... KSBJ 4.4... WBYO 0.1... WFSH 5.4... WPZE 3.0... WVFJ 1.0... KSGN 2.4... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. (12/22)

BITS: After a slight delay on Thursday, EMF closed on the purchase of WMHK/Columbia and WRCM/Charlotte Friday afternoon, watch local TV coverage in Columbia on WIST here, to hear the WMHK sign off click here... 3 radio stations have been donated to The Power Foundation in Greenville by an attorney, the stations are WRIX 103.1 FM, WANS 1280 AM and WRIX 1020 AM, The Power Foundation currently operates 17 Christian stations scattered throughout several states...  SRN News White House correspondent Greg Clugston has written the 16th annual "White House Christmas Poem," click here to read the story... (12/22)

The Brant Hansen Show is asking listeners to put paper crosses on their Christmas trees, to remember - and encourage - the Abedini family. Saeed was forced to take his lone Christmas decoration down, in his cell in Iran. Brant tells HisAir.Net, "We'd love to have believers take photos of their cross, in his honor, and allow his wife, Naghmeh, to see just how many people are remembering him during the holiday. People are posting photos on my Facebook page ( but it's something other stations could do, as well, on their own pages or Twitter (tagging Naghmeh Abedini). Saeed does get news about us from his occasional family visits, and I can't imagine how much it would mean to him to know how many people continue to pray for him."  

This Christmas marks the third year Idaho pastor Saeed Abedini has been separated from his family. Abedini, an American citizen, is currently serving an eight-year sentence after an Iranian court found him guilty of trying to establish a network of churches in private homes.  (12/19)

WRCM/Charlotte ends local programming today as EMF takes over the station. The change to KLOVE is expected sometime this afternoon. To listen to WRCM's last day as a local Christian radio station go here... All WRCM staff will be laid off today. EMF purchased WRCM and sister station WMHK/Columbia in Oct for $10.5mil... (12/18)

BITS: WMHK/Columbia is expected to flip to KLOVE programming today around 5pm,  ending an era of local Christian personalities and programming that extends back nearly 40 years. To listen online to WMHK's last day go here... WBYO/Sellersville (Word FM) has partnered with Univest Foundation to establish the Stone & Flick Children Fund to assist in raising funds for the Stone daughters and for Anthony Flick, surviving children who lost their parents and sibling after the devastating tragedy in Montgomery County, PA on Monday, December 15... Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media is scheduled to speak at the by-invitation-only Media Leadership Dinner on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, during the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville... (12/18)

The Brant Hansen Show is returning to Houston. The show will air 3-8pm starting tomorrow on (KSBJ/Houston) sister station NGEN ...  Brant told HisAir.Net today,  "We love what NGEN is doing, and we love Houston. VERY excited to be part of the family there!" (12/16)

BITS: PAR (Positive Alternative Radio) unveiled new innovative benefits for its employees today, all aimed at job satisfaction, improved performance and long term retention, according to Brian Sanders, Executive VP of PAR, watch the video press release here... Salem is purchasing WDYZ/Orlando (AM 990) from Disney for 1.3mil... Don't miss the guest article from John Frost "The Power Of Christmas (programming)" and all the other great guest articles this week... (12/16)

London's Premier Christian Radio is in danger of losing its Digital One license and could be replaced by a pop music station. Terms of a new contract have not been reached, the current contract runs out on Dec 20. Premier Christian Radio celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015. Premier chief Peter Kerridge said: “Despite months of negotiations with Arqiva, we have been unable to secure the renewal of our Digital One licence. But we still hope and pray for a last minute reprieve from eviction from the national network.” Media regulator Ofcom is expected to judge if Arqiva is entitled to change the content of the Digital One network in consideration with the interests and tastes of the public, while ensuring fair and effective competition in the process. (12/16)

WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ 99.3) has promoted Ace McKay to Program Director effective immediately. McKay succeeds Troy West who after 21 years with the station exited to join KSBJ/Houston.  Ace will continue as WJQK music director and morning host. In the past he programmed stations with WAY FM in Tallahassee & Huntsville.  On the promotion Ace says, "This is an exciting time in the history of JQ. We want to build on where we've been and where we're going to bring relevant content and Radiate Christ into the listeners lives. That is the staff's passion for this next chapter."   (12/12)

WMDR/Oakland, ME (God’s Country 88.9) 200 foot tower collapsed yesterday in a windstorm. Scott Fybush of Northeast Radio Watch reports the antenna had been put into service just last year. For now the station is off the air while a plan is worked out to get it back in service, at least at reduced power. The tower collapsed within a tight 50-foot radius, as it was designed to do, and the transmitter shack appears relatively undamaged, but the big challenge now for the station is a basic one: clearing the road so that there’s any kind of vehicle access to the site at all. Owner Light of Life Ministries is hoping to find a replacement tower for the Christian country and southern gospel music station which is part of the Worship Radio Network, other signals in the regional network are mostly fed via Internet. Bill Thrasher, General Manager of the Worship Radio Network will be meeting with staff and the network’s Board of Directors to access the damage and plan a course of action in restoring the full operations of WMDR. Presently, Thrasher moved the primary station for God’s Country from WMDR-FM to WMDR-AM 1340 for the greater Augusta area while repairs are being made to the station’s FM tower.  He also advised that listeners can continue listening online from the Worship Radio Network website and also several of the sister stations that form the God’s Country group.  (12/11)

BITS: Salem Morning Radio personality, Jaci Velasquez, appeared on TV last weekend on the DIY Network program "Renovation Realities", Jaci and Nic Velasquez (at left) had a hazardous front porch that needs to be renovated... an arrest was made by Burke Co. Sheriff’s Officers in regards to vandalizing the transmitter site for WCIS/Morganton... check out the latest FREE music research from Hit Music research and HisAir.Net, click here... (12/10)

BITS: KJTH/Oklahoma City (The House FM) has hired Dave Hunter as new morning host... WCIS/Morganton (760 the Cross) was knocked off the air after being the target of copper thieves who cut through the barbed wire fence at the transmitter site and did as much as $50,000 in damage... Television and film star Chuck Norris will speak on Thursday, February 26, 2015, at the closing session of the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville... Nov PPM numbers for Christian radio are posted here, Dec due out on 12/22... (12/5)

WBGL/Champaign Morning Show team of Tim Sinclair & Pam Peoples are exiting the station. A station news release said "Life is composed of seasons, and Tim & Pam feel their season at WBGL is coming to a close. After 6 years on air together, Tim, who also served as Digital Strategy Director and Pam, who served as producer for the show, sense God is calling them to new and unknown places. They have served WBGL and its listeners with great love, thriving passion, and unending creativity, and they will be greatly missed." Their last day on air will be Friday, January 2, 2015.  WBGL has started a search for a new air talent, listing is on the HisAir.Net jobs page. (12/5)

WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) afternoon personality George Flores has exited the station. (12/2)

NOV PPM RATINGS DAY 4: Nashville, Austin & more... KFMK 4.9... WTLC 2.0... WGNR 0.9... WHZN 0.3... WNNL 5.8... WRTP 1.1... WGH 1.9... WAYM 2.3... WAYQ 0.4... WXRI 0.6... WEAL 0.1... WTJY 0.1... WAYF 3.5... WRMB 0.8... WHAL 8.6... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here.  (12/1)

BITS: Governor Mike Huckabee is scheduled to speak on Thursday, February 26, 2015, at the closing session of the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville... At midnight on Thanksgiving WCVO/Columbus (104.9 the River) fired up their 2014 All Christmas Music campaign along with their Christmas Gifts promotion, this year marks the thirteenth consecutive year for the holiday season switch... Our condolences to Positive Alternative Radio Executive Vice-President Brian Sanders whose father in law passed away Sunday morning... (11/30)

NOV PPM RATINGS DAY 3: Las Vegas, Orlando & more... KFIS 3.2... WMIT 0.8... WLFJ 0.2... KZAR 1.0... WCRF 0.9... KSOS 3.7...  KJNW 4.0... WPOZ 6.2... WPOZ HD3 2.4... WCVO 4.7... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. (11/26)

WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) flipped the Christmas music switch, marking the beginning of the Christmas season in the tri-state area.  The station will play all-Christmas music through Christmas Day. “In Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, Linus shared, "that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown;" a baby born in a manger.  That's why we're excited about playing all Christmas music, because we know who the Star of the season is!” said morning man Scott Valentine of “Star 99.1’s Scott and Sam Morning Show.” “Our listeners love Christmas music and have been asking for it for weeks.  We’re thrilled to go on-the-air with our unique mix of hope filled Christmas music,” said Rick Hall, Star 99.1’s Program Director.  (11/26)

NOV PPM RATINGS DAY 2: DC, Seattle, Tampa, & more...  AQH 6+... WGTS 3.4...... WAYF 1.1... WRMB 1.3... WPZR 2.5...  KCMS 4.5... KFLR 2.0... KTIS 5.0... WCIE 2.5... WBVM 0.8... KLDV 4.2... WRBS 3.1... KLJY 5.2... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here.  (11/25)

NOV PPM RATINGS DAY 1: Dallas, Houston, & more...  AQH 6+ KFSH 1.4... WMBI 0.8... WGRB 0.8... WONU 0.1... KLTY 5.0... KCBI 2.0... KSBJ 4.8... WBYO 0.2... WFSH 5.0... WPZE 4.0... WVFJ 0.9... KSGN 2.1... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. (11/24)

BITS: Christian radio's longest-running one-hour weekly program Soul2Soul, is celebrating its 20th anniversary launched in 1994, the nationally syndicated show is heard on 781 stations in 41 countries... Thursday (11/20) WAKW/Cincinnati (STAR 93.3) held it's one day fundraiser to benefit the City Gospel Mission as listeners helped provide over 14,000 meals for the homeless living on the streets of Cincinnati this Holiday season... The NRB will debut the Film & Entertainment Summit at the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention, the Summit is an all-day event on Monday, February 23, 2015... Branch FM/Yorkshire, UK, launched in 2007, is celebrating its seventh anniversary... (11/24)

KJTH/Oklahoma City (The House FM) morning personality Carder Price has signed on with NGEN/Houston to be the new Production Director . He'll start at KSBJ's sister station on Dec 1... KJTH has begun their search for a new morning host. Click here to jump to the jobs page for the listing... (11/20)

As of 12:35 Friday 11/4/14, WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) is fully funded for 2015! Pictured at left is Station Manager Dean O'Neal Deano and the rest of the Z Crew are so very excited! To God be All the Glory! (11/19)

At KNWS/Waterloo (Life 101.9) Listener & Community Engagement Director and Afternoon Show host Bryon Mengle is being promoted to Content Director, effective Dec. 1st.  He will also become the Morning Show host effective Jan. 1st.   Life 101.9 Station Manager Doug Smith says, “Bryon is a high-energy, high-capacity person, and he’s done phenomenal work as our LCD.  I know he is the right person to move into this position.”  Mengle succeeds former CD Rick Hall, who moved to WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) this past June.  Also, Life 101.9 announces that after several months of treatment for a very rare form of cancer, Kim Bindel has returned.  Shortly after she joined Life 101.9 in March she had surgery, radiation, and chemo.  In October, her doctors declared her to be “cancer-free”, and she has been back to work in a part-time capacity as she rebuilds her strength.  Beginning November 24th, Kim will be hosting the Midday Show on Life 101.9, and when she is healthy enough to resume working full-time, she will also take on the title of Music Director for the station.  (11/19)

WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) MD Jeremy Henry has been hired to fill the morning co-host slot left by John Balyo. Henry will team up with Amanda Hildabrand in morning drive. "We're thrilled to have Jeremy on board with the team here at WCSG.  We were looking for character, competency and chemistry.  WCSG Executive Director Chris Lemke says, "There's no doubt we've landed on the right person/the right mix to best serve our listeners." Henry is the second key employee to depart WJQK this month as PD Troy West announced he was heading to KSBJ/Houston starting Dec 1st... (11/19)

 Effective January 1, 2015 Salem is consolidating its radio and network divisions into one. Dave Santrella will move from President of the Radio Division to President of Broadcast Media, adding to his radio division responsibilities the oversight of the Salem Radio Network, SMR/VMR Rep Firm, and a variety of digital assets. Also at Salem Allen Power and Linnae Young take on new roles as Senior Vice Presidents dividing up the oversight of other operational vice presidents, as well as departmental managers in ministry relations, digital and business formatted radio properties. And Terry Fahy is promoted to an Operational Vice President role overseeing most of the company's stations west of Phoenix. Other Operational Vice Presidents including Brian Taylor, John Peroyea, David Ruleman and Mike Moran, all pick up additional station responsibilities.

Meanwhile on the network side Phil Boyce, Programmer and current VP, Director Spoken Word formats for Salem is promoted to Senior Vice President, Salem Radio Network and Spoken Word Formats. In his new role Phil will oversee all program and revenue aspects of Salem's News and News Talk Networks including its five Network Talk hosts, the Janet Mefford Show, and SRN News. Boyce will continue to work with other aspects of Salem's spoken word formats, most notably as a program consultant for national ministries. Boyce will continue to oversee Salem's New York operations. Mike Reed and Mike Miller are promoted to Senior Vice Presidents as well, with Reed taking on additional responsibilities in the Dallas office's network operations and Miller expanding his role in the Network's Music space.

Santrella commented on the overall restructure, "So many times companies seem to think the smartest people in the business are at other companies. It's inspiring to see that Salem recognizes the talent we already have on board as evidenced through these promotions."  (11/17)

The producers of "Keep The Faith" are offering a KeepTheFaith Christmas Marathon for Christian radio. The marathon will provide station 12 Hours of Christmas music, inspirational holiday stories, listener calls & contagious encouragement (24 Hour Double Run Available). Stations can run the marathon anytime between 12 Noon on Christmas Eve to 11:59 P.M. Christmas Night. Hosting the Marathon will be Keith Stevens and Donna Cruz along with guest co-hosts Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. And special appearances from Mandisa, Louie Giglio, Matthew West, Plumb, MercyMe and others.

Both commercial and non com versions are available on a straight barter basis. For market availability contact Joe Battaglia (201) 960-3039 or David Sams (818) 939-1008.  (11/14)

The Heart Share Group partnered with 9 Christian radio stations across the country to bring the HONOR event to them. At the WBFJ/Winston Salem event Centricity artist Aaron Shust lead in worship with Pastors and Ministry Leaders at the HONOR event as well as Jack Eason, President of Heart Share Group (at left) shared a brief message from God's Word.

If you are interested in bringing the HONOR event to your city in 2015, please email or visit Tentatively, they are already slated to be in 20 cities next Fall.  (11/13)

BITS: Former WAY FM Media Group and Salem Communications engineer Steve Tuzeneu joins Townsquare Media as market director of engineering in Grand Junction, CO... Julia Taylor has joined Family Life Radio in Tucson as midday personality... Salem Communications announces 3rd quarter net revenue increased 19.0%, Internet and e-commerce revenue increased 54.5%, Publishing revenue increased 164.7%... (11/11)

KLJY/St Louis (JOY FM) has hired KLRC/Fayetteville APD Jeremy Louis as Imaging/Production Director.  JOY FM GM Sandi Brown says, "We had some very qualified candidates apply.  We are so thankful that God led Jeremy to bring his skills and passion for ministry here to St. Louis."    Jeremy says, ""It's not often you leave one amazing job for another, but I am looking forward to this next adventure. Having admired the work at JOY FM and now Boost for a long time, I'm excited to work alongside a such a talented and fun team that is passionate about reaching the St. Louis metro area for Christ."  (11/10)

Fall Sharathon updates last week from Jim at ShareMedia...
KLJY/St Louis (Joy FM) reached their fundraising goal early last week. Sandi Brown and her team did an amazing job. KSBJ's Jon Hull provided onsite coaching for their team. WEMI/Appleton/Green Bay met their goal to finish their annual funding need. Garrett Michaels hosting from ShareMedia. WPER/Richmond/Fredericksburg met their goal earlier than expected and set a high water mark for funds raised in one event. ShareMedia Team consisted of Bill Scott, Jeremiah Beck and Larry Walters. (11/10)

BITS: KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O'Neal has asked HisAir.Net to share something he wrote (Cancer Is Not My Thing) regarding his current medical challenges, click here to read the article, and please pray for Bryan during this trying time... Meghan Adkins joins WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) as Promotions coordinator... Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago, has been scheduled to speak on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN. (11/5)

WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) welcomes Mysti Jordan (left) to middays. STAR 99.1 PD Rick Hall says, “Mysti’s passion for using radio to bring hope makes her the perfect fit for our team at Star.  I am excited to introduce her fresh and upbeat personality to middays!” Most recently, Jordan hosted afternoons for KDUV/Bakersfield. Mysti’s first day with Star is November 10th.

"I cannot WAIT to join the Star team in New Jersey!” says Mysti.  “This is an amazing opportunity. Plus, we love the East Coast. Everyone knows that EST is the superior time zone! I also haven't seen snow in a few years, so heads up, Star co-workers: I will make snow angels on my lunch break!" continued Mysti. (11/4)

BITS: WYQQ-FM (The Q90.1 FM) welcomes Heidi West (left) to their on air team, she was previously with WSRS/Worcester and WAQY/Springfield, station manager/PD, Ryan Gagne says "We are so thrilled to have Heidi join our team and family here at THE Q90.1, she brings so much passion for life, our community, radio and faith, plus her experience will only help us to fulfill our mission even greater"... Family Life/Bath, NY is adding APD Terese Mains to their morning show starting Dec 1st... Joe Polek, formerly of WMHK/Columbia has accepted the job of "Digital / Internet Editor" with Fox TV WACH/Columbia, he will be in charge of their website and their social media platforms... Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, will speak Tuesday, February 24, 2015, at the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville... The Missouri Baptist Convention's Christian Life Commission presented Bott Radio Network (BRN) Founder and Chairman Dick Bott its Outstanding Christian Service Award at the MBC's annual state convention... (11/3)

WAKW/Cincinnati (STAR 93.3) is adding the Brant Hansen show to morning drive starting this Monday. Also WAKW officially went all-Christmas music today at 12noon. Click here to listen to their launch.  (10/31)

Movement at Salem Communications as Dale Hendry becomes the General Manager of the San Diego team and Mark Durkin will step into the GM position in Sacramento. Dale has been in radio for 32 years in several capacities, including station ownership. He joined Salem seven years ago as General Manager of Sacramento. One of Dale's strengths is building strong succession teams. Due to Dale's focus on team building, Salem is also pleased to announce the promotion of Mark Durkin, Director of Sales, to General Manager of Sacramento. Mark has been in radio for 31 years. He is on his second tour with Salem. Mark's first tour was with Salem Portland. He joined Salem Sacramento three years ago as Director of Sales. In addition Scott Hamilton will step into the General Sales Manager role in Sacramento.

Linnae Young, Senior Vice President for Salem's Radio Division stated, "We are delighted to have a seasoned pro like Dale Hendry take the helm in San Diego. His 32 years of radio experience will help take this market to the next level. We are equally excited to promote Mark Durkin to the GM role in Sacramento. He has over 31 years in the broadcast business and has demonstrated tremendous leadership in Sacramento as Director of Sales."  (10/31)

OCT PPM RATINGS DAY 4: Nashville, Austin & more... KFMK 4.9... WTLC 2.8... WGNR 1.3... WHZN 0.3... WNNL 6.0... WRTP 1.3... WGH 2.0... WAYM 2.0... WAYQ 0.2... WXRI 0.6... WEAL 0.1... WTJY 0.1... WAYF 3.2... WRMB 1.3... WHAL 8.2... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/30)

UPDATE: KSBJ/Houston has hired WJQK/Grand Rapids PD Troy West (left) as the station's APD/MD. "Troy is such an outstanding addition to our team. He's passionate about great radio, and knows how to engage with listeners. He has an abundance of talent in areas across the board, and we're blessed to have him joining us here in Houston" says KSBJ Program Director, Ty McFarland. West who spent 21 years at WJQK replaces Jim Beeler who relocated to Colorado Springs last week. West will start at KSBJ December 1st.  (10/29)

OCT PPM RATINGS DAY 3: Las Vegas, Orlando & more... KFIS 3.2... WMIT 0.8... WLFJ 0.2... KZAR 1.4... WCRF 1.0... KSOS 3.9...  KJNW 3.0... WPOZ 6.7 (#1)... WPOZ HD3 2.5... WCVO 3.9... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/29)

After 21 years at the station WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) PD Troy West is exiting the station. We can't share where he is headed just yet. Troy has started a search for his replacement, jump to the HisAir.Net jobs page for the full listing... (10/29)

OCT PPM RATINGS DAY 2: DC, Seattle, Tampa, & more...  AQH 6+... WGTS 3.1...... WAYF 1.3... WRMB 1.2... WPZR 2.3...  KCMS 4.3... KFLR 2.1... KTIS 5.1... WCIE 2.5... WBVM 1.0... KLDV 4.0... WRBS 4.1... KLJY 5.3... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/28)

OCT PPM RATINGS DAY 1: Dallas, Houston, & more...  AQH 6+ KFSH 1.4... WMBI 0.9... WGRB 0.8... WONU 0.1... KLTY 4.7... KCBI 2.2... KSBJ 4.3... WBYO 0.2... WFSH 5.6... WPZE 4.1... WVFJ 1.0... KSGN 3.0... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/2/7)

BITS: K-LOVE Pittsburgh Lead Manager Johnny V. Clements exits to become Operations Manager for WVRC/Clarksburg. West Virginia Radio Corporation... WMHK/Columbia's Joe Polek is now VoiceTracking weekends  at WCLQ/Wausau (89Q)... Be sure to check out some of the latest guest articles this week including What If Your Station Is The Tiara? from Family Life Radio's Stacey Stone, click here to go to the article... (10/27)

Day 1 Nielsen Audio Christian Radio Oct PPM's start to roll out later today. We'll post the the first numbers on HisAir.Net as they are released later today. (10/27)

WONU/Chicagoland, Indianapolis and Northwest Indiana (Shine.FM) adds Brant Hansen to its for afternoons. Hansen will start on Mon 3rd. (10/24)

BITS: Trans World Radio has people on its airwaves and on the ground in the Ebola hot zone to calm panic about the fatal disease, click here to watch local TV report on Raleigh ABC 11... Baptist Bible College is selling KWFC/Springfield, MO, for $1.3 million to Radio Training Network owner of KWND/Springfield (88.3 The Wind)... WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) PD Rick Hall and his wife Sarah welcome their new son born yesterday as well as WAY FM Network PD Rob Wagman and his wife Sarah who welcomed a new baby boy on 10/16... (10/23)


BITS: KZTH/Oklahoma City (The House FM) celebrates 10 years on the air this month, since going on the air in 2004, The House FM has expanded to 11 total frequencies, to celebrate their anniversary, the station hosted concerts in Wichita, Oklahoma City and Ponca City with Tenth Avenue North and Matt Maher (pictured at left)... Students at Africentric School received a special visit from Mission Vision & Eyes of Faith through a partnership with WCVO/Columbus (104.9 the River), students identified as being in need were given free eye exams and a new pair of glasses... KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish) hosts its semi-annual FREE Women’s Night Out on Nov. 7th featuring music by Jonny Diaz and David Dunn... Family Radio is purchasing 50,000-watt WQEWNew York (1560) from Radio Disney...  Radio Voice Talent Terry Silverthorne is available, check out the demo here contact him at 480-238-0800... (10/21)

Christian Radio for Russia (New LIfe Radio) GM Dan Johnson checks in with HisAir.Net. Dan tells us Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law reducing the possible share of foreign stockholders in the Russian media to 20 percent. In effect, this will force New Life Radio to liquidate its current legal organization (a non-commercial partnership company, co-founded by Daniel Johnson).  Russian law makes no provision for founders of a non-profit, to turn the ownership over to another individual (in this case, other Russians who would allow NLR to comply with the new law), so the radio station will lose all of its licenses and privileges at the end of two years. They are currently investigating a solution to keep New Life Radio on the air in Russia.  (10/21)


WBYO/Sellersville, PA (Word FM Network) has added Brant Hansen's daily radio show through a partnership with Christian FM and CURE International. The Brant Hansen Show will begin on Monday, October 20, airing weekdays from 3 PM to 7 PM. Word FM first carried Brant Hansen’s Morning Show from 2009-2011; and since 2012, he’s continued on weekends. Word FM Program Director Meg Geissinger says, "Brant Hansen's ability to talk about the Kingdom of God and our role in it causes listeners to consider what it means to be Jesus followers. His vulnerability and silliness woven throughout the show disarms the audience and invites conversation.” 


“Word FM has been so generous to CURE over the years in donating airtime to help heal kids. We are excited to now extend the partnership to include a daily radio show presented by CURE,” stated Paul Goldsmith, VP of Marketing for CURE International.  “CURE’s global headquarters is located in the Word FM listening area so we are thrilled to not just be partners but daily listeners!"  (10/17)

After 13 years with the station longtime KSBJ/Houston music director Jim Beeler announces he will exit KSBJ on 10/24.  He and his wife will move to Colorado Springs in early November.  Employment options are still open, so you can contact Jim at (10/16)

KZTH/Oklahoma City (The House FM) has expanded their coverage with a new station in Shawnee, OK. at 94.3 FM. This new addition brings The House FM network to 11 frequencies heard across much of Oklahoma plus Wichita, KS.  (10/15)

BITS: The Light Radio Network/Essex Junction, VT names Sean Troland as its new General Manager, replacing Richard McClary who exited for Minnesota Christian Broadcasters last month... Salem has appointed Felix Perez as VP/GM of its Miami cluster... WMBI/Chicago (Moody Radio) hires Jason Beasley as morning show phone screener... (10/15)

WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ 99.3) has named Morning Show Co host Ace McKay (left) Music Director. McKay who in the past served as MD with WAY-FM/Nashville among others says he looks forward to his new role back in the music chair. He will still be apart of the "Ace & Sabrina" Morning show and will have tracking call times of Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-12:30.  (10/14)

BITS: Misty "Jordan" Jording's position (afternoons/production/MD) at KDUV/Visalia (Spirit 88.9) has been eliminated, she's seeking a new opportunity and is available to move immediately, contact her at 559-731-6878 or Bill Arbuckle is now Marketing Project Manager at Outreach, Inc... Congratulations to Salem Affiliate Relations Manager WFFH/Nashville APD Jeremy Sweat and Karen Kingsbury show Co-host and producer Caryn Cruise who were married Sunday near Nashville...  (1013)

KFMK/Austin (Spirit 105.9) PD/Morning Show host Steve Sunshine is stepping away from the PD position to focus on the Steve & Amy Morning show which airs in Austin and at sister station KCMS/Seattle (Spirit 105.3). The show is also newly available for syndication.  His new position will still have him involved with big picture, strategic level programming decisions at KFMK.  There is an immediate opening for the Program Director position.  Click here to find out more about the KFMK PD opening. (10/10)

PRAISE REPORT: Kim Bindel (left) had only been working for KNWS/Waterloo (Life 101.9) for a month and a half when she found out in mid March that she had pleomorphic sarcoma a rare cancer that was a very aggressive. The mass was in her upper left thigh and it went from being the size of a marble to the size of a peach in a matter of a month. Kim continues, "Thankfully I was only 90 minutes away from Mayo Clinic one of the top cancer hospitals in the world. God knew this was coming and he set me up to be close to this wonderful hospital and to get the most amazing care. Before they wanted to remove the mass from my leg they wanted me to have several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. In June I had surgery to remove the 6 center meter mass and because this kind of cancer is like a dandelion cancer meaning you have to go aggressive and get it at the root to wipe it out, I was required to go through four rounds of very heavy chemotherapy post surgery. I was told there was only one more formula for chemotherapy higher than what I was taking. Rough days and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't looking forward to 2015, but God has stretched me so much and helped me love people more and encourage people who are dealing with their own personal battles. Thankful to celebrate this day of being cancer free. Also thankful for the entirety staff of life 101. 9 and all the other Life stations. Their support through all of this has been amazing. My teammate for over 8 years and my brother for life, Doug Griffin has been amazing in rallying the troops and informing them how to pray for me. So much to be thankful for and so many people to thank. My cup runneth over and over." Kimberly Bindel  Also my mother was a rock. Such a beautiful support to me through it all. All glory to God!!! He is so Awesome!!   (10/10)

All staff members at WRCM/Charlotte and WMHK/Columbia are facing a lay off when their stations are taken over by EMF. Below is a list of names and contacts of those involved. HisAir.Net is asking for you to pray for these Christian radio professionals and to reach out to them at this time. And of course if you can help them find new employment that would be great!

John Owens - Operations Manager -
Jeff Cruz - Program Director -

Mike Weston - Assistant Program Dir / On Air -
Michelle Renew - Afternoons/Donor Relations -

Joe Polek - Promotions / On Air -
Joe Paulo - Director of Broadcasting -
Gary Moreland - Operations Manager / Afternoons -
Dwayne Harrison - Program Director / On Air -
Eric Calhoun - Mornings -
Heather Shelley - Mornings - 
Josh Uecker - Production / Copywriting - (available for freelance production/copy writing work!) 
Leigh Anderson - Promotions/Marketing/Events -
Lindsey Bradley - Graphic Design -  (available for freelance graphic design work!) 


BITS: Salem Radio Network  President Greg Anderson announces his retirement and will step down effective December 31, 2014...  Jeremy Dotts joins WMUZ/Detroit as Account Executive... Share your Christian Radio & Record Industry promotional pictures, send them to, please include full caption... (10/9)

A new blog has been launched intended to nurture local Christian Radio by the team at Positive Alternative Radio, Inc. According to the press release local Christian radio stations are facing challenges on numerous fronts. As national Christian radio networks expand by purchasing and thereby eliminating local voices, stations have stiff competition from apps and websites, not to mention one another in some markets. The blog can be found at, and it will offer a host of information on leadership, station programming, marketing and fundraising, all designed to help local stations.

“Like never before, communities need local Christian radio,” Brian Sanders, Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio, PAR, said. “But like never before, it’s a tough environment that demands creative, passionate leadership.”

PAR President and co-founder, Edward Baker, said “This is an exciting time for local Christian radio. We have an opportunity to step up to the plate and deliver a product with excellence and innovation.”

PAR, which owns six local station groups, has undergone a metamorphosis in the past three years. Each of its stations has dramatically improved audience share, increased donations from listeners and stepped up efforts to serve their respective communities. With the new blog, Sanders says he hopes to share what his team has learned about leadership, focusing on listeners and committing to real ministry with listeners. The blog will also feature ideas and input from qualified sources working in or with local, Christian radio stations.

“Our vision is to become the standard by which Christian media is measured,” Sanders said. “We’ve set the bar very high for ourselves, but we are all very passionate about reaching it. Part of ‘being the standard,’ we believe, is sharing what we have learned in our journey along the way.” The blog will cover include tips and ideas on Programming, Social Media, Culture Integration, HR, Accounting, Development, Office Management, Promotions, FCC, Leadership, Underwriting, Fundraising, Websites, Production, and Engineering, Sanders said.

“It’s time for local Christian radio stations to work a little harder to help one another grow,” he added. “We invite everyone who cares about serving a local market like we do to join us at Individually, we may not have the deep pockets some of these networks buying up stations have, but collectively, we have a voice that needs to continue to be heard.”  (10/9)

EMF is purchasing WKTZ-FM and WJAX-AM in Jacksonville, Florida from Jones College for the purchase price of $3,375,000.. (10/9)

Christian music promoter extraordinaire Chris Hauser Left) was a presenter of a special award in the afternoon pre-show event at the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards happening today in Nashville... The Gospel Music Association (GMA) has announced its partnership with the Trinity Broadcasting Network in airing the prestigious music awards show. For all the results go here...  (10/7)

BITS: We're discussing the EMF purchase of WRCM & WMHK on the HisAir.Net facebook page, join the discussion here Mark Oss, formerly an audio producer with Focus on the Family, has joined the AFR Creative Services... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records... (10/7)

In a press release from WRCM/WMHK Director of Broadcasting, Joe Paulo today: Columbia International University (CIU) has reached an agreement to sell its three Christian radio stations, WMHK/Columbia, WRCM/Charlotte (New Life 91.9) and WRZM/Boiling Springs, North Carolina to Educational Media Foundation (EMF), Price of the transaction is reported to be $10.5 million. CIU President Dr. Bill Jones says the sale assists CIU and K-LOVE in fulfilling their missions. "CIU will be in a stronger position to focus on its core purpose of educating students from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ.” Jones said. “Meanwhile, the radio stations will become part of an expanded outreach in the Carolinas with an owner who can continue their growth in the rapidly changing broadcast environment."

EMF President and CEO Mike Novak has expressed appreciation of the opportunity to continue the heritage of Christian music over the CIU stations saying, "K-LOVE has partnered with and been supportive of WMHK, WRCM, and WRZM for years and has seen their impact in the communities they serve. We look forward to working hard to continue the tradition, while bringing what we have to offer to listeners throughout the Carolinas."

At press time it wasn't clear exactly when KLOVE programming would be heard on the stations. All staff members at WRCM (9) and WMHK (7) are being layed off. (10/6)

WYSZ/Toledo (Yes FM) President & CEO Jamey Schmitz announced today that PD Jeff Howe has been promoted to be the new Station Manager & Chief Operating Officer of the YES-FM Radio Network effective immediately. Schmitz stated, “Jeff Howe started his career in radio 30 years ago, the last 21 of those at YES-FM, and of those 19 as the Program Director.  Jeff’s personal relationship with the Lord, his experience in nearly every facet of broadcast radio, and his clear calling to minister to families and youth through local broadcast radio has made this internal promotion the best possible choice for growing the ministry impact of the YES-FM Radio Network in the days ahead!”

Also at the YES-FM Radio Network April O’Brien has been promoted to Program Director replacing Howe. Jeff Howe stated, “April O’Brien, a 1996 graduate of Spring Arbor University, has been in radio for 22 years, 14 of those years have been at YES-FM, the last 8 as Production Director. April’s broadcasting experience, her music industry knowledge and her love for the Lord and ministry to youth and young families make her a hands down choice to fill this influential leadership role at YES-FM and in the community!”

And Kayla Minniear has been promoted to Production Director. Regarding the appointment Howe stated, “Kayla Minniear will be graduating in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Ohio University. During her education she held two internship positions at radio stations, including the last six months at YES-FM. During her time at YES-FM Kayla displayed impressive characteristics and talents that made her a must have addition to the YES-FM staff to help take this ministry to youth and families to the next level.”  (10/6)

BITS: Ace McKay is now voice tracking news and personality, mornings on teaching/talk WAYR-AM/Jacksonville (WAY Radio AM)... Russ Jones Cross Platform Media Group as its Senior VP of News Operations, at the newly-acquired IRN/USA Radio Network... Get all the Christian radio Nielsen Audio Sep PPM numbers here, sponsored by Curb Records... (10/3)

SEP PPM RATINGS DAY 4: Nashville, Austin & more... KFMK 5.0... WTLC 1.8... WGNR 1.1... WHZN 0.4... WNNL 5.8... WRTP 1.2... WGH 2.7... WAYM 1.7... WAYQ 0.2... WXRI 0.5... WEAL 0.1... WTJY 0.1... WAYF 3.9... WRMB 2.2... WHAL 8.1... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/2)

SEP PPM RATINGS DAY 3: Las Vegas, Orlando & more... KFIS 3.3... WRCM 2.5... WMIT 0.9... WLFJ 0.2... KZAR 1.5... WCRF 1.0... KSOS 4.3...  KJNW 3.4... WPOZ 7.0 (#1)... WPOZ HD3 1.9... WCVO 3.8... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (10/1)

TRUNEWS is now offering daily one-minute and three-minute news features for distribution. Stations interested need to contact Doc Burkhart at to get set up to receive the updates. In addition TRUNEWS welcomes new affiliates The FreedomFM Network and The American Christian Network, and shortwave broadcaster WWCR. (10/1)

WPAR/Lynchburg (Spirit FM) personality Izzy Knight has released a new service for fellow on air personalities called GOJOCK. Izzy says, "GOJOCK is all about creating tools to create great radio. Right now there’s a collaborative show prep section that ranks stories based on user votes. Currently the algorithm is “learning” and will eventually go out and find content based on a radio format in addition to content submitted by content creators from around the country. GOJOCK already has 24 stations signed up for the prep service."

Upcoming releases will include a feature to keep personalities and voice trackers connected with promos, including (optional) receiving text messages on updates, and a feature to share produced content. GOJOCK’s “prep” and “bin” features are free until the end of the year. Go here to sign up. (10/1)

SEP PPM RATINGS DAY 2: DC, Seattle, Tampa, & more...  AQH 6+... WGTS 3.4...WRMB 1.5... WAYF 1.2... WPZR 2.0... KCMS 4.5... KFLR 2.5... KTIS 5.5... WCIE 2.4... WBVM 0.8... KLDV 4.2... WRBS 4.3... KLJY 5.6... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (9/30)

HisAir.Net has learned that a construction permit for a new FM station that will serve the cities surrounding the southern end of the San Francisco bay has been granted to Calvary Chapel Hayward. The station which will be called "KEPT FM" is shooting for a launch of January 2015. The station now in the construction stage will serve an area including over 2 million people in communities surrounding the southern half of San Francisco Bay. Calvary Chapel Hayward Pastor Paul Stockenger describes this as a "Gideon's Army kind of effort". This is a big project for a small church that has about 50 adults and children who attend regularly.

According to Matt Tuter who is overseeing the project, "The format will include a mix of Adult Contemporary Music with an emphasis on local news, weather, traffic, sports and public affairs particularly in drive times. Teaching programs and live talk will be heard mid morning, early afternoon and evening. We are striving to not be Calvary Chapel centric and are seeking the participation of various local churches and ministries. Our hope is to develop local teaching programs with a minimum of national broadcasters. Salem Communications KFAX, K-LOVE, and Family Radio over lap the coverage area of KEPT, "Calvary Hayward" hopes to offer something different for Christian and non-Christians to listen to."  (9/30)

SEP PPM RATINGS DAY 1: Dallas, Houston, & more...  AQH 6+ KFSH 1.2... WMBI 0.9... WGRB 0.7... WONU 0.1... KLTY 4.7... KCBI 1.9... KSBJ 4.5... WBYO 0.2... WFSH 5.3... WPZE 3.5... WVFJ 0.8... KSGN 3.0... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (9/29)

BITS: Mars Hill Network/Syracuse OM/mornings Mark Hard will exit on Oct 3rd, he has taken a counseling position with Syracuse Behavioral Health... Spirit FM Radio/Lake of the Ozarks, MO President & GM Jim McDermott tells HisAir.Net "Lake Area Educ. Broadcasting announces that it's new Christian CHR/Rock station is on the air, KCKP/Laurie, MO, and KCKV/Kirksville, MO are both broadcasting The Pulse Channel format... The high school football player, Apollos Hester, that took the internet by storm over his motivational TV interview was on the His Radio morning show with Rob Dempsey, check out the inspiring video here (9/25)

For up to the minute Christian Radio & Record industry news follow us on twitter...    (9/23)

After 12 years on the job Richard McClary has resigned his position as General Manager for The Light Radio Network based in Essex Junction, Vermont . Richard told HisAir.Net today, "We (my wife and I ) are excited to be "going home". We left Minnesota 32 years ago".  He will be starting his new job as General manager of Minnesota Christian Broadcasters on November 1st.  MCB owns KTIG, KCFB, and WZFJ (FM) in Pequot Lakes, MN. Current MCB GM Mike Heuberger is retiring... (9/23)

KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish) has selected John Nolan (left) as the stations new afternoon personality. Nolan replaces Rob Wagman who left to join WAY FM as network PD in July. KFSH PD Chuck Tyler launched the ‘Fish Talent Search’ to replace Wagman.

Chuck says he received over 100 submissions, either though Facebook, or ‘traditional’ methods and narrowed it down to 7 finalists.  (9/23)


BITS: Ken Kettering is now in the afternoon driver’s seat on WFCJ/Dayton (The Source 93.7 FM) from 4-6 p.m. weekdays, he'll also handle news and listener engagement for both Strong Tower Christian Media WEEC/Dayton and WFCJ... Raleigh-based media company PRNewswire/ Cross Platform Media has acquired IRN/USA Radio Network (Information Radio Network), Christian and conservative broadcast pioneer Marlin Maddoux launched the USA Radio Network in 1985...  Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA) announces their opening season of Regional Connection events in 5 cities, Dallas-Nashville-New York-Minneapolis and Hollywood,  for more info go to  (9/22)

BITS: WCVO/Columbus (104.9 The River) has hired hired Daniel Kandel Director of Digital Content... Starting today Therese Romano will host the Mid-day Praise Show on KTLF/Colorado Springs Light Praise Radio... Tom Taylor's Now Newsletter reports Salem’s President of New Media David Evans has a new three-year deal... His Radio add Allison Storm to co-host mornings with Rob Dempsey... (9/22)

BITS: WORQ/Green Bay (Q90) has dropped its longtime support of the youth-centered Power of One conference in October, due to artist Gungor being on the ticket, Gungor has since pulled out from performing... The Sound of Life radio network is restoring WPGL/Albany, NY (94.9FM) with a dedication ceremony next week... Fair Trade artist Laura Story and her husband Martin have welcomed fraternal twin boys to their family, Benjamin Cary and Griffin James were born within three minutes of each other, weighing 6.5 lbs and 6.3 lbs respectively... (9/19)

Family Life/Bath, NY has hired Dave Margalotti as its new program director. Most recently Dave was the Operations Manager at WVNJ/Oakland, NJ in the New York City market and this is his first stop in Christian radio. He replaces Sammy Carillo who relocated to Houston earlier this year.  Dave wil start at his new position with Family Life Oct 20th.  (9/18)

WAY-FM Western Regional Manager Zach Cochran has announced that Dallas Hageman has been named Operations Director of WAY-FM in Denver and Wichita.  Hageman had previously been Regional Operations Manager for Appaloosa Broadcasting’s station clusters throughout Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and Utah.

Commenting on the appointment, Cochran noted, “I’m excited to have Dallas join the WAY-FM team.  His experience overseeing multiple station operations and his passion for Christian radio will help us reach even more lives for Jesus Christ.”

"WAY-FM has a proven record of not only reaching people for the Gospel but also creating in itself a stalwart and engaging company. I look forward to digging in and aiding this worthy cause, with so many invaluable people”, commented Hageman. (9/17)

BITS: Paige Sandberg is the new Promotions director at KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish). Paige replaces Katie Gladding who exits to have a baby and become a full-time mom...  KKEQ/Grand Forks (Your QFM) PD Josh Jones checks in with exciting news from NW Minnesota as the station has gone up nearly 200 feet in tower height and doubled from 50 to 100k, tower climbers shot the picture at left from the top... As first reported on HisAir.Net XM/Sirius will launch a new channel, Joel Osteen Radio, Monday 9/29, featuring Osteen messages, and weekly call in programs... (9/16)



WAY-FM Southeast Regional Manager Jim Marshall has announced that Bryan Fowler (at right) has been named Station Manager of WAY-FM in Charleston, SC, effective September 22. Fowler had previously been General Manager of WEMM/Huntington, WV. Before joining WEMM, he was General Regional Manager of Positive Alternative Radio based in Blacksburg, VA.

Commenting on the appointment, Marshall noted, “I’m glad to have Bryan join the WAY-FM family.  His enthusiasm for impacting the local community makes him a great fit for this ministry.  He brings a wealth of experience to this opportunity, and I’m excited to see how God uses him in this role.”

“WAY-FM has established a reputation as a leader and innovator in Christian Music Radio. I'm excited to roll up my sleeves in Charleston and be a part of reaching lives and providing encouragement through the ministry of WAY-FM", commented Fowler.  (9/15)

BITS: Radio Vera, an Orthodox Christian radio station, has gone on the air in Moscow, the station will offer programs about history, raising children, family problems, church calendar, the Holy Bible... KBYO/Monroe (Power 927.FM) has hone on the air with  "Positive Hip Hop and R&B"... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers for August are online here, ratings sponsored by Curb Records. (9/15)

On 9/11/14 the KLTY/Dallas Family Friendly Morning Show surprised local Irving, TX Fire Department station #6 with some goodies! Frank Reed, Starlene Stringer and Cowboy Chris just wanted to thank them for their work for the neighborhood. Watch the video here... (9/12)

KLTY/Dallas was named Religious Station of the Year at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters' (NAB) Marconi Radio Awards. The awards were announced Thursday night at the 25th annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show held during the Radio Show in Indianapolis. Congratulations to KLTY GM John Peroyea and PD Mike Prendergast.

Peroyea told HisAir.Net “Salem Communications and KLTY Radio, Dallas are truly honored by receiving the Marconi Award from the National Association of Broadcasters. Our performance at KLTY is based on the strong commitment and performance of our staff and management team, and I am blessed with a group of professionals that are all committed and focused on our greatest mission of all: Growing the Kingdom ”

The Religious Station nominated stations included:
KKJM/St Cloud (SPIRIT 92.9)
KKLA/Los Angeles
KNOM/Nome, AK 
WMHK/Columbia, SC

The prestigious awards recognize radio's outstanding personalities and stations. Marconi finalists were selected by a task force of broadcasters, and the winners were voted on by the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Selection Academy. The votes were tabulated by an independent firm.  (9/12)

The JOY FM (Florida and Atlanta) is gearing up for the Fall Sharathon campaign and they've added to the challenge by going from the usual six days to raising the funds in just four days! This morning they shared a parody video featuring air personalities Dave Cruse, and Kris P. Kreme (Kris Byerly) in a FROZEN parody of the song, "Love Is An Open Door" with Dave and Kris in a duet now known as "We'll Do It All In Four!".  Check out the video here.   (9/10)

KBMQ/Monroe (88.7 The Cross) GM Jeremiah Beck checks in with HisAir.Net with info about their new station. Jeremiah says., "KBMQ owner Media Ministries, Inc -- a non-profit based in Monroe, LA -- has purchased 92.7 KBYO-FM and we plan to launch "Power 927.FM "Positive Hip Hop and R&B" in the very near future.  24/7 -- Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Thi'sl, Tedashii, Flame, NF, Swoope and more ... with a few Old School artists (Grits, KJ-52, LA Symphony) mixed in from time to time, and a Morning Show hosted by Hip Hop recording artist Big Al Cherry. The station will also feature new talent Kanada, Larresse Rollins ... and Wally from WAY-FM doing the Afternoon Show. We're excited about the potential in reaching a new, multicultural generation of Christian radio listeners, with one of the strongest, growing genres of music being produced today: Christian Rap and Hip Hop."  (9/9) 

AN update on New Life Radio Moscow: NLR station director Dima Vatoulya (at left) and radio missionaries are working under extremely difficult circumstances to keep the network broadcasting, even as the Russian government embarks on a total nationwide information control strategy that might result in the station being shut down for a variety of reasons. Writing to CRFR, Dima noted: “It's getting harder and will be getting harder to do our job, but we will go on as long as the Lord wills. This nation needs a voice of the Holy Spirit, a voice of peace, solid Biblical teaching, ethics and reason.”

Sadly, the Church in Russia and Ukraine is becoming split apart as nationalism and heated passions, even among evangelical leaders and pastors, are creating tremendous division that bodes ill for the witness of believers who are called to be ambassadors of Christ to this world. NEW LIFE RADIO has become a target in
many ways, not only from threats by the government, in the form of restrictive press and religious-extremism laws that could be interpreted and applied in ways to prevent NLR from carrying out their sole function as a Christian witness, but by those across the Church listening community in Russia and Ukraine that are demanding the station takes sides in the political crisis. The majority do not understand that NLR is a Christian radio station that is operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, and not a “Russian” radio station, despite its location in Moscow.  (9/9)

AUG PPM RATINGS DAY 4: Nashville, Austin & more... KFMK 4.8... WTLC 1.8... WGNR 1.1... WHZN 0.4... WNNL 4.2... WRTP 1.0... WGH 3.2... WAYM 1.4... WAYQ 0.2... WXRI 0.3... WEAL 0.1... WTJY 0.1... WAYF 3.7... WRMB 1.7... WHAL 8.2... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (9/8)

Correction: Our Monday Morning Update Newsletter today stated that WCVO/Columbus was the Medium market CMB station of the year, when it was actually named the Large Market station of the year.  (9/8)

BITS: Jeff Matzka has been named Chief Engineer of the Salem Radio Network’s Washington, D.C. operation which includes the D.C. Bureau of SRN News and the nationally syndicated Bill Bennett’s MORNING IN AMERICA program, Matzka replaces Dave Terry who departed SRN in July... Beginning Sept 9th TWR (Trans World Radio) will kick off a 22-day adventure in the Great Commission with a new online game, TWR Global Quest, daily questions will unfold the story of how God has used people to reach every corner of the world with His Word over the past 60 years... Radio Tamazuj, a Christian radio station in the South Sudanese national capital, was still off the air on Sunday, despite a report of a guarantee given by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir to the church leadership that the station would reopen before Sunday...  (9/8)

BITS: KeepTheFaith (with Keith Stevens and Donna Cruz) adds WRVL/Lynchburg (Victory Network) for morning drive Monday-Friday 6 -8a... WGTS/Wash DC MD Ben Milton exits the station... Ave Maria University is selling WDEO/Naples/Ft Myers (18,5kw @ 98.5) to the Educational Media Foundation (EMF)... WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) midday personality Dawn Wheeler has left the building... Fred Young has joined KGCB/Prescott (Radio Shine) as its new PD... (9/5)

Pictures from Momentum 2014 in Orlando.....

Keep The Faith Executive Director David Sams (left) with KTIS/Minneapolis PD Keep The Faith host Keith Stevens WAKW/Cincinnati (Star 93.3) PD Jeff Evans with BMG artist Danny Gokey The JOY FM personality Jayar Reed with Curb artist Natalie Grant (left) at Curb promo Manager Sean Hannon (right)

AUG PPM RATINGS DAY 3: Las Vegas, Orlando & more... KFIS 2.5... WRCM 2.8... WMIT 1.0... WLFJ 0.3... KZAR 1.6... WCRF 0.7... KSOS 3.8...  KJNW 3.2... WPOZ 6.8... WCVO 3.5... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (8/6)

2014 CMB Station Of The Year Awards, and the winners are:

Major Market / Network

Large Market

Medium Market

Small Market
WKNZ/Salisbury-Ocean City

Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award Winner: Frank Reed - KLTY/Dallas

Rob Gregory Community Service Award Winner: WBGL Network/Champaign.

AUG PPM RATINGS DAY 2: DC, Seattle, Tampa, & more...  AQH 6+ WGTS 3.4... WAYF 1.1... WRMB 1.0... KCMS 4.5... KFLR 1.8... KTIS 4.9... WCIE 3.1... WBVM 0.7... KLDV 4.1... WRBS 5.7... KLJY 4.9... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (9/3)

The Brant Hansen Show will join the WAY-FM Network, effective October 20, 2014.  according to WAY Media Vice President of Content, Faron Dice. Hansen exited AIr1 in July and previously was heard in mornings on WAY FM. Earlier today a new national radio show presented by CURE International was announced.  “Brant Hansen is exactly the type of real and authentic communicator that we want on WAY-FM,” says Dice.  “He will fit nicely into our evenings.   And, alongside our other talented line-up, which includes The Wally Show and Carlos and Joy, will create a dream team of WAY-FM DJs.” 

According to Hansen, “Being on WAY-FM stations means a lot to me, personally. They already have a stellar team, and they value their air staff's connections with listeners. I'm honored to be back." Paul Goldsmith, CURE’s Vice President of Marketing added, "Brant first introduced me and thousands of his listeners to the amazing work of CURE when he previously hosted mornings on WAY-FM. We are now thrilled to have the WAY network as a flagship broadcast partner for The Brant Hansen Show."  (9/2)   

AUG PPM RATINGS DAY 1: Dallas, Houston, & more...  AQH 6+ KLTY 4.4... KCBI 1.8... KSBJ 4.4... WFSH 4.7... KSGN 2.7... Nielsen Audio PPM Christian radio cume numbers are online here. The latest ratings on HisAir.Net is sponsored by Curb Records. (9/2)

BITS: KMOQ/Joplin, MO adds Night Light™ with Andrea starting September 2nd... Joel Osteen Radio will launch on September 29th on Sirius/XM channel 128...  (9/2)

Christian FM has signed former Air1 personality Brant Hansen. A partnership was announced between Cure International and Christian FM to nationally syndicate The Brant Hansen Show. After his departure from Air1 Hansen was hired by CURE as the organization’s Storyteller. The Brant Hansen Show will debut on stations across America on October 20, 2014 and will be sponsored by CURE International. Paul Goldsmith, CURE’s VP of Marketing, said,

"Brant Hansen is such a unique and engaging personality. I’m excited to bring his show back to radio and, best of all, have it result in healing children through CURE.” Hansen will be joined by his producer, Sherri Johnson. “Brant and Sherri have an amazing on air chemistry. It’s funny and profound all in the same breath. We know the future of radio is all about compelling content, and Brant is the definition of that. The fact that this show will debut on close to 200 radio stations coast to coast is proof of Brant’s reputation for drawing listeners like no else in our industry,” stated Christian FM President Jon Hamilton.

"Sherri and I form one of the top radio shows in the country that teams a white Midwestern nerd who has a form of autism with a very patient African American lady from Pittsburgh… we're at least one of the top five in that category," Hansen said. Hansen exited Air1 radio network in July, and previously his morning show was heard on WAY FM stations.  The Brant Hansen show on Christian FM will be a 4-hour show airing in the afternoons or evenings.... (9/2)

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