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UPDATE: WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1) is broadcasting temporarily from a small shed next to their tower in Martinsville, NJ. The station never went off the air during Hurricane Irene thanks to backup generators and a dedicated staff.  Irene battered the STAR 99.1 listening area and caused the Raritian River to rise 13 feet above flood stage filling the campus which houses STAR 99.1 offices and studio since 1941. The staff of STAR 99.1 along with their ministry partners Pillar of Fire, began preparing several days before the storm for the possibility of flooding and not being able to return to the station for days or even weeks.  (8/31)






WONU/Chicago (Shine FM) makes some changes to it's on air line up. The Rise & Shine Morning Show welcomes new host Kurt Wallace (left), previously with WHZN/Indianapolis (88.3 The Walk) and host of the Weekend Top 20. Former KLOVE morning co-host Eric Allen joins the team at Shine.FM hosting mid-days from 9:00 -11:00 am. Rachel Marisay moves to 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Seth �tower� Hurd and co-host Bekah transition from mornings to afternoons and WONU PD Brian McIntire will handle evenings from 6:00 � 9:00 pm. Carl Fletcher moves to weekends on Shine.FM. (8/30)

UPDATE: WBNK/New Bern, NC (Bigfish FM) President Bill Brothers gives HisAir.Net an update in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. He says offices are ok, but the tower site had a 6 foot storm surge.  WBNK will be off air for several more days and the engineer has not been able to get to the site.  No power or internet at the tower.  WBNK is taking donations from listeners to help get things fixed. Reach out to Bigfish FM Ministries at to help restart this great ministry in Eastern Carolina.  (8/29)

The entire team at WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1) worked for days in advance of Hurricane Irene to get listeners and their own campus ready for what was forecast to be significant flooding.  Friday morning STAR staff joined the staffs of sister ministries, Somerset Christian College and Zarephath Christian Church - as well as listeners - for a time of worship and prayer in advance of the storm.  ZCC Sr. Pastor Rob Cruver led a prayer time with the message that whether God blew the storm out or whether they took a direct hit God would be glorified and His kingdom advanced by it. Picture at left was taken Sunday afternoon. STAR 99.1 studios and offices are located on the second floor of the Chapel building in the background.)  At this point WAWZ manager Scott Taylor says they're un-certain when they'll be back in the building but the team is committed to honoring God with excellence in spite of the circumstances.  (8/28)



Hurricane Irene: WBNK/New Bern (Big Fish FM) President Bill Brothers says his station has no power and is off the air as a result of the storm today. There is also flooding in the area of their studios... WZFI/Bridgeton, NJ (Lift FM) is getting listeners ready for Irene by alerting them to cancellations, closings, and up to date weather as the storm is expected to hit their area late tonight... (8/27)

The CMB Echo Awards recognize leaders in the Christian Music Broadcasting industry who have displayed professionalism, demonstrated excellence in helping their station �raise the bar,� and have made an exceptional contribution to their field. The awards are presented during the final luncheon of the CMB convention at Disney World. Here are the final nominees:

Radio Manager of the Year:
Alan Mason | K-LOVE/Air 1 | Network
Chuck Pryor | K-LOVE/Air 1 | Network
David Pierce | K-LOVE/Air 1 | Network
Jason Sharp | KTIS | St. Paul, MN
Jeff MacFarlane | WJIS | Sarasota, FL
Tim McDermott | KSBJ | Houston, TX\

Program Director of the year in Markets 1-25
Jeff Connell | WAY Media Network Services
Mike Couchman | KXWA | Denver, CO
Mike Prendergast | KLTY | Dallas, TX
Scott Valentine | KCMS | Seattle, WA
Susan O'Donnell | KSBJ | Houston, TX
Ty McFarland | K-LOVE Radio | Network

Program Director of the year in Markets 26-100
Bryan O'Neal | KSGN | Redlands, CA
Dean O'Neal | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Jeff Cruz | WMHK | Columbia, SC
Rob Dempsey | WLFJ | Greenville, SC
Scott Herrold | KSOS | Las Vegas, NV
Wally Decker | WBFJ | Winston-Salem/Greensboro, NC

Program Director of the year in Markets 100+
Brian Sumner | WCQR | Johnson City, TN
Corey Mann | WHPZ| South Bend, IN
Don Buettner | WLAB | Fort Wayne, IN
Jim McDermott | KCVO | Camdenton, MO
Ryan Springer | WBGL | Champaign, IL
Steve Swanson | WAFJ | Augusta, GA

Music Director of the year in Markets 1-25
Greg Cassidy | KLJY | St. Louis, MO
Jeff MacFarlane | WJIS | Tampa/Sarasota, FL
Jim Beeler | KSBJ | Houston, TX
Mike Couchman | KXWA I Denver, CO
Mike Prendergast | KLTY | Dallas, TX
Scott Smith | K-LOVE | Network

Music Director of the year in Markets 1-25
Greg Cassidy | KLJY | St. Louis, MO
Jeff MacFarlane | WJIS | Tampa/Sarasota, FL
Jim Beeler | KSBJ | Houston, TX
Mike Couchman | KXWA I Denver, CO
Mike Prendergast | KLTY | Dallas, TX
Scott Smith | K-LOVE | Network

Music Director of the year in Markets 26-100
Dan Young | Northwestern Media | Des Moines, IA
Jeff Cruz | WMHK | Columbia, SC
Rick Hall | KSOS | Las Vegas, NV
Rob Dempsey | WLFJ | Greenville, SC
Tate Luck | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Wallly Decker | WBFJ | Winston-Salem/Greensboro, NC

Music Director of the year in Markets 100+
Brian Sumner | WCQR | Johnson City, TN
Corey Mann | WHPZ | South Bend, IN
Jerry Woods | WMIT | Asheville, NC
Joe Buchanan | WBGL | Champaign, IL
Melissa Montana | WLAB | Fort Wayne, IN
Steve Swanson | WAFJ | Augusta, GA

Air Personality of the Year in Markets 1-25
Beth Bacall | WAWZ | New York, NY
Brant Hansen | Air 1
Donna Cruz | WAY Media Network Servies
Jack & Erin | WRBS| Baltimore, MD
The Morning Cruise with Dave, Bill & Carmen | WJIS | Tampa/Sarasota
Wally (Total Axxess) | WAY Media Network Services

Air Personality of the Year in Markets 26-100.
Dean O'Neal | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Ellis and Tyler | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Melony McKaye | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Rob Dempsey | WLFJ | Greenville, SC
Scott Herrold | KSOS | Las Vegas, NV
Theresa Ross | Christian FM Network | Vero Beach, FL

Air Personality of the Year in Markets 101+
Al & Michelle Ross | KSWP / KAVX | Lufkin/Nacogdoches,
Brent Manion | KNWS | Waterloo, IA
Corey Mann | WHPZ | South Bend, IN
Joe Buchanan | WBGL | Champaign, IL
Melissa Montana | WLAB | Fort Wayne, IN
Ryan Springer | WBGL | Champaign, IL

Promotions Director of the Year:
Brittany Whatley | KSBJ | Houston, TX
Carol Ellingson | WPOZ | Orlando, FL
Cobi Knight | WAY-FM | Ft. Myers, FL
Erin Branham | WRBS | Baltimore, MD
Michael Todesco | K-LOVE/Air1 Radio | Network
Scott Herrold | KSOS | Las Vegas, NV

Record Promoter of the year:
Andrea Kleid | WORD
Grant Hubbard | EMI CMG
Kai Elmer | Fair Trade Services
Kenny Rodgers | WORD
Mark Giles | Hit Radio Promo
Shannon Steele | EMI CMG

Impact of the year:
Alan Mason - Good Ratings
Bob Augsburg- WAY Media, Inc
Brant Hansen
Chuck Finney
Dean O'Neal - WPOZ
Grant Hubbard - EMI CMG
KSBJ Mentoring Program
Tobymac (new artist/genre development)
WPOZ Orlando

WPOZ/Orlando (Positive Hits Z88.3) welcomes new evening personality Suzanne Lynn who will take over the evening show (6PM-11PM) beginning Monday, September 12th. Z88.3 Vice President/General Manager/Program Director Dean O�Neal says, �Suzanne is infectious in how she invites you into her life, whether on the air or in person. As Z�s new evening air personality she will continue our passion to reach out as a friend and serve �Kate� at a time of day when the radio dial filled with generic, tracked voices.�  Suzanne comes to the Z from KNWC/Sioux Falls (Life 96.5) where she has spent the last 6 years. (8/24)

BITS: WVFJ/Atlanta (J93.3) morning co-host Sheila Richards has been admitted to hospice as she battles cancer... WAY FM sells a Miami area translator (93.5)  to Clear Channel for 200k...  Christian broadcaster Harvest FM in Lesotho, South Africa was one of four stations temporarily forced off the air after providing live coverage of protests by factory workers... (8/24)

ARB Summer Trends Phase 1 AQH (M-S) 12+: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.8... KGBI/Omaha 2.1... WJQK/Grand Rapids 2.2... WDJC/Birmingham 4.3... (8/24)

NRB applauds yesterday�s FCC announcement that the Fairness Doctrine has been officially removed from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

�The FCC has called the Fairness Doctrine an �outdated and obsolete� regulation, and we wholeheartedly concur,� said Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO. �In fact, for the last eight years, NRB has been actively warning Congress that the Fairness Doctrine was not dead because it was still �on the books.� We are delighted that FCC Chairman Genachowski has followed-through on his promise to fully eliminate this pernicious rule, which enabled the FCC to compel broadcasters to air opposing viewpoints on controversial issues that the government decided to be of public importance.�  (8/23)

According to a report from Broadcasting & Cable the FCC said Monday it has officially removed the Fairness Doctrine from its rulebook, along with the doctrine's personal attack and free response corollaries, plus 83 other media-related rules the FCC says are no longer needed. The FCC has not enforced the doctrine, which required broadcasters to affirmatively seek out opposing viewpoints on controversial issues, in almost a quarter century, but it continued to cast a shadow over the agency from the viewpoint of many Republicans, broadcasters (particularly religious broadcasters) and others concerned about the speech regulation implications of its return.

The Fairness Doctrine's departure back in 1987 helped usher in conservative talk radio, and some Democrats in the past have argued for its return as a governor on that speech. But FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and President Obama had said they did not support the doctrine and that it was not coming back. But some Republicans saw its shadow in issues like proposals of community advisory boards for TV station public interest programming.

The Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to afford reasonable opportunity for the airing of both sides of "issues of public importance." The doctrine was scrapped in 1987 when the Republican-led FCC concluded the Commission had originated the rule rather than it being embedded in statute, and thus could stop enforcing it, which it did, holding that it was an unconstitutional infringement on speech. Congress then tried to embed it in statute, but President Ronald Reagan vetoed the bill. (8/22)

BITS: KGCB/Phoenix PD Mike Medlin announces that next Summer he will be joining Emerge Missions as full time missionaries at The Edge Media(a Christian music radio network for Filipino youth & young adults)... Co-host of The Family Friendly Morning Show "Doug & Jaci, Jaci Valasquez has signed a record deal with Inpop Records, Her first project with the label, titled Diamond, is slated for a February 7th, 2012 release... Christian Radio vet Tim Marx checks in to say "After a successful run and the BEST Arbitron Ratings in 2 1/2 years on Country KGNC/Amarillo, I'd like to explore a return to Christian radio", reach Tim at 806-676-3314 or Condolences to the family of Donald Swanson who helped launch Christian Radio stations such as WWJC/Duluth, KVSR/Rapid City and others who has passed away... (8/22)

Momentum 2011 UPDATE: We've got a detailed schedule of the educational sessions at Momentum 2011. To see this click here.  For more information about registration, contact Lori Cline at  To download a registration form click here. Momentum 2011 takes place September 7-10 at Disney's Yacht Club in Orlando.   (8/19)

ARB Summer Trends Phase 1 AQH (M-S) 12+: KGBI/Omaha 2.1... WJQK/Grand Rapids 2.2... WDJC/Birmingham 4.3... (8/18)

BITS: WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) and the Unity Music Festival just finished their 4 day Christian Music Festival including appearances from Kutless, Switchfoot, Group 1 Crew, Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, Tenth Avenue North, Matthew West, Michael W. Smith and many more.  Despite off and on rain showers on the final day of the festival, the Unity 2011 still set an attendance record of 63,000 people.

WBGL/Champaign asked listeners to get involved by donating new shoes at every event this summer, which will go to orphans all over the world in conjunction with the Shoes for Orphan Souls program, a ministry of Buckner International. Thanks to the generous donations of WBGL listeners, over 3,800 pairs of shoes were collected and nearly $15,000 was donated to purchase additional shoes!

BEC artist Jeremy Camp and wife Adie welcome a new baby son... Jackie Patillo has been named GMA Executive Director. (8/18)

BITS: WPOZ/Orlando is promoting that it has "a new FM signal" coming soon, possibly for WPOZ HD2 "YHot" Christian Hip Hop station... Greg Thornton becomes SVP/Media at Moody Bible Institute overseeing strategic direction including Moody Radio... EMF is buying KLTO/San Antonio for $1mil,,, (8/15)

Faith Comes By Hearing, the Audio Bible ministry behind the Military BibleStick, is recruiting radio stations from across the country to partner with them on Veterans Day this November, which falls on 11-11-11.  The ministry has enjoyed partnerships with more than 26 networks/stations over the last year and half. Faith Comes By Hearing is offering several levels of potential participation to allow as many stations as possible to be a part of the national broadcast. They are creating a compact, easy-to-use toolkit that contains all the necessary items for promoting the event, as well as the needed audio for the day of the broadcast.  The toolkit will be available to stations in early October. �Our goal is to make this as simple and seamless as possible for our radio partners,� states Brad Fisk, who is coordinating the national event for Faith Comes By Hearing.  �We really believe this is a natural fit for Christian radio across America.  What better way to show support for our troops than to provide them with the emotional and spiritual protection that only comes from God�s Word?�

Faith Comes By Hearing has provided over 138,000 BibleSticks to more than 750 chaplains since 2008.  The ministry continues to receive new requests from chaplains each week for 2,000 to 3,000 units. Stations interested in partnering for the event can contact Fisk directly at (719) 572-9998, or via email at:  (8/15)

Arbitron July 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Austin: KFMK 142,200... KYLR 100,600... KMLR 38,000... 
Greensboro-Winston Salem: WWLV 189,300... WBFJ 73,300... WKVK 25,800... WTJY 16,500
Indianapolis: WKLU 158,600... WGNR 75,500... WQRA 37,600... WHZN 25,100... WQME 20,200...
Jacksonville: WTRJ 72,800... WZAZ 46,000...
Memphis: WHAL 243,100... WKVF 95,200... WLOK 50,700...
Milwaukee: WLVE 107,200... WNWC 12.900... WJYI 10,500... 
Nashville: WFFH 143,000... WAYM 97,900... WFCM 20,300      
Norfolk: WZLV 129,800... WGH 81,900... WJLZ 13,000...
Providence: WSTL 22,000...
Raleigh: WNNL 161,800... WKVK 67,400... WRTP 29,500...
West Palm Beach: WAYF 90,700... WCNO 31,200... (8/11)

In a daylong on air campaign K-LOVE and Air1 donated nearly $2 million to provide Compassion�s Water of Life safe water systems to those living in extreme poverty in Rwanda. In Rwanda 60 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. More than one-third of the population is without improved drinking water sources and nearly half are without improved sanitation facilities. "We feel that part of being a good steward is to share this stage with like-minded ministries,� says Mike Novak, EMF president and CEO. �Compassion and the 'Water of Life' campaign was a natural fit. The K-LOVE and Air 1 listeners blessed about 35,000 families in Rwanda with these remarkable life-giving water filters, by donating $1.9 million to Compassion in a one-day event. To that, I say, 'Praise God.'�  (8/11)

WAY-FM/Denver recently wrapped up their push to �Meet Every Listener. Throughout the summer, WAY-FM sent its DJ�s and Street Team to parks and concerts in WAY-FM�s multiple Colorado markets, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Pueblo. Thanks to promotional support from Provident Label Group, Izze Beverage Company, 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky Studios, and Legacy Lodge, WAY-FM was able to offer thousands of listeners free food, drinks, CD�s, and Apple iPad2�s. As of Friday August 5th, WAY-FM estimated that it had been in front of more than 47,000 listeners throughout Colorado, at one of WAY-FM�s nearly 30 live remotes or concert appearances. WAY-FM hopes to meet even more people going into this fall!  (8/11)


Arbitron July 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Charlotte: WPZS 212,300... WRCM 174,400... WMIT 165,000... WWLV 110,500... WLFJ 38,100...  
Cincinnati: 226,800... WNLT 135,100... WORI 49,400...
Cleveland: WFHM 205,200... WCRF 109,400... WJMO 45,000...
Columbus: WCVO 200.900... WUFM 64,400... WJYD 57,500... WZNP 11,900
Kansas City: 314,200... KLJC 143,800... KWJC 103,800... KCCV 37,500
Las Vegas: KSOS 113,900... KVKL 12,200 
Orlando: WPOZ 293,200 (#1 AQH 7.9)... WTLN 26,200 
Pittsburgh: 127,900... WORD 74,200... 
Portland: KFIS 218,000... KLVP 80,000... KZRI 58,800... KPDQ 45,100...  KHPE 18,900... KLVU 18,700... 
Sacramento: KKFS 121,900... KLRS 67,900... KLVS 52,300... KARA 44,000... 
Salt Lake City: KKLV 96,200...   
San Antonio: KZLV 235,600... KMLR 23,800... (8/10)

Momentum 2011 UPDATE: The 500 mark for registrations has been reached. Registration price now is $399 for members and $499 for non members *we are unable to take walk up registrations at the conference *for more information about registration, contact Lori Cline at  To download a registration form click here. Momentum 2011 takes place September 7-10 at Disney's Yacht Club in Orlando. For a complete schedule click here.  (8/10)

Changes at WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) as Johnny Stone steps down from PD to focus on the morning show. And at the same time Stacey Stone has relinquished her Promotions Director position to concentrate on her role on "Johnny Stone in the Morning".  WAWZ station manager Scott Taylor has taken on the promotion duties while searching for an Operations Manager. Check the jobs page for the listing. (8/10)

WHPZ/South Bend (Pulse 96.9) expects 40,000 to attend this Saturday's free 25th annual World Pulse Festival featuring Third Day, Newsboys and Jars of Clay... KNWS/Waterloo (LIFE 101.9) PD Dan Raymond is exiting the station and will become OM at Northwestern Radio sister station KDNW/Duluth (LIFE 97.3)effective Sept 1st... Rodney Whitaker has been named as Director of Digital Media for Salem Communications' Radio Division...  (8/10)

Arbitron July 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Baltimore: WRBS 235,100... WGTS 105,500... WCAO 81,200...   
Boston: WEZE 37,100... WROL 27,300...
Denver: KLDV 287,200... KXWA 63,000... KRKS 42,200...KPOF 22,300..  
Detroit: WMUZ 202,300... WEXL 48,700... WLQV 26,300 
Miami: WAYF 83,200...  WRMB 79,500...
Minneapolis: KTIS 375,600... KNOF 56,000... KTIS-AM 46,200... KKMS 37,000... 
Phoenix: KLVA 133,700... KFLR 130,000...KLVK 121,900...  KZAI 97,200...  
San Diego: KLVJ 130,000... KPRZ 26,800
Seattle: KCMS 396,600... KWPZ 59,800... 
St Louis: KLJY 400,300... KSIV 79,300... WIBI 21,500
Tampa: WBVM 84,600... WCIE 77,200... WKES 64,400... WJIS 39,400...
Wash DC: 438,500... WGTS 357,400... WRBS 98,100... WAVA 97,900... WJYJ 29,700  (8/9)

WMIT/Asheville (106.9 the Light) morning co-host Matt Stockman has resigned to serve at a Christian station (Onda Paz, 93.2 FM) in Barcelona, Spain. �We�re grateful for Matt�s dedication to the listeners of 106.9 The Light over the past decade,� says Jim Kirkland, Director of Radio for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Blue Ridge Broadcasting. �We�re deeply inspired by his family�s commitment to share the hope found in Jesus Christ wherever God leads. And now, that leading is to Barcelona. The 106.9 The Light team has been praying for Matt since he first shared with us the opportunity in Spain. We�ll be asking the 106.9 The Light listening family to join us in praying for the Stockman family and the team he�ll be working with. We�re excited to see how God works through them.�

Stockman joined 106.9 The Light in October 2001, says he began to pray about this opportunity during two short-term mission trips he made to Barcelona last year. �My family prayed �Lord, use us for Your glory. We desire to serve You however You lead,�� remarked Stockman. �I�m not sure we ever thought praying that prayer would lead us to Barcelona to serve Him in full time missions with a Christian radio ministry! We are so excited to have this opportunity to serve God in furthering the Kingdom, whether it is through radio ministry, leading worship, or just loving the people of Spain.�

Stockman�s last day on-air at 106.9 The Light will be August 19. Co-host Heather Shelley will continue the morning show solo until a new co-host is selected. (8/9)

Arbitron July 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Atlanta: WPZE 680,000... WFSH 540,900... WVFJ 252,200... WWEV 45,300
Chicago: WJKL 354,200... WMBI 264,000... WONU 95,500... WCFL 62,700...
Dallas: KLTY 833,300... KCBI 233,000... 
Houston: KSBJ 636,100... KROI 325,300... KHCB 144,400...
Los Angeles: KFSH 538,600... KKLA 180,200... KWVE 107,500...
New York: WAWZ 312,900... WFME 286,400... WMCA 146,600...
Philadelphia: WPPZ 322,100... WBYO 41,700...WKVP 33,900... WFIL 33,500...  
Riverside: KSGN 221,700... KLRD 147,500... KWVE 94,600
San Francisco: KLVS 155,800... KBKF 73,600...
San Jose: KLVS 51,000... KBKF 38,500  (8/8)

WMIT/Asheville (106.9 the Light) has promoted veteran radio personality Carol Davis to Program and Promotions Director. Davis first joined the station in April 2002 and since then has served in a variety of roles including production director, morning co-host and a previous tenure as program director in 2005 and 2006.  In addition to programming WMIT she will also handle a weekday airshift from noon to 3pm.  (8/8)

Click here for a detailed Momentum 2011 event schedule. CMB Momentum 2011 is quickly approaching. September 7-10 at Disney's Yacht Club in Orlando... (8/5)

CMB finalists for 2011 Radio Station of the year were released today. 

Major Market:
Large Market:
WCSG/Grand Rapids
Medium Market:
Small Market:
No stations entered in this category this year.

Stations were judged on on-air presentation, community involvement, ratings and industry leadership. The winners will be announced at the CMB Echo Awards Sept 10th during Momentum in Orlando.  (8/5)

BITS: KLVO/Albuquerque (Shine 97.7) is now airing Salem's "Today's Christian Music" in all dayparts including The Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug & Jaci... KARF/Independence (Bott Radio) has increased power to 100kw serving Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma)... Salem Communications second quarter 2011 net broadcast revenue decreased 0.1% to $45.4 million from $45.5 million, station operating income ("SOI") decreased 0.8% to $16.4 million from $16.5 million... Air1 PD Paul Goldsmith checks in with HisAir.Net "My wife Maryanne, 3 year old son Keaton, and I are proud to report the newest addition to our family. Adalyn Faith Goldsmith was born on Tuesday, August 2. Thankful everyone is happy and healthy!  (8/4)

Gator J. Gaynor officially launches Gator's Music Group, an independent radio promotions company based in Franklin, Tennessee. The company will eventually expand to cover artist management as well as tour support. Gator can be reached at / 615.499.1830. (8/3)

As reported on HisAir.Net on July 21 KSBJ/Houston adds Coppelia to co-host mornings with Mike Kankelfritz starting Aug 15th. Coppelia was most recently with Air1 hosting middays.  Puerto Rico born Coppelia says �I am thrilled to join Mike and the KSBJ family as Morning Show co-host. And I'm thankful to God for this opportunity. It not only brings me closer to family, but it�s also a new radio adventure & ministry opportunity that I'm very excited about.�  KSBJ Program Director, Susan O�Donnell said, �We are really excited about all that Coppelia brings to our KSBJ audience.  She brings a wealth of life experience.  She survived her husband�s bout with a brain tumor and has a great story to tell!  She brings a unique perspective as a Latina, a wife and mother of two young children and I�m excited about having her share her mornings with our listeners.�  (8/2)

BITS: According to WAY FM Network PD Jeff Connell the search for Brant Hansen's replacement is "Progressing�slower than I wish but we have some really interesting candidates.  Just trying to put the right pieces together"... Christian Women in Media National Music Showcase will take place Aug 26 in Nashville, for more info on the event click here...  CCM artist John Waller welcomed a new son, Josiah Waller last Thursday at 11:30pm, his mother had a heart attack the next morning and was brought to the same hospital and passed away that evening, please pray for this family who is celebrating and grieving.  (8/2)

Linnae Young has been named as an Operational Vice President for Salem Communications' Radio Division. Linnae previously served in a variety of roles for Salem for over 14 � years. Her last post was as VP/GM for Salem Media Representatives and Vista Media Representatives. Most recently, Linnae has worked with Cumulus in Dallas. David Santrella, President of Salem's Radio Division said, "Linnae brings strength of character, a great deal of energy, and a strategic leadership style to our company. We are excited to have her back."  Linnae will begins with Salem today (8/1) and be stationed out of Dallas, TX. She will oversee Salem markets Honolulu, San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland and Pittsburgh. (8/1)

New additions to the staff at Moody Radio Chicago. The new National Programming Assistant is Matt Freeman. Matt was previountil recently. He received his BA in Broadcast Communications from North Central College. Mark Breta joins as Producer/Engineer and was a part-time Producer/Engineer with Marketing & Promotions at Moody Radio.  (7/29)

Family Life adds Steve Smith (left) as the new co-host of its radio morning show joining Rachelle Renee and sports announcer, Randy Snavely. In addition to his on-air responsibilities, Smith will actively create, develop and produce original content for the morning show.  Smith has nearly 30 years of radio and television experience including mornings at KBEZ/Tulsa, and WCLT/Newark, OH. �We are delighted to have Steve join the morning show team,� said Rick Snavely, president of Family Life. �Steve has impressive experience hosting successful morning shows in a range of formats. He�s also shown great chemistry with his co-host, Rachelle Renee, since being on the air together. We�re encouraged to see this new partnership come together.�   (7/28)

BITS: KSOS/LAs Vegas (SOS Radio) PD/Mornings Scott Herrold and Director of Donor Services Mike Mead took 40 listeners on a mission trip to Sri Lanka to work in orphanages built for children who lost their parents in the tsunami. The SOS team built desks/chairs for the Samudra Sri & Kalapuwa Sri schools and lead Vacation Bible School for the children.

Former WLAB/Ft Wayne (Star 88.3) morning co-host Ace McKay has been hired as a Producer for a new show set for the fall on the Disney Channel. Ace says he welcomes the challenge and creativity of this project, production starts August 24th and Ace will commute back and forth to LA for now.

WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) took over the Berlin Raceway for their "Faster Pastor" event. 65 area pastors signed up to compete against each other on the track in 4 cylinder race cars.  "Faster Pastor" night at Berlin had 5 crashed race cars, 3 overheated cars, and JQ99's Troy West in victory lane after the final "feature" race of the evening. The event was attended by over 3000.  (7/28)

Air1 PD Paul Goldsmith checks in with HisAir.Net, "As of August 8 when Sterling returns home to Air1, this will be our newly minted dream-team line-up on Air1... 2-7am JB,  7a-12n Sean & Mandy, 12-5pm Sterling, 5-9pm Brant Hansen, 9pm-2am Ashton... all times are Eastern."  (7/28)

WHZN/Indianapolis (88.3 The Walk) owner Horizon Christian Fellowship is selling the station for $1.2 million ($950,000 in a promissory note) to Olivet Nazarene University. The buyers are also the operators of WONU/Chicago (Shine 89.7). WHZN is a Class B Non Com 7800 watts at 725 feet.  (7/28)

WGTS/Wash DC morning co-host Amanda Carroll will join K-LOVE as midday host starting Aug 8th.  Chuck Pryor,  K-LOVE VP of Programming stated, �We�re excited to add Amanda to the K-LOVE team. She is an incredibly hard worker and has great passion for God, her family, and the format. She also really understands how to connect all of these elements with an audience both on and off the air.� Carroll said, "I am honored to be able to work alongside such talented and hard working broadcasters and have the chance to connect with the K-LOVE audience. This is the stuff that dreams are made of and I can�t wait to join the K-LOVE team.�  Current midday host Sterling is returning to sister network Air1 and says �While I�ll miss connecting with the K-LOVE listeners each day, Air1 is a perfect fit for me and I�m thrilled to be back.� K-LOVE is heard on over 400 signals in 46 states.   (7/27)

ARB Spring 2011 AQH M-S 12+: WJIS/Sarasota 2.5... KVMV/McAllen 4.7... WMIT/Asheville 5.3... WDJC/Birmingham 3.6... KAJN/Lafayette, LA 1.6... KGBI/ Omaha 2.4... KXOJ/Tulsa 4.7...  (7/27)

Christian Radio �pioneer�  broadcaster Vernon Baldwin died Monday at the age of 70, following a long struggle with Parkinson�s Disease. At one time Baldwin Broadcasting comprised of WNLT/Cincinnati, WCNW/Fairfield, WMOH/Hamilton, WKLN/Wilmington, WVRB/Nicholasville/Lexington, Ky., WWLT/Manchester/London, Ky. and WKYB/Burgin, Ky. (7/26)

WAY Media Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker has announced that effective July 1, 2011, the Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network (CHRSN), has changed its name to WAY Media Network Services, a division of WAY Media, Inc.  WAY Media Network Services provides Christian �Hit� programming and syndicated personalities to WAY-FM owned and non-owned stations all over the nation.  �CHRSN has always been a part of WAY-FM,� adds WMNS General Manager, Faron Dice.  �This new name is just a way to clearly define the connection with our parent company.�   (7/26)

This Friday (7/29) will be Lisa & Eric's last day on the K-LOVE Morning Show. .  In mid June Lisa Williams announced that she would be stepping away from the K-LOVE Morning Show to ��invest the best part of me in my family�"  On the morning show facebook page today the following was posted: "Saying goodbye to friends is never easy, but it is with grateful hearts that we say farewell to the K-LOVE listening family.  As you may have already heard, our last day on the K-LOVE Morning Show is Friday, July 29th.  Leaving is bittersweet, but we assure you that it�s all good.  As a matter of fact, it�s all God! Lisa has been feeling the need to devote herself more to being a mommy to sons Jon David and Jesse.  Combined with Eric feeling God�s leading to start a new chapter in his life/career/ministry, it simply feels like God�s timing to depart. 

EMF did offer Eric another position to stay on board but tells HisAir.Net he will move on. JD Chandler will be filling in mornings until K-LOVE hires the new morning show team.  (7/26)

BITS: ... KZTH/Piedmont (The House FM) has temporarily restored their 88.5 FM signal in west Oklahoma City after a tornado tore through the tower site leaving the 500-foot tower (at left) in four pieces.  The temporary signal is broadcasting at 2000-watts of power west of Oklahoma City near El Reno and plans are progressing to restore the full 50,000-watts of power at the original tower site in October.  

... Salem San Diego has re-launched its online CCM station "Christian Pirate Radio" the sister station to Christian Talk KPRZ and KCBQ.  Christian Pirate Radio was first launched in 1998 and shut down in 2003.

... Prayer request: Christian broadcaster Steve Tuzeneu (Abilene, KS) was admitted to the hospital Tuesday for treatment for two serious infections. He would appreciate your prayers for early recovery.  He also needs to hear from you if you have an immediate opening in management, or full-time engineering opening. Contact him at

Heading into the July 4th weekend, WAY-FM�s Total Axxess show and Tyndale House Publishers teamed up to offer listeners a chance to nominate their favorite soldier or family of a soldier to receive a free Operation Worship Bible in the New Living Translation.  The grand prize winner in the promotion won two (2) iPads (one for soldier and one for the family at home). According to Wally, host of Total Axxess, "We wanted to connect soldiers to what matters most, God and family.  The Operation Worship Bible is a great source of strength and the Ipad2 will help shrink the distance for a family during a difficult deployment."  (7/22)

Former Air1 air personality Coppelia will join KSBJ/Houston starting August 15. Coppelia will co-host the KSBJ morning show with Mike Kankelfritz replacing PD Susan O'Donnell who is coming off the air after. (7/21)

The weekly Contemporary Christian Music Radio Program "Positive Sounds", hosted by Bob Taylor, has earned an Award of Excellence in the 2011 Communicator Awards from the International Academy of the Visual Arts. Positive Sounds airs Saturday nights on WTBQ/Warwick, NY. The program quickly achieved the number one rating with Men 18-34 years old and ranked number two with Women 25-54 years old in the Newburgh-Middletown, New York market. �Having the ability to program music that encourages the lives of people with the message of God�s love is a blessing to all who are touched by it,� said Bob Taylor, host and programmer of Positive Sounds. �The goal is to remind New York area listeners that God is on their side, and loves them no matter how bad things seem to be in their lives. I am blessed by the opportunity that WTBQ has given me to create this program, and feel fortunate to record do pre-production at the facilities of the Max Radio Network. The ratings success is proof of God�s favor in action.�

�We�re happy that Positive Sounds has won this prestigious award. The message heard in the songs adds a real encouraging sound to our programming,� said Frank Truatt, President of WTBQ. �At WTBQ, we�re about quality, and Positive Sounds has exceeded our expectations. We embrace and value our close relationship with the Max Radio Network.� The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), a 550+ member organization of leading professionals from various disciplines. They are dedicated to embracing progress in the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media. Current IAVA membership represents a "Who's Who" of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms including: Cond� Nast, Coach, Disney, Estee Lauder, HBO,, MTV, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sotheby�s Institute of Art, Tribal DDB, Wired, Yahoo!, and many others.

BITS: The FCC has granted a right to broadcast to the Religious Information Network for WAJC/Newport, MN, the group says they hope to have 88.1 (1200 watts) on the air soon... After 18 years on the air at KSBJ/Houston Morning Show Co-host Susan O�Donnell has decided to come off the air to focus on her PD duties... Brant Hansen did his first Air1 radio show (5-9pm et) Tuesday 7/19... .  (7/20)

Betsy Spina is the new midday host on WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1). WAWZ PD Johnny Stone tells HisAir.Net "Betsy is a wonderful addition to the on-air lineup. She has been seen in ABC Family�s hit TV show �Greek� as the Zeta Beta pledge, �Ivy� and on ABC�s popular soap opera �One Life To Live� as John McBain�s secretary, �Reta.� Betsy was a part of the Radio Disney team in Los Angeles, as their Midday On Air Talent, as well as their host, for live events.  Betsy is beyond thrilled to be a part of the Star99.1 Team, and is excited to see what incredible things God does next!"  (7/19) 

Air1 Radio Network has partnered with Listener Driven Radio to give listeners to Air1 control of the music it plays. Every weeknight at 7PM Pacific time / 10PM Eastern Time, listeners will take full control of Air1, calling the shots on every song that plays during its Mixology Live show. Listeners can vote online at The show launched nationwide on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Air1 Program Director, Paul Goldsmith said, "Air1 is unlike many radio stations or networks, because we are a financially supported by our listeners. We truly work forour listeners! Our partnership with LDR gives us the ability to integrate real-time minute-by-minute feedback from the audience right into our playlist. It's a groundbreaking new way to do radio, and we're excited how our listeners respond!"

LDR President Daniel Anstandig commented, "Air1 is a worldwide leader in Christian radio. Their mission to make a real difference in listeners' lives is one that we take seriously as a partner. Paul Goldsmith is an enthusiastic and innovative programmer with an extraordinary on-air and web team. We are excited to work with Air1 to musically empower the network's listeners across the globe."

The network is heard in over 100 markets across America and reaches over 1.5 million listeners on a weekly basis.  (7/19)

The KBHW/International Falls, MN (Psalm 99.5) 650 foot transmitting tower collapsed early Sunday morning, July 17th. There were a number of weather warnings issued at the time of the collapse, and it appears that storms moving through the area at that time contributed to the failure. The tower and all the antennas, feed line and lighting are a total loss. Fortunately the tower fell away from the transmitter building, so the transmitter, associated equipment and building were unharmed. Programming returned today at low power using a temporary antenna. Many of the KBHW translators are off the air. (7/19)




WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1) has rehired former station manager Scott Taylor in the same capacity. Scott who had served over 17 years with STAR 99.1 exited this past May.  On his return Scott stated, �STAR 99.1 holds a unique place on the NY radio dial as well as in my heart and when presented with the opportunity to re-unite with the team at Pillar Radio it was impossible to say no." (7/18)

Former WMIT/Black Mountain (106.9 the Light) PD Tom Greene will join WIBI/Carlinville as station manager starting Monday, July 25th.  On the appointment Greene tells HisAir.Net �One of the first things that drew me to New Life Media and WIBI was the quality of the people within the organization.  I�m looking forward to working with such a great group and building on the strong foundation of ministry and community service that�s already in place.� Tom replaces Jeremiah Beck who is exiting for the GM position at KBMQ/Monroe, LA at the end of July. 

Regarding his departure from WIBI Beck says "I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a relationship with the WIBI listening family the past 6 years.  The experience has also proven invaluable and I'm deeply grateful to our Network Director Barry Copeland for bringing me to Carlinville in 2005 while serving with two other incredible leaders, station managers Dave Brooks (WCIC) and Jeff Scott (WBGL.)  My move to Monroe, LA is simply in response to God's provision and answer to prayer. I look forward to building on the foundation started by the great team already in place at KBMQ and KLIC, and serving Monroe and the surrounding communities for years to come."

Along with serving as General Manager for KBMQ Beck will also run NewsTalk KLIC and plans to try and build an accessible daily morning talk show that he would host beginning during the summer of 2012 on KLIC.  "I've been praying and thinking about what it would feel like to do radio with Jesus.  What would those discussions have sounded like, broadcast on radio, when he sat with the people, the scholars, the sinners, the powerful, the disciples?  He told stories, talked politics, challenged the status quo, but mainly -- He taught, He showed us what the Kingdom could be, what our role as believers should be in caring for each other, the impoverished and sick of spirit, and declared that He was (is) the way, the truth and the life and NO ONE came to the Father God except through Him.  I'm hoping to build a show, using radio, video, film, blogging and more, that sits at the intersection of culture, current events, church, community, comedy and Christ.  Can we, as people, talk with each other (the Church and "the World") about things like civil unions, drugs, porn, racism, Rob Bell (haha) and do so in a way that is a bit closer to the character of Jesus than what many times appears on other talk shows?  Can we do so in a way that is still compelling while operating in a way that honors God?  And, will doing so actually get any ratings? 

After nearly a decade of service, Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) board of directors accepted the resignation of its Executive Director, Linda Meyers, effective immediately. Linda will be pursuing a full time opportunity with AMG Media, Inc. CMB has hired Michelle Younkman as Event Coordinator for Momentum 2011.  Michelle brings two decades of experience with two of Christian music industry's leading record labels and currently is an independent marketing and promotions consultant to ministries and stations alike. Michelle and the board are joined by a volunteer team comprised of Jason Sharp of KTIS/Minneapolis (educational programming), Tom Lewis of Lewis & Associates and Grant Hubbard of EMI/CMG (sponsorships) and Morgan Wood of KTIS/Minneapolis and Beth Bacall of WFSH/Atlanta (104.7 The Fish)  (marketing). More than a dozen other people are involved with assisting the efforts of Momentum's success for 2011.

"Momentum is in good hands," says Mike Novak, chair of CMB's Board of Directors. Registration for this year's event is well over 350 attendees. Author/speaker Gabe Lyons (author of UnChristian) and award-winning author/pastor Jeff Manion (The Land Between) headline the three and a half day event beginning, September 7-10 at Disney's Yacht Club in Orlando.

Registration will be capped at 500 with room reservation discounts available through August 4. More details on Momentum will be forthcoming before the end of the month.  To register, visit or call Michelle Younkman at 214.738.6135. "As for the future of CMB, the board is actively involved in energizing its renewed mission and vision," says Novak.  "The board met with some of its members in Charlotte just two months ago and laid out the initial groundwork for CMB's growth in service to its members. Our future is bright and brimming with hope for others, thanks to the renewed passion of so many people who believe in what God can and will do through CMB."  (7/15)

Time to get your nominations for the annual Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award and the Rob Gregory Community Service Award entered. Deadline is Aug 1st and they need to be sent to Kyle Fenton at Nominations must include a paragraph (200 words max) as to why the nominee should be considered.

The Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award is presented to a Christian broadcaster or associated professional for outstanding and long-term contributions to the growth of Christian music radio. And the Rob Gregory Community Service Award is presented to a Christian broadcaster, radio station or associated professional who, during the past year, has shown outstanding effort in community service.  (7/15)

Arbitron June 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Austin: KFMK 149,200... KYLR 104,700... 31,700... 
Greensboro-Winston Salem: WWLV 174,000... WBFJ 71,800... WKVK 27,900... WTJY 18,100
Indianapolis: WKLU 198,800... WGNR 81,700... WQRA 38,100... WHZN 28,100... WQME 22,900...
Jacksonville: WTRJ 67,600... WZAZ 48,200
Memphis: WHAL 244,600... WKVF 91,800... WLOK 67,000...
Milwaukee: WLVE 115,100... WJYI 11,200... 
Nashville: WFFH 133,900... WAYM 93,300...      
Norfolk: WZLV 140,200... WGH 106,500... WJLZ 14,000...
Providence: WSTL 11,600...
Raleigh: WNNL 174,100... WKVK 64,600... WRTP 36,800...
West Palm Beach: WAYF 62,200... WRMB 52,000... WCNO 22,700... (7/15)

EMF announces the purchase of four stations from Cedarville University for $2,325,000 cash at closing. The staions are WCDR/Dayton, WOHC/Chillicothe, WOHP/Portsmouth and CP WOCU/Sinking Springs, all Ohio. Also in the deal are 10 translators in Indiana & Ohio. �For many years, CDR Radio has helped listeners grow in their walk with Christ,� said William Brown, president of Cedarville. �We are excited that EMF will continue this effort by building upon the network�s rich Christ-centered history.�  (7/15)

UPDATE: Regarding the pirate station interfering with WKLV/Port Chester (KLOVE NYC) EMF attorney David Oxenford tells HisAir.Net, "We filed the complaint last week, and the FCC has said that they are looking into it. Unfortunately, we are told that there are many pirates in this area. But we hope that the FCC will move fast on this one based on the real interference that they are causing."  Apparently the pirate station at issue (Jamminz Radio 96.7) signs on and off during the day. Also it was believed they had moved their frequency to 99.9 but that report has proved to not be true.

Some speculate that New Jersey pirate stations Roadblock Radio, The Blaze, and "Jamminz" may all be "sister stations."  In 2006 agents from the FCC New York office determined that an unlicensed radio station that identified itself on-air as "Radio Roadblock" operated (on 90.1) from five different locations in the Newark, NJ area. The operator of Roadblock Radio was caught and fined $10,000. (7/15)

BITS: Christian radio vet Scott Wilder will co-host with Terri Barrett for vacationing Jim Wilson on the KCBI/Dallas morning show July 18 through July 22... Raquel Bynum has been named Business Development Director at WAYX/Charleston (WAY FM)... 5,000 people were in attendance as 17-year-old Nicole Butikofer was named the winner of this year�s Opening Act Competition hosted by WCIC/Peoria...  (7/15)

Arbitron June 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Charlotte: WRCM 202,500... WPZS 193,900... WMIT 144,800... WWLV 111,300... WLFJ 30,000...  
Cincinnati: WAKW 230,500... WNLT 115,700... WORI 48,900...
Cleveland: WFHM 225,500... WCRF 117,900... WJMO 38,800...
Columbus: WCVO 196,400... WUFM 71,800... WJYD 48,300... WZNP 14,600
Kansas City: KLRX 303,600... KLJC 135,000... KWJC 108,500... KCCV 34,600
Las Vegas: KSOS 124,700... 
Orlando: WPOZ 285,800 (#1 AQH 8.2)... WTLN 28,100 
Pittsburgh: WPKV 134,600... WORD 87,000... 
Portland: KFIS 274,100... KLVP 84,000... KPDQ 48,400... KZRI 42,500... KHPE 35,700... KLVU 22,400... 
Sacramento: KKFS 101,800... KLRS 57,200... KARA 49,300... 
Salt Lake City: KKLV 102,400...  
San Antonio: KZLV 229,400... KMLR 18,500... (7/14)

UPDATE: Reports tonight from New York City say the pirate station "Jamminz Radio 96.7" is back on the air at 96.7 and is once again causing a lot of interference to WKLV/Port Chester (KLOVE). Earlier today it was believed Jamminz had moved to 99.9 but that actually is another pirate station that's been on the air for years. We'll keep you posted. (7/13)

Arbitron June 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Baltimore: WRBS 232,800... WCAO 81,000...   
Boston: WEZE 34,200... WROL 27,900...
Denver: KLDV 316,600... KXWA 63,600... KRKS 53,900...KPOF 18,700..  
Detroit: WMUZ 163,000... WLQV 67,900 
Miami: WRMB 88,000... WAYF 72,200... 
Minneapolis: KTIS 391,200... KNOF 63,300... KKMS 36,400... 
Phoenix: KLVA 169,700... KLVK 146,200... KFLR 143,400... KZAI 127,500... KGCB 47,000  
San Diego: KLVJ 109,600... KPRZ 32,900... KSDW 32,100
Seattle: KCMS 424,100... KWPZ 56,200... 
St Louis: KLJY 355,000... KSIV 68,900...
Tampa: WBVM 87,800... WCIE 75,200... WKES 69,100... WJIS 50,700...
Wash DC: WPRS 450,500... WGTS 339,900... WAVA 119,100... WJYJ 35,800  (7/13)

The National Association of Broadcasters announced today the finalists for the 2011 NAB Marconi Radio Awards honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced on September 15 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show, held during the 2011 Radio Show at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois.

KKLA-FM, Los Angeles
KLRC-FM, Siloam Springs, AR
WLIB-AM, New York
WPOZ-FM, Orlando

KHKS-FM, Dallas
KKLA-FM, Los Angeles
KLTY-FM, Dallas
KTBZ-FM, Houston
WBEB-FM, Philadelphia


The pirate station that has been interfering with KLOVE's New York area station (WKLV/Port Chester) since it took over the station in May, has moved it's frequency to 99.9. In a formal complaint EMF told the FCC �this pirate station (Jamminz Radio 96.7) is having a significant impact on the reception (of WKLV) in portions of its service area.� EMF asks the FCC to �immediately take actions to terminate �Jamminz��  The Pirate station has never been "hiding", is believed to be located  �in East Orange, New Jersey",  running commercials and operating a website that contains contact information for potential advertisers, and even a facebook page. EMF purchased the station from Cox earlier this year.  (7/13)

Arbitron June 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Atlanta: WPZE 705,800... WFSH 586,700... WVFJ 229,900... WWEV 46,600
Chicago: WJKL 378,000... WMBI 211,500... WONU 74,200... WCFL 61,900...
Dallas: KLTY 842,800... KCBI 250,700... 
Houston: KSBJ 677,400... KROI 343,600... KHCB 166,600... KKHT 32,600
Los Angeles: KFSH 550,400... KKLA 205,800... KWVE 128,900...
New York: WFME 275,900... WAWZ 243,500... WMCA 121,800...
Philadelphia: WPPZ 352,600... WBYO 50,000...WKVP 50,000... WFIL 40,500...  
Riverside: KSGN 205,000... KLRD 148,300... KWVE 86,200
San Francisco: KLVS 168,900... KBKF 98,900...
San Jose: KLVS 59,900... KBKF 48,700  (7/12)

Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) members should be receiving Echo Award voting forms in the next few days. The Echo Awards will be given out Saturday Sept 10 at the 2011 Momentum taking place Sept 7-10 at Disney's Yacht Club in Orlando. Momentum Event Coordinator Michelle Younkman says registration is underway and will close when sold out. No registrations will be accepted after August 12, 2011. Download a 2011 Momentum registration form with all the details here. (7/11)

Salem has appointed Leilani Williams Station Cluster Manager in Honolulu, she will be apprenticing until Jeff Coelho's retirement in December of this year... KTIS-AM/Minneapolis reduces power from 50kw to 5kw as a result of theft at the transmitter building...  (7/11)

WWIL/Wilmington (Life 90.5 FM) is back on the air after. The station was off for about a day and a half after thieves took copper from an air conditioning unit. The theft occurred Sunday night at their transmitter location and the heat was quickly building by Monday morning, said Dan Eaddy, vice president of Carolina Christian Radio. That caused the station to shut down its equipment so it wouldn�t overheat. Since it was the July 4 holiday, no one was available to fix the unit immediately, Eaddy said. A  police report was filed Monday morning but arrests have been announced yet.  (7/6)

BITS: WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) reports they had in excess of 20,000 at their 9th annual Celebration Freedom event on the 4th of July... WPAR/Roanoke PD/MD Dave Crosier has launched Sixth Man Productions providing voice-tracking, voice-overs etc... Jon Robbins has been appointed Director Of Operations at WSSJ/Jacksonville as Sam Nelson exits... Former WQFL/Rockford morning man Darren Marlar has joined mainstream oldies WGEZ/Beloit for wake-ups... The GMA says The 2012 Dove Awards will take place in Atlanta and be broadcast on Gospel Music Channel... WKCW/Warrenton (DC area) drops Christian talk for mainstream oldies... (7/5)

WFSH/Atlanta (104.7 The Fish) has hired WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) midday personality Beth Bacall to handle afternoons replacing Dan Ratcliffe who will take on a new department head position as Creative Services Director for Salem Atlanta.

According to a memo sent to staff by PD Mike Blakemore, "Ratcliffe will be taking his creative and production talents to a new level overseeing production for all stations, including web streaming. He will also, over time, be overseeing the digital and social media platforms for all the Atlanta properties. Dan�s voice and production skills are unmatched in this market. This is a huge step for him and we are very excited to have someone of Dan�s caliber to be heading up this critically important initiative.�

Bacall who spent 8 years at WAWZ will start at The Fish in late July or early August. She told HisAir.Net "Gods grace continues to blow me away. What a privilege it has been to work at Star 99.1 in NY and now The Fish Atlanta."

The addition of Bacall to the WFSH on air line-up is the first change the station has made since its inception in 2000. No word at press time on who will be replacing Bacall at Star 99.1. Currently the station is on the hunt for a PM drive personality as well as a station manager. (6/30)

KLYT/Albuquerque (formally M88 Radio), has re-imaged the station as STATIC RADIO. Static Radio is the first, 24 hour, Christian Triple A Format in the country. KLYT PD Matt Gentry says the reason behind the overhaul is simple, �We felt the industry was in a sort of holding pattern�musically flat�. 

Gentry told HisAir.Net, "It just seemed like everything that was being pushed was so predictable. So�the question was asked�what are you going to do about it? Well�we want to drown out the noise. Ironically, the word Static, among other things, means �showing little or no change; constant. That�s where we felt the industry as a whole was�but for us, it meant shooting straight to the character of the Gospel. It is unchanging, unwavering and doesn�t �present itself� as relevant because the fact is: it is. It is so real, that it can hurt, convict and even offend. So, you will hear artists like Owl City, The Temper Trap, Arcade Fire, U2, Mumford and Sons, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Thrice, Johnny Cash, Micah Tawlks, Shirock, Ives the Band and a ton more of fantastic, Christian artists who don�t see the radio light of day". Gentry says it�s a lot like buying an album after you hear the first single all the B-cuts on the album are actually the ones that are better? Static Radio is the B-Side of the music Industry. They've re-launched the station website at  (6/27)

WPRJ/Coleman, MI (Fuse FM) debuts its new morning show replacing Mornings With Brant which ends on WAY FM and affiliates Wed 6/29. Click here to read Brant's goodbye letter. "The Get Up And Go Show" with Colette and Josh THOT (pictured left) airs weekdays 6-10am on Fuse FM. If you're interested in the WAY FM morning show opening click here. (6/27)

BITS: Rodney Miller is now handling music director duties at KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish)... Phil Drake�s Drake Enterprises is donating WPFJ/Franklin, NC (1480 The Dove) is being donated to owners of WRAF/Toccoa Falls... Bott Radio Network's Christian Talk Radio service is now heard on to WFCV/Fort Wayne (100.1 FM formerly WNUY)... KSGN/Riverside production guy Doug Hughs checks in with HisAir.Net to share a video he's made while pursuing an acting career, check out "Lights, Camera, Agent!" (6/27)

Sharon Geiger has been promoted to the position of Program Director of KCBI/Dallas (90.9fm). KCBI Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike Tirone said this is an historic day in KCBI�s 35 years of ministry. �I�m joyful to promote Sharon Geiger to the position of KCBI Program Director. Sharon�s skill and experience will lead KCBI to greater heights. Her success is tied to her love for God. I�m thrilled that our Program Director is a prayer warrior at heart!�  Geiger began at KCBI as a news reporter in 1984 and has also served as an announcer and in the Development and Promotions departments. After working as traffic reporter/morning show producer, she was named Assistant News Director in 1995 and moved to the morning news anchor position in 1996 and later to Senior News Director.

Sharon is eager to continue the legacy of ministry at KCBI. �I�m grateful for the opportunity to work at and help lead this exciting, God-honoring ministry.  KCBI has excellent leadership, a strong staff, wonderful listeners and great ministry partners, including our programmers.  I�m excited to see what God has in store for this radio ministry, which has been proclaiming God�s Word in North Texas and beyond for 35 years.� (6/23)

Arbitron Spring 2011 Phase 2 AQH 12+: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.6... KGBI/Omaha 2.4... WDJC/Birmingham 4.1...  (6/23)

BITS: WPOZ/Orlando (Z88.3) evening personality Alana Chambers will step down from her weeknight duties to weekends starting in August... Former Fresno mayor Jim Patterson and two partners have purchased KGED/Fresno (AM 1680) and will launch a Christian talk format Sept. 1... Salem has signed a new contract with Chairman of the Board Stuart Epperson running to 2012... WQSB/Birmingham returns to Gospel as Hallelujah 105.1... (6/23)

Family Radio says it will replace the Harold Camping program "Open Forum" when it concludes airing 20 recorded segments. Family Radio has been airing repeats of Open Forum since Camping suffered a stroke on June 9th. "When those are completed, we will have other programming that is scheduled to run in that time slot," according to Program Department Secretary Judi Rathbone. Fortune Magazine reported in May that Family Radio is worth an estimated $72 million. Donations totaled more than $18 million in 2009, up from $15 million the year before, IRS tax documents show. Camping took no salary in 2009 but loaned himself $175.5 million. Family Radio's board of directors approved the loan, whose purpose was not stated in the tax documents. Camping is still in the hospital and continues to recover. (6/22)

KSBJ/Houston has named Pam Kelly Assistant Program Director. Kelly will be responsible for covering on-air shifts as well as developing and scheduling KSBJ�s part-time air talent. �Pam is a great addition to our team and I love the experience that she brings!  Anyone who remembers Pam from the work she�s done on the air waves in Houston knows she�s a fantastic talent and we�re grateful for the ways she is going to bring that talent to KSBJ!� said Susan O�Donnell, KSBJ Morning Show Host and Director of Programming. 

Kelly who was previously with KLOL/Houston (Rock 101), KTBZ/Houston (94.5 The Buzz), and KHPT/Houston KHPT/Houston (106.9 The Point) says, �I realize that this is what God has been preparing me for my whole career!�  (6/21)


HisAir.Net hears changes have come to KLVO/Albuquerque (Shine 97.7) as the station has cut contracts with most voice trackers and consultants. Syndicated Scott & Sam are still heard mornings. Since the departure of market manager, Gary Cox, American General Media President, Rogers Brandon, has been acting GM . A station PD was never hired.  One of the voice trackers let go is Donna Cruse who now has an opening, reach her at Donna does "a local, interactive show with lots of phones and real life encouragement". KLVO switched to CCM this past Feb. (6/21)

Arbitron May 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Atlanta: WPZE 7615,400... WFSH 597,600... WVFJ 231,500...
Chicago: WJKL 390,500... WMBI 261,300... WCFL 94,700... WONU 88,900...
Dallas: KLTY 948,600 (#5 AQH)... KCBI 283,900...
Houston: KSBJ 673,300 (#4 AQH)... KROI 372,200... KHCB 173,500... KKHT 31,800
Los Angeles: KFSH 533,900... KKLA 223,800... KWVE 158,800...
New York: WFME 316,300... WAWZ 309,600... WMCA 169,100...
Philadelphia: WPPZ 347,000... WBYO 55,500...WKVP 51,000... WFIL 46,500...  
Riverside: KSGN 213,900... KLRD 131,400... KWVE 94,600
San Francisco: KLVS 139,100... KBKF 71,000...

Baltimore: WRBS 254,800... WCAO 83,700...   
Boston: WEZE 31,500... WROL 29,800...
Denver: KLDV 328,100... KXWA 65,100... KPOF 28,400.. KRKS 24,400... 
Detroit: WMUZ 164,100... WLQV 71,000 
Miami: WRMB 82,900... WAYF 66,900... 
Minneapolis: KTIS 406,100... KNOF 60,800... KKMS 31,600... 
Phoenix: KLVA 202,100... KLVK 165,600... KFLR 159,400... KZAI 111,900... KGCB 48,100  
San Diego: KLVJ 114,300... KPRZ 39,200... KSDW 35,000
Seattle: KCMS 404,000... KWPZ 63,000...
St Louis: KLJY 372,700... KSIV 75,500...
Tampa: WBVM 100,300... WCIE 90,300... WKES 85,300... WJIS 36,200...
Wash DC: WPRS 444,800... WGTS 343,900... WAVA 124,500... WJYJ 42,400

Charlotte: WRCM 226,100... WPZS 220,300... WMIT 163,800... WWLV 114,500... WLFJ 41,800...  
Cincinnati: WAKW 211,500... WNLT 128,000... WORI 60,700...
Cleveland: WFHM 213,000... WCRF 119,700... WJMO 30,900...
Columbus: WCVO 210,500... WUFM 74,100... WJYD 60,600... WZNP 14,700
Kansas City: KLRX 309,800... KLJC 135,200... KWJC 78,000... KCCV 46,000
Las Vegas: KSOS 133,200... 
Orlando: WPOZ 298,700 (#1 AQH 7.6)... WTLN 35,300 
Pittsburgh: WPKV 122,100... WORD 70,000... 
Portland: KFIS 290,900... KLVP 90,800... KPDQ 56,000... KHPE 47,600... KZRI 45,100... KLVU 27,200... 
Sacramento: KKFS 100,200... KLRS 67,900... KARA 46,100... 
Salt Lake City: KKLV 110,400... 
San Antonio: KZLV 251,700... KMLR 22,400...

Austin: KFMK 155,300... KYLR 113,600... KMLR 36,100... 
Greensboro-Winston Salem: WWLV 162,000... WBFJ 57,300... WKVK 27,700... WXRI 23,100
Indianapolis: WKLU 191,600... WGNR 73,200... WQRA 36,000... WHZN 27,400... WQME 25,100...
Jacksonville: WCRJ 26,000... WTRJ 77,200  
Memphis: WHAL 245,300...WKVF 79,100... WLOK 57,600...
Milwaukee: WLVE 129,100... WJYI 13,700... 
Nashville: WFFH 147,500... WAYM 82,400...     
Norfolk: WZLV 163,800... WGH 113,100... WJLZ 16,100...
Providence: WSTL 13,100...
Raleigh: WNNL 177,800... WKVK 63,100... WRTP 45,000...
West Palm Beach: WAYF 49,900... WRMB 45,400... WCNO 24,000... (6/16)

Lisa Williams announced that she would be stepping away from the K-LOVE Morning Show to ��invest the best part of me in my family� It�s been a tough decision but after much prayer and counsel with trusted friends, including the K-LOVE leadership, it became clear to me that this is right for my family��
Williams joined K-LOVE in 2007 as the afternoon drive host. In 2009 she moved to Mornings and with co-host Eric Allen who helped launch the show from the new K-LOVE studios in Indianapolis. Co-host Eric Allen said: "Although it's bittersweet for the show to end, I'm happy that Lisa will be able to focus her time and attention on her family. I'm very proud of the show we did and will always be grateful for the amazing opportunity K-LOVE gave me to be a part of such a wonderful platform." Allen and show producer KC Wright are considering several opportunities within the ministry of K-LOVE, as well as exploring options outside the organization. Chuck Pryor, VP of Programming, for K-LOVE stated, �Lisa, Eric, and KC have poured their hearts and lives into the show for the past two years and we are grateful for their hard work and service.� The Morning Show with Lisa and Eric will end on July 29th and a search for a new show has begun. (6/15)

Ross McCampbell becomes the new Executive Director of WBCL/Ft. Wayne. The previous E.D. was Marsha Bunker, who is remaining with the station as Manager for Finance & Administration. McCampbell has been with WBCL since 1990 and has served in leadership as Assistant Program Director, a member of the Leadership Team and in overseeing Promotions. He also hosts the midday show. According to McCampbell, �I�m honored and excited to have this opportunity to continue the legacy of ministry started by Char Binkley and carried further by Marsha Bunker. WBCL has always been about ministry first and media second. I�ve always loved the fact that there are no �celebrities� at WBCL, just broken people who have been forgiven and who want to walk alongside and encourage others in their faith as we walk through life. We�ve also never been afraid to laugh and have a good time, which I think is good Biblical ministry as well.� (6/15)

WLAB/Ft Wayne (STAR 88.3) Morning host Ace McKay announced his exit from the the station and the Morning Show. McKay tells HisAir.Net he's enjoyed his time at WLAB but feels lead to move in a different direction at this time. He can be reached at  (6/13)

Integrity Media announced changes to its corporate structure including the sale of music assets for its flagship label, Integrity Music. Co-founded over 24 years ago by Mobile native and CEO Michael Coleman, Integrity Media�s products are sold throughout the United States and in over 160 other countries through retail outlets, direct mail
and digital distribution. Its corporate offices are located in Mobile with subsidiary offices in Tennessee and three foreign offices located in Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom. According to Coleman, the decision to divest Integrity Media of its music division was difficult but necessary given the current climate of the music industry.

�At the end of 2010, music business sales were less than half of what they had been 10 years ago,� says Coleman. �Music sales and licensing in the U.S. alone dropped from $14.6 billion to $6.3 billion between 1999 and 2009 and the decline has continued into 2011. And on top of the general economic downturn, music companies are facing challenges like digital piracy and a shift in consumer thinking from �ownership� to �access�.�

�The company has been making changes to try to adapt to these monumental shifts in the marketplace but it has been quite a challenge,� Coleman continues. �An earlier staff reduction and the listing of our property in West Mobile were part of the most recent changes. This combined with the sale of our music assets will help us address a number of issues as we navigate this changing landscape.� After much consideration, Coleman says the company decided to sell the Integrity Music division assets (songs, products and contracts) to David C Cook <>, a non-profit ministry located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Integrity Music is the label home of artists Paul Baloche, Lincoln Brewster, Vicky Beeching, John Mark McMillan and Grammy Award winners Israel Houghton and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir among others.

Coleman says he observed a commonality between the missions of both organizations and felt that David C Cook would continue the ministry he helped build by focusing on music for the global church. Following a 90-day transition, Integrity Music will begin operating from Colorado Springs as a part of
David C Cook. In addition to the sale of its music assets, Coleman says Integrity Media plans to sell its international companies in the UK, Singapore and South Africa but will continue to operate its remaining divisions from Mobile for the foreseeable future. This includes operations for Integrity Worship Institute, a training and education division, and Integrity Direct, which distributes a variety of products including CDs, videos, worship resources and Integrity Notes, a popular greeting card line produced in collaboration with Dayspring Cards�, to consumers and churches. The Integrity Promotion staff will stay intact and will be based in Colorado Springs. (6/14)

After 9 1/2 years Kelly Downing exits as Music Director at WMKL/WMYE/WPSF/Miami (The CALL).  The new contact for music tracking is (e-mail only, no phone calls please).  (6/10)

KLOVE New York Update: WKLV/Port Chester is back on the air after being off temporarily to make some "adjustments". The WKLV signal originates from a new transmitter site atop the Trump Plaza building in New Rochelle. It's strong signal is to Westchester County and adjacent parts of Connecticut.

And also in an unrelated story there's a new signal on the air in Monmouth County New Jersey. Domestic Church Media (based in Trenton) has signed on WFJS/Freehold (89.3), filling the frequency vacated by the now-defunct WDDM/Hazlet which was an unprotected class D signal. (6/8)

Curtis Wilson joins WCVO/Columbus (104.9 The River) as Director of Ministry Advancement starting June 20. Former Director of Donor Development, Joy Tolle, has transitioned into her role as Corporate Communications Coordinator.  (6/8)

In a letter to the chairman of the House Commerce Committee, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says, �I fully support deleting the Fairness Doctrine and related provisions from the Code of Federal Regulations, so that there can be no mistake that what has been a dead letter is truly dead,� Genachowski wrote in the letter." The chairman said he will strike the Fairness Doctrine, a rule that requires broadcasters to present opposing views of controversial issues. In the letter Genachowski wrote that the 1949 rule �holds the potential to chill free speech and the free flow of ideas.�

According to a Washington Post report Genachowski�s letter was disclosed Wednesday by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who said in a news release that he has asked the FCC chairman for details on when the rule would be scrapped. The FCC chair has promised to remove the rules on numerous occasions, including his confirmation hearings in 2009. Republican lawmakers have pushed the FCC to remove the rule, saying it is outdated and among policies that tie the hands of television broadcasters. The rule had been challenged in courts in 1989 and hasn�t been enforced by the FCC since then.  (6/8)

WAWZ/New York (STAR 99.1) is doing something pretty cool at Six Flags Great Adventure this Saturday 5/11. The promotions team at STAR 99.1 is creating their 1st ever STAR 99.1 Smartphone Treasure Hunt at Celebration 2011! MercyMe is performing that night so the winner will get to meet the guys and a few qualifiers will receive MercyMe stuff. There will be eight clues set up around the park where STAR 99.1 listeners can scan the QR code (black and white code box) to get a clue or guess from the clue written underneath (for non-Smartphone listeners.) Each clue will lead them to a word, all put together that leads to a verse from a MercyMe song. They have to guess the song then show up at the STAR 99.1 tent before the concert to win. (6/7)

BITS: WAY FM Network PD Jeff Connell wants clarify he will be voice tracking afternoons at KLFF/San Luis Obispo (K-Life) and remains at WAY FM... GloryFM launches KEIS/Lincoln, NE (90.3 FM) serving York, Aurora, Lincoln, Columbus and Grand Island... Scott Mitchell & Earl Johnson exit mornings at WZDG/Wilmington (The Edge 88.5) due to budgets...EMF files a trademark infringement suit against Chermion Enterprises for their use of "Air Love Radio"...  (6/7)

Spirit Radio, Ireland�s newest radio station, launched just 4 months ago, has just completed it�s first �On-Air� pledge drive in a bid to raise 40,000 euro to help cover broadcasting costs. Listener supported radio is a new concept to Ireland, and in the current economic climate, the staff and volunteers at the station were both excited and humbled by the generosity of listeners who rang in on the �Donation Line� to support the station. When the phones closed at Spirit, a registered charity, had raised an amazing �41,300.  Apart from the boost to finances, the support for the programming and the music has been very encouraging.  Programme Director Garvan Rigby says �We really didn�t realise how much the listeners believed in us until this past week. We�ve had a phenomenal response of encouragement, good wishes and of course donations�

Spirit Radio, Ireland�s national Christian radio station is broadcasting in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford on 89-92FM.  The station does carry some advertising but is primarily supported by listeners. Listener supported radio is well established in other parts of the world but had yet to be tested in Ireland. �We felt from the word go that this station was to be listener supported. We feel so humbled and grateful to our listeners who really came out in force to let us know that they appreciate the station. God is good!� says Rob Clarke, CEO of Spirit Radio.  (6/7)

There's a report of increased concern from New Jersey Christian broadcasters that an out of market Christian group will get all the stations and repeaters owned by NJN (New Jersey Network).  NJN has an extensive number of FM non-coms all throughout NJ and they are run by the State of NJ, along with the TV stations.  Now Gov. Christie is in the process of turning the TV part of NJN over to WNET-TV, NYC and the State of NJ looking to sell the NJN radio stations and repeaters. we'll keep you posted.  (6/7)

The Quad City Bomb Squad is investigating a bomb threat at WDLM/East Moline Friday morning. According to a WHFF-TV/Quad Cities (CBS 4) the call came in right around 7:30am to the Moody Radio station. Officers were called in and say they found a package, with a cardboard note lying next to with "incoherent ramblings" in the doorway. The bomb squad was able to open the package and said it wasn't suspicious. Meantime, residents in the area were put on alert of the suspicious situation. The radio station was also evacuated. Police say they have a suspect in mind, and have asked Illinois State Police to help with the investigation.  (6/6)

INO Records has restructured and is now known as Fair Trade Services. Jeff Moseley forms the new company. Artist roster will include MercyMe, The Afters, Phillips, Craig, & Dean and others. Former INO staffers Dan Michaels, Kai Elmer, and Meredith Hupp on board. More details coming. (6/3)


KSBJ/Houston announces Randy Schroeder as Chairman of the Board of Directors. �KSBJ has played a significant role in my life as well as my family�s and I am forever grateful for its positive impact,� said Schroeder.  �I have never been more excited about the future of KSBJ and look forward to being apart of this great family.� A member of the financial services industry for 30 years, Schroeder currently manages the Houston office of Ronald Blue & Co., which provides financial counsel and investment management based on biblical stewardship principles.  Schroeder also serves on the board of Mission Houston, The Houston Christian Foundation, and Totally Captivated Ministries.  �The KSBJ ministry relies on the Board of Directors to spread the voice of hope not only throughout Houston but to our surrounding communities as well,� said Tim McDermott, KSBJ President and General Manager.  �Randy will serve as a great leader to this ministry and we look forward to what his leadership will bring in the coming year.�  (6/2)

BITS: Kurt Wallace joins mainstream AC WYXB/Indianapolis (B105.7) for mornings, remains in a part time capacity with WHZN/Indianapolis (88.3 The Walk) and WAKW/Cincinnati... After 31 years Brian Mason will air his final Sunday morning CCM program on mainstream WJXA/Nashville (Mix 92.9) on June 26th... EMF trades its full-power KGCM/Belgrade, MT for translator in Missoula...  (6/2)

KLJY/St Louis (99.1 JOY FM) PD Johnathon Eltrevoog checks in with HisAir.Net, "This year, we went with a concept called "Listener Support Month" where we aired messaging during the month of May about giving toward the need then went on and did the classic three-day event. The 3 days turned into 4.5 days, but listeners responded and met the goal of about $2.9 million yesterday.  We'll now attempt to raise $1.5 million for our 99.1 signal payment ($400K of which is already met) over the next 6 weeks. Thanks to God for his faithfulness" An exclusive HisAir.Net interview with Johnathon is coming soon.  (6/1) has announced the company will acquire Barnabas Road Media, a streaming service provider based in Indianapolis. Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed.  BRM founder Paul Gathard, was enthusiastic about the opportunities this presented to the BRM customers. The acquisition enables Gathard to direct his focus on his successful Indianapolis based consulting firm.  Customers making the transition will be placed with a subsidiary of CNC, Next Wave Radio Network (NWR). 

The merger provides a wider array of services and stronger infrastructure to clients joining NWR.  �The integration with NWR will give BRM customers access to the latest technology including the improved playerbox advertising platform and a wide variety of mobile applications,� said David Palmer, CNC Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.  �Best of all,� he continued, �NWR will be able to provide added value services to former Barnabas Road clients with no increase in cost to the customers.� The purchase of BRM marks the second such acquisition by CNC in the last three years.  �They were a perfect fit into our future plans for growth,� said Palmer.  In April 2009, CNC purchased NWR Network of Colorado Springs. As the parent company, now owns and operates BRM, NWR and MainstreamNetwork.  �We have seen growth in a very difficult economy and feel very blessed to continue to grow the company through acquisitions like BRM and we are continuously adding new customers to the existing companies,� said Palmer.

 Evolving technology allows streaming to continue through the acquisition with no interruption in service.  Todd VanTasel, NWR Vice-President of Technology explained, �for former Barnabas Road customers, the transition will require no action whatsoever and will not be noticed by the listeners". VanTasel also stated that the infrastructure that supports NWR and BRM has made many advances that will be of great benefit to the NWR customers. �BRM customers will have access to our playerbox advertising platform that allows stations to generate revenue from their streams. In addition improved statistics and access to mobile apps will round out the improvements that BRM customers will enjoy�


In June of last year, and MainstreamNetwork launched its own iPhone app on the Apple iStore. The app can be used to listen to the streaming companies stations on an iPhone, iPod Touch or the new iPad. Todd VanTasel VP of Technologies primary focus these days is to address the growing need for customers ever changing platforms. "We have an obligation to our customers and their listeners to lead the way with technology and developing services valuable to our customers," stated VanTasel. "Developing our own app that would be available for download from the Apple iStore became a top priority for us."  When asked about further acquisitions, Palmer replied, �we continuously look at new opportunities and plan to continue our plans for expansion.�  (5/31)

BITS: WAY FM Network PD Jeff Connell will be doing afternoons at KLFF/San Luis Obispo (K-Life) replacing Noonie Fugler... Covering parts of New York City KLOVE goes on the air at 96.7 WCTZ/Port Chester... Interesting article on Irelands first Christian radio station "Spirit Radio" here...  (5/31)

KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O'Neal announces a new morning show starting Monday May 30th. Bryan and Brandi in the Morning! (Bryan O'Neal and MD Brandi Lanai) will be heard 5am-10am. The move puts Scott and Sam in afternoons starting May 31st. Rounding out the KSGN on air lineup is Theresa Ross 10a-2p and Beth Bacall 7p-Midnight. (5/30)

The KZTH/Piedmont, OK (The House FM)  500 foot tower for 88.5 FM west of Oklahoma City was hit Tuesday night by an EF-4 tornado. It may be weeks before 88.5 can go back on the air.  Plans are being made to put up a temporary signal for 88.5 The House FM until a more accurate assessment can be made of the damage that occurred as a result of the storms.  Prayers for the ministry are appreciated during this time of need as 88.5 The House FM recovers from this loss and helps other tornado victims in the listening area.  At least eight people were killed and dozens more injured after multiple tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, including a massive twister that left a trail of damage 50 miles long. (5/30)



The Bible teaching ministry, A Bible Answer, is offering Harold Campings Family Radio, $1 million to purchase its entire network of 66 stations in the U.S. Richard Myers, the administrator of, said his group is proposing to take possession of Family Radio stations on Oct. 22 since the radio preacher would not need them after the rapture and End of the World. A Bible Answer originally made the $1 million bid for Family Stations in February, three months before Camping's predicted May 21 Rapture date. At that time, the ministry offered to take over the stations beginning May 22 and said it was actually "paying much more than the station is worth since it will have no value in less than three months."

A Bible Answer said it wants to run Family Radio's network because aside from the rapture teachings by Camping, they have good points. In addition to the purchase offer for Family Radio, Myers said he is calling upon the Family Radio board of directors to remove Camping from its board and discontinue airing his teachings. (5/26)

KWND/Springfield (88.3 The Wind) PD Mike Russell says his station has called on their listeners for help to those affected by the devastating tornadoes in nearby Joplin, MO. KWND is asking to go by various locations to purchase Prepaid credit cards to assist families buy daily needs. Donations are being routed thru Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization that provides help and hope to people in need in the United States and around world through children�s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing. Other stations involved in the efforts include KLRC/Fayetteville, KCVO/Camdenton (Spirit FM) & His Radio Network. 
Russell says if your station wants to join in the combined effort contact station manager
Chalmer Harper
.  (5/25)

Arbitron Spring 2011 Phase 1 AQH 12+: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.9... KGBI/Omaha 2.9... WDJC/Birmingham 4.7...  (5/25)

Former KTIS/Minneapolis afternoon personality Jake Sommers will join Christian FM Radio Networks in a full-time capacity beginning June 13. Jake will host his mid-day show live from the Christian FM headquarters in Florida, and serve as Director of Creative Services, working with and developing content for
Christian FM clients. Christian FM President Jon Hamilton said, �We are excited to have Jake as part of our leadership team. Jake has been called the best personality on Christian radio today, and I agree. He has already been winning listeners for our client stations and they absolutely love him. Jake connects with listeners on a level few personalities ever reach�.

Jake Sommers added, �My family and I are so excited about joining the team at Christian FM. The product is top of the line, it is affordable for radio stations, and the technology that we have makes CFM sound just like we are talking to Jen or Linda, or Suzi, right from your own control room. I am also excited about continuing to do the Midday show on Christian FM. It's cool to hear listeners share the amazing things that God has done in their lives, and to share the things
He does in mine!�

Christian FM operates in agreement with Dial-Global, providing top personalities and heavily researched music via revolutionary STORQ technology to clients across America. Unlike traditional syndicated formats, Christian FM customizes not only branding, but delivers unique personality content to each station. This enables stations to dramatically improve quality, increase localism, and lower costs. For more information, contact Paul Tipton, Operations Manager. ( or visit  (5/24)

Arbitron March 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Austin: KFMK 169,500... KYLR 102,100... KMLR 36,000... 
Greensboro-Winston Salem: WWLV 151,100... WBFJ 68,500... WXRI 28,600...  WKVK 26,200... WTJY 22,700...
Indianapolis: WKLU 179,100... WGNR 80.800... WQRA 43,800... WHZN 29,200... WQME 24,600...
Jacksonville: WCRJ 152,000... WZAZ 54,800...  
Memphis: WHAL 261,300...WLOK 84,500... WKVF 76,300...
Milwaukee: WKMZ 101,200... WJYI 14,100... 
Nashville: WFFH 179,200... WAYM 82,700...    
Norfolk: WZLV 150,800... WGH 99,900... WJLZ 15,700...
Providence: WSTL 18,0000...
Raleigh: WNNL 177,000... WKVK 53,600... WRTP 52,600...
West Palm Beach: WAYF 87,100... WRMB 5,800... WCNO 23,100... (5/19)

After 41/2 years Tom Greene exits as PD at WMIT/Black Mountain (106.9 the Light). Director of radio Jim Kirkland says the search for a replacement has begun. In the meanwhile, Carol Davis is serving as the interim PD (she was PD in 2005-2006, before taking on mornings). (5/19)

Arbitron April 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Charlotte: WRCM 240,000... WPZS 196,500... WMIT 176,400... WLFJ 34,600...  
Cincinnati: WAKW 227,600... WNLT 112,300... WORI 65,100...
Cleveland: WFHM 236,300... WCRF 114,100... WJMO 35,500...
Columbus: WCVO 206,100... WUFM 77,400... WJYD 59,200... WZNP 15,400
Kansas City: KLRX 257,700... KLJC 115,700... KWJC 85,800... KCCV 42,800
Las Vegas: KSOS 121,400... 
Orlando: WPOZ 307,800 (#1 AQH 8.6)... WTLN 34,800 
Pittsburgh: WPKV 132,000... WORD 81,400... 
Portland: KFIS 305,300... KLVP 83,900... KHPE 62,200... KZRI 56,600... KPDQ 15,100
Sacramento: KKFS 96,000... KLRS 61,900... KARA 41,700... 
Salt Lake City: KKLV 100,900...
San Antonio: KZLV 249,900... KMLR 20,500... (5/18)

WBCL/Ft Wayne air personality Char Binkley says she will retire at the end of the month ending 35 years of ministry with the station. Aimed at women, Binkley�s �Mid-Morning� has brought interviews with authors, teachers, musicians and others to listeners since 1976, becoming the station�s most popular program, says Marsha Bunker, WBCL executive director. Binkley joined WBCL at its founding as director of women�s programming. She was soon promoted to assistant manager and then became the station�s executive director, a post she held for 21 years.  (5/19)

WEMI/Appleton/Oshkosh & WEMY/Green Bay are now using the slogan "The Family" in it's on air positioning. (5/18)

Arbitron April 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Baltimore: WRBS 258,800... WCAO 93,000...   
Boston: WEZE 29,300... WROL 28,400...
Denver: KLDV 340,400... KXWA 86,800... KRKS 59,800... KPOF 29,900
Detroit: WMUZ 164,300... WLQV 58,700 
Miami: WRMB 88,700... WAYF 65,500...
Minneapolis: KTIS 466,700... KNOF 48,900... KKMS 31,100... 
Phoenix: KLVA 195,400... KFLR 166,900... KZAI 134,100... KLVK 132,600... KGCB 24,500  
San Diego: KLVJ 108,100... KPRZ 31,300... KSDW 31,100
Seattle: KCMS 474,800... KWPZ 80,000...
St Louis: KLJY 374,400... KSIV 74,200...
Tampa: WCIE 128,700... WBVM 111,000... WKES 103,000... WJIS 47,200...
Wash DC: WPRS 392,200... WGTS 330,500... WAVA 133,700... WJYJ 34,000  (5/17)

Arbitron April 2011 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:
Atlanta: WPZE 702,000... WFSH 587,900... WVFJ 238,100...
Chicago: WJKL 372,000... WMBI 269,600... WCFL 90,700... WONU 83,100...
Dallas: KLTY 920,100... KCBI 265,600... KWRD 68,500
Houston: KSBJ 709,200... KROI 383,300... KHCB 200.000... KKHT 30,600
Los Angeles: KFSH 487,700... KKLA 235,500... KWVE 128,600...
New York: WAWZ 346,800... WFME 252,200... WMCA 165,700...
Philadelphia: WPPZ 384,400... WBYO 57,400...WKVP 44,100... WFIL 43,600...  
Riverside: KSGN 206,600... KLRD 178,900... KWVE 107,500
San Francisco: KLVS 113,700... KBKF 67,500...

KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish) moves midday personality Lara Scott to morning co-host. Scott will join Bobby Shaw on the Family Friendly Morning Show filling the position Rebe Toney vacated in February.  KFSH PD Chuck tyler tells HisAir.Net "Lara is truly a big part of the heart of this station, and we are blessed to have her now involved with the morning show. Also at the� beginning next Tuesday May 24th  Mary Hughes will be rounding out the team, with news and traffic served up fresh from the Fish studio every day.  Mary has been a fixture on the Fish, currently providing drive-time traffic."  (5/16)

A new Christian radio station serving Northwest Washington state hopes to be on the air this summer. �We would like to see final action in June or July,� says KROH station manager Joe Mann. KROH/Port Townsend (1150 watts @ 91.1 FM) founders Port Townsend Seventh-day Adventist Church will call the station �Radio of Hope Nine One One� and have been streaming its programming online since September at KROH's estimated start-up costs are $150,000, and the station has raised about $50,000 so far.The church received an FCC construction permit in 2009.  (5/16)

After 17 years of service with Pillar of Fire and WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) Station Manager Scott Taylor exits.  "I'm grateful for the opportunity to have served Pillar and the NY metropolitan area Christian radio audience, and especially proud of the team at STAR 99.1 for their performance these past few years as we successfully navigated through the most challenging economic conditions of our lifetime," says Taylor. (5/12)

BITS: A new online and mobile Rhythmic Christian music station named "Power Radio" will launch sometime this summer... Air1 PD Paul Goldsmith tells HisAir.Net " Air1�s Spring Pledge Drive successfully reached 100% a day and a half early. God is good!"... WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) air personality Jeremy Henry and wife welcome a new baby boy... (5/12)

Entries for CMB Radio Station Of The Year are now being accepted. Eligibility period is May 1, 201 to April 30, 2011. All member stations that play at least 60% Christian music during the broadcast day of weekdays 6am-midinght are eligible.

Market categories are are determined by the ARB market of a station's city of license. Market categories are:
Major: Markets 1-25 (also Networks)
Large: Markets 26-75
Medium: Markets 76-125
Small: Markets 126+

Deadline to submit an entry is June 14th, 2011. Three finalists in each market category will announced July 22nd. Winners announced during the Echo Awards September 10th, 2011 at Christian Music Broadcasters Momentum 2011 in Orlando. Previous Radio Station Of The Year Award winners are not eligible to enter in the same, or smaller, category the following year. For more information contact Kyle Fenton at 503-563-5295 or    (5/10)

Salem Communications released its results for the three months ended March 31, 2011. First Quarter 2011 Results. For the quarter ended March 31, 2011 compared to the quarter ended March 31, 2010:  Consolidated --  Total revenue increased 7.2% to $51.8 million from $48.3 million; Broadcast --  Net broadcast revenue increased 3.2% to $42.7 million from $41.4 million.  (5/9)

WAY Media has launched a new format, Shine 105.9 FM, on WSYI/Louisville.  CC Matthews has been hired as station manager. Matthews says the popularity of Christian music continues to grow. �Although the music is popular with both adults and kids, our target with Shine is Adults 35-54.�  WAY Media Founder/President Augsburg stated, �With WAY Media operating two signals in the market and with 105.9 FM within the contours of the 93.9 signal, it made perfect sense to air a different format.�  WAY-FM is now available exclusively on 93.9

WAY Media Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker added, �Our general manager in Louisville, Matt Hahn, has done a great job putting his team together in the market and running the operation. We are looking forward to seeing both WAY-FM and Shine grow in Louisville. (5/5)

BITS: KGNZ/Abilene temporarily off the air due to equipment problems... EMF purchases KOCD/Okemah, OK (Class C1 with 72-kw at 925 feet at 103.7) for 700k... EMF buys CP for KZVV/Fairbanks...  Tooth & Nail Director National Promotions Charles Van Dyke and wife celebrating birth of new baby boy... (5/4)

Great Plains Christian Radio (KJIL & KHYM/Meade, KS), has promoted Michael Luskey to the position of CEO/General Manager. Glenn Hascall has been promoted to Station Manager for both KHYM and KJIL. Mark Hinca continues as Station Manager for Abilene studios. Bill Lurwick will serve as music director for KJIL. His tracking times will be Tues & Wed from 10 - noon. Former CEO Don Hughes resigned in April and is pursuing interests closer to his home state of South Carolina.

ARB Winter 2011 12+ AQH: KGBI/Omaha 2.8... KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.3... KXOJ/Tulsa 5.5...  (5/3)

Salem has hired Bill Files to be General Manager for its three Orlando radio stations including WORL (660 AM), WBZW (1520 AM), and WTLN (950 AM). Prior to joining Salem, he was the Senior Sales Consultant for SALES-FAX NEWS. Before that, he was Vice President, General Manager and General Sales Manager at WSTO/Evansville and WKDQ/Evansville.  Dave Santrella, President of Salem's Radio Division, commented, "Bill brings an exceptional record of achievement in radio sales and operations to our Orlando stations. His energetic leadership and business development skills will be tremendous assets to Salem's growth in this market."  (5/3)


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