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December 27th The Bott Radio Network expanded its FM coverage of KMCV/High Point, MO to Jefferson City, Columbia and all across Mid-Missouri with a major power increase from 18,000 watts to 50,000 watts at 89.9 FM.  The signal expands the KMCV listening area to cover more than half a million people. (12/28)

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has signed a contract with Spirit Radio Limited (Spirit Radio) to allow Christian and religious broadcasting AM band with low-power FM transmitter stations. The initial contract will allow the station broadcast to the cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford on FM for a period of 18 months on the understanding that the station will have an AM transmission network in place by June of 2012. At that time, the Authority will consider extending the contract. Spirit Radio will program Christian and mainstream music complemented by news. The contract will go into effect 1/27/11. (12/28)

WYLV/Knoxville (Love 89.1 FM) and sister station WDLF/Knoxville (Life 88.3FM) both have been sold by Foothills Broadcasting, Inc. to EMF. Broadcasting

On the stations website a ministry spokesman shares "After 17 years of ministry in the Knoxville area, the time came to consider future ministry opportunities for the stations. This led to conversations with Educational Media Foundation, non-profit parent of both the K-LOVE and Air 1 Radio Networks and a solution that would keep Christian music on both stations."  EMF plans to program Air 1 on 89.1 and K-LOVE on 88.3 FM on January 1, 2011.

MF President Mike Novak commented on the station website "We are honored be in Knoxville with K-LOVE & Air 1 and look forward to continuing the tradition set by Foothills in serving the community with great Christian music."  (12/27)

TWR International and HCJB Global have joined forces to co-host an "Unhealthy Dependency to Faith Reliance" symposium to be held at TWR's International offices in Cary, N.C., on March 9-10, 2011... KKEQ/Grand Forks (QFM 104.9) will move to new studios in Grand Forks Feb 1st...  (12/27)

Great Plains Christian Radio celebrated Christmas by adding a new full power radio station, KJLJ/Scott City, KS (25kw @ 88.5).  President, CEO, Don Hughes, has been with Great Plains Christian Radio since 1991 when he developed plans for the first station, KJIL/Meade, which went on the air in 1992.  Since that time the organization has steadily grown to nine full power stations and forty translators.  The organization is making plans for more growth in 2011 as they have recently received a construction permit for a full power station in Hutchinson, KS.  (12/24)

Listeners of WMIT/Black Mt (106.9 The Light) have once again demonstrated their tremendous generosity, pledging support last week for 177 families in the station’s listening area, including Western North Carolina and parts of South Carolina and Tennessee. Listeners “adopted” families in need, all of whom were struggling financially, by offering to provide clothing, gifts, food and other items during Christmastime. 106.9 The Light worked through 14 crisis assistance ministries, who identified 177 families in need in area communities. The station set aside nine hours of air time (6-9 a.m. and 12-6 p.m.) on Dec. 14 to promote the need and have each family adopted. The response was so great that all 177 families had been adopted by 12:30 p.m. “Our station team, the volunteers, everyone, watched in awe as listeners called in to help out families they didn’t know, so that this Christmas, the love of Jesus was something they did know,” said Jim Kirkland, executive director of 106.9 The Light. “Our goal with the project was not to raise funds, but to raise up families to help other families. We had phones ringing off the hook as people just jumped at the chance to provide for others’ needs.”  (12/23)

By a 3-2 vote Tuesday, the FCC passed the so-called "Net Neutrality" rules aimed at prohibiting internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating between Internet traffic. Supporters of "Net Neutrality" have been disappointed by the proposed rules, saying they heavily favor the industry they are supposed to regulate. Democratic Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Michael Copps both voted with Chairman Julius Genachowski in favor of the new rules, despite saying they believed the Open Internet Order to be too weak.  Republican Commissioners Robert McDowell and Meredith Attwell Baker voted against it. 

Republican Commissioner McDowell  wrote in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, "Analysts and broadband companies of all sizes have told the FCC that new rules are likely to have the perverse effect of inhibiting capital investment, deterring innovation, raising operating costs, and ultimately increasing consumer price, on this winter solstice, we will witness jaw-dropping interventionist chutzpah as the FCC bypasses branches of our government in the dogged pursuit of needless and harmful regulation."  (12/21)

WRBS/Baltimore (95.1 Shine FM) Promotions Director Erin BranhamI checks in with HisAir.Net with some good advice for Christian Radio. Erin says she saw a contest on Facebook by one of their artists this past week that violated Facebook’s promotions guidelines, and she's seen other stations run contests that violate the promotions guidelines as well. She's wondering how many stations/labels don’t know that Facebook has guidelines that govern contests and they have recently updated their promotions guidelines... Here’s the link to Facebook’s guidelines:

The bottom is you can’t run a contest on Facebook, except through an application on a tab on a Page. This means you can’t require someone to post a status update, make a wall comment, upload a photo (unless it’s a third party app), etc, as condition for entry. You also can’t notify winners through Facebook. (12/21)

Monday 12/20 205 veterans will have a better Christmas, thanks to WWWA/Augusta, ME (Worship-FM) listeners.  Listeners of the station were asked to sponsor one of the 205 veterans from either facility and buy their Christmas wish.  The radio station has collected gifts that all 205 participants will receive on Monday.  The station staff will begin delivering all gifts to each veteran, room-by-room to show appreciation this Christmas for their service. “We are incredibly thrilled what our listeners have done.” says Ryan Gagne, Operations Manager.  “We weren’t sure how the response would be this year, but our listeners came through.  We’re very happy we can share some joy with these fine men and women who have served our country.  It’s a small way we can give back in our community this Christmas and we look forward to delivering these gifts Monday afternoon.”  (12/20)

Blessing Blitz, a fundraiser for local charities, will air from 7AM to noon Wednesday on KKEQ/Grand Forks (QFM 104.9). The on air event is sponsored by Vessel Christian Foundation. Vessel’s Michelle Walters will join QFM’s Phil Ehlke in the studio to share inspirational stories and year-in-review messages and interview leaders of area Christian nonprofits, churches and ministries. Listeners will also hear about individuals whose lives have been touched by these organizations. Listeners may call in donations to their favorite charity, which will be announced on the air. (12/20)

KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) & the Salvation Army are providing Christmas for 400 underprivileged children in Las Vegas! SOS Radio listeners partnered with the Salvation Army Christmas Angels program to share gifts and the real Christmas message with struggling families. They also provided a Christmas meal for the entire family too. Program Director Scott Herrold said, "While the broadcast was going on, so many mothers were asking for diapers as a Christmas gift for their babies. That should tell you a lot about the state of the Vegas economy! The Las Vegas Dream Center heard us talk about the needs and they dropped off over 120 cases of diapers! The Wolfgang Puck Restaurants in Las Vegas stepped up with big help too!"  (12/15)

RadioU/Columbus air personalities from partnered with The Salvation Army at various Kroger locations throughout Central Ohio and took turns ringing the famous bells next to the kettles, accepting donations to help families. Projects include food pantries and relief for people struggling with paying for utilities or traditional Christmas items for their families. “When you give, the money that goes into the buckets stays in the community where it’s raised,” said Lt. Aaron Moore, Corps Commanding Officer of the Delaware, OH Corps. “That money helps sustain us throughout the year.”  This is the third year that RadioU has partnered with The Salvation Army.  “We look forward to the RadioU Salvation Army Week because we love our listeners,” said RadioU’s Program Director, Nikki Cantu. “We love interacting with them on the request lines, online, and at concerts, but we also love to see them outside of all that, participating in their community.” Afternoon guy Jared French says, “I enjoyed the experience, even with all the snow,” he said after manning the station’s first stop earlier this week. “It was fun. And cool to see people give.”  (12/15)

KCMI/Scottsbluff, NE has a new translator that rebroadcasting their signal reaching the towns of Gordon, Rushville, Hay Springs and Hemingford. The translator has been a work in progress for nearly a decade. A construction permit in 2003, but the Federal Communications Commission had issued a moratorium on all new permits. The permit was finally granted in July 2008, and they were given three years to complete the project. (12/15)

On the heels of their second American Music Award win for Contemporary Inspirational Artist, MercyMe recently garnered the National Christian Audience Song of the Year and Christian AC Song of the Year with “All of Creation” according to Billboard magazine. The track dominated Billboard’s AC Monitored chart for 11 weeks, the longest run at No. 1 in the band’s career. Along with the Song of the Year nod, MercyMe is closing out 2010 with a bang in other ways as well. Having wrapped their successful “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” tour, the Dallas-area locals had a dream come true when they were recently asked to open a Dallas Cowboys Football game by singing the National Anthem for Sunday night football.

“2010 has been an amazing year for this band,” remarked lead vocalist Bart Millard. “Christian radio, fans, etc have just been so good to us, and this year was no exception - it’s just beyond incredible. Of course standing on the football field before the Cowboys fans and such was mind blowing – what a thrill for all of us! We’re a blessed group of guys for sure.”  (12/15)

Robert Weingartz, CEO of AirPlay Direct, announces the promotion of Clif Doyal from Strategic Business Development to the position of Executive Vice President at AirPlay Direct. Doyal continues his role as Editor of the Direct Buzz, the company’s monthly digital magazine. Clif’s ability to grow within the company continues to amaze me,” states Weingartz. “His heart lives in the place where art and commerce intersect. His skill-set and experience across multiple platforms of the entertainment industry serves the growth and development of AirPlay Direct very well.  (12/14)

ARB Fall Phase 2 AQH 12+: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.4... KGBI/Omaha 2.7... WDJC/Birmingham 4.2  (12/10)

Russian government authorities have shut down The New Life Radio Satellite Network (Moscow, Russia) FM affiliate in the far north Russian city of Norilsk saying the local station did not produce enough programming on a daily basis to satisfy broadcast license requirements. The radio affiliate was not able to raise sufficient funding to support local radio staff, leaving them little choice but to rebroadcast the satellite signal of New Life Radio/Moscowair 100% of the time.
As of this year, only a handful of cities in Russia have a local Christian radio station, and there has been little development of Christian radio over the last 10 years due to opposition from the Russian government and exorbitant costs for new radio station licenses. New Life Radio continues to provide signal coverage to the entire country as well as to a global Russian-speaking audience. The future of the entire Christian radio network is in jeopardy, as the Moscow station is far behind in meeting its budget for 2010. Unless new mission partners come to support its non-commercial operations, the network may be forced to drop its satellite services and other distribution. NEW LIFE RADIO is administered by Christian Radio for Russia, a non-profit ministry based in Jamestown, New York.  (12/8)

Local VOAR station 96.7 went on the air Dec 1st on the air serving the Similkameen Valley. VOAR is a service of the Canadian Christian Radio ministry owned and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Newfoundland and Labrador. The local rebroadcast is a 24/7 rebroadcast sponsored by the Adventist Church of Cawston/ Keremeos.

VOAR is a CRTC licensed and approved radio station that was first started in 1929 in St. Johns, Newfoundland. Throughout its long history many changes and challenges have helped to make VOAR one of the largest Christian radio services in Canada, having over 30 rebroadcast stations in B.C. alone. VOAR ministry is to share the gospel by providing Christian music and programming that encourages and stimulates study of God’s word in the Bible.  (12/8)

BITS: KNWI/Des Moines (Life 107.1) Program Director Dan Young and his wife, Debra are the proud parents of their first child Joshua Daniel, mom and baby are doing well.  Dad is adjusting to being a parent and morning show host... Warren Grahame Rout, who founded the Australia's Vision FM Radio Network, died in hospital in Canberra early Saturday morning Dec. 4... WHCF/Bangor Assistant MD/Promotions Director Joe Polek and his wife Nicole are the parents of a brand new baby girl... (12/7)

Arbitron Nov 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WFFH/Nashville 151,300... WAYM/Nashville 83,300... WNAZ/Nashville 21,600... KMLR/Austin 46,100... WJLZ/Norfolk 11,800... WKLU/Indianapolis 160,100... WQME/Indianapolis 24,400... WHZN/Indianapolis 22,600... WSTL/Providence 11,200... WNNL/Raleigh 197,000... WKVK/Raleigh 78,900... WRTP/Raleigh 40,600...  (12/6)

Arbitron November 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: KZLV/San Antonio 191,900... KMLR/San Antonio 40,800... KLRX/Kansas City 221,100... KLJC/Kansas City 123,600... KKFS/Sacramento 109,600... KLRS/Sacramento 42,000... KARA/Sacramento 48,900... WAKW/Cincinnati 193,600... WNLT/Cincinnati 90,100... WORI/Cincinnati 70,200... KSOS/Las Vegas 101,800... KKAT/Salt Lake City 97,200... WFHM/Cleveland 198,200... WCRF/Cleveland 99,900... WJMO/Cleveland 30,300... KFIS/Portland 279,400... KLVP/Portland 80,80... KZRI/Portland 72,800... KPDQ/Portland 62,600... KHPE/Portland 36,300... WRCM/Charlotte 237,000... WMIT/Charlotte 186,400... WLFJ/Charlotte 35,400... WTJY/Charlotte 13,400... WCVO/Columbus 209,800... WJYD/Columbus 75,200... WKMZ/Milwaukee 118,700... WPOZ/Orlando 303,100... WTLN/Orlando 34,700   (12/3)

Founders of new Christian station KROH/Port Townsend, WA  (91.1 FM Radio of Hope) are awaiting better weather to erect a tower in hopes of getting the station on the air before the end of the year. Glenn Gately, operating board chairman of the nonprofit station owned by the Port Townsend Seventh Day Adventist Church says the group received an FCC construction permit in 2009. "We're working toward it," Gately said Friday. "This snow has slowed us down. "It is possible that we will be on the air this year, but things would have to click," he added. The 1,150-watt station is expected to be heard all over East Jefferson County and at least as far west as Port Angeles, although Gately said, "I'm praying for Neah Bay."  Programming is a combination of music, gospel and programs on parenting, marriage enrichment and health, Gately said.  (12/3)

Tuesday 12/7 at 10am local time is the launch date for new CCM WKNZ/Harrington, DE (88.7 The Bridge). WKNZ's 25kw signal is expected to cover the state of Delaware and parts of Maryland and New Jersey. Programming will provided by Christian FM and morning will pair Bill Sammons with Denise Harper (formerly WXPZ/Milford) while afternoons will be handled by John Mixon. WKNZ website found here. (12/3)

Rich Hooper has been named producer of the KLTY/Dallas Family Friendly Morning Show.  Rich has been PD at KCBI/Dallas and most recently GM of KTXG/Greenville (American Family Radio).  Currently Rich is the senior pastor at Grace Community Church in Princeton, TX but KLTY PD Mike Prendergast says he still has the radio bug and will be a great addition to the team! (12/3)

Arbitron November 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WCIE/Tampa 115,200... WBVM/Tampa 76,100... WKES/Tampa 58,400... WJIS/Tampa 27,100... WMUZ/Detroit 259,500... KLVJ/San Diego 53,000... KPRZ/San Diego 57,600... WRBS/Baltimore 256,200... KCMS/Seattle 442,900... KWPZ/Seattle 46,900... WEZE/Boston 38,300... WROL/Boston 34,200... KLVA/Phoenix 155,300... KFLR/Phoenix 160,500... KZAI/Phoenix 124,100...  KGCB/Phoenix 51,800... KLJY/St Louis 325,200... KSIV/St Louis 94,100... KLDV/Denver 298,800... KXWA/Denver 79,000... KRKS//Denver 68,000... WPKV/Pittsburgh 162,500... WORD/Pittsburgh 95,500... KTIS/Minneapolis 445,500... WAYF/Miami 46,500... WRMB/Miami 99,600... (12/2)

WFSH/Atlanta (104.7 The Fish) morning show "Kevin and Taylor in the Morning" started off a Christmas fund raiser for Food for the Poor that has now reached $243,000! That means that Food for the Poor will be able to build new, building coded, cinder block homes for over 80 displaced families in Haiti.

K&T had visited Haiti with the organization just months before the devastating earthquake and know first hand how difficult conditions already were. Their passion for the people of Haiti and commitment to making a difference in their lives came through loud and clear as people responded to the need: $6000 was raised during an auction on K&T in the Morning on November 30th... $104,000 was donated during the morning show alone on December 1st... As of this morning donations were STILL coming in and now total over $240,000!  (12/2)

Arbitron November 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WGTS/Wash DC 336,900... WAVA/Wash DC 162,400... WJYJ/Wash DC 85,300... KSBJ/Houston 593,400... KROI/Houston 404,000... WAWZ/New York 324,300... WMCA/New York 163,000... WFME/New York 231,200... WFSH/Atlanta 616,100... WVFJ/Atlanta 211,500... WPZE/Atlanta 703,400... KFSH/Los Angeles 477,600... KKLA/Los Angeles 230,000... KWVE/Los Angeles 177,400... WJKL/Chicago 386,500... WMBI/Chicago 258,800... WCFL/Chicago 63,000... WONU/Chicago 79,700... KSGN/Riverside 214,400... KLRD/Riverside 180,800... KLVS/San Francisco 143,700... KNDL/San Francisco 57,000... WPPZ/Philadelphia 344,400... WKVP/Philadelphia 64,400... WFIL/Philadelphia 65,700... WBYO/Philadelphia 58,000... KLTY/Dallas 872,100... KCBI/Dallas 220,700... KWRD/Dallas 52,900...  (12/1)

Should Religious broadcasters be able to promote their sponsors the same way NPR does?  NRB senior vice president Craig Parshall, said that not only does the federal government help fund National Public Radio, but it also gives the network special treatment when it comes to on-air mentions of corporate sponsors. "We can't get away with that," he said. "So how can we compete?"  Parshall wants the FCC to issue clearer rules about sponsorship, defining how much on-air personalities can say about the businesses that keep them going.  But the FCC says the rules are clear, and the agency doesn't play favorites.  "There are not any different rules for any groups," FCC spokeswoman Janice Wise said. "The same rules (which date back to the 1930's) apply to all our licensees."  Some Religious broadcasters feel those rules and contributing to declining donations and getting more corporate sponsors would be a help. Parshall is currently lobbying in Wash DC.  (11/30)

In an effort to further interact with constituents and donors, international Christian media organization TWR has teamed with Los Angeles-based MobileCause and the Mobile Giving Foundation. People now have the opportunity to access a variety of convenient TWR-related mobile communication and giving options. "In addition to keeping people on-the-go updated on ministry events, we now offer these busy individuals the ability to donate any amount to TWR using their cell phones," says TWR Donor Services Director Bob Hall. MobileCause provides mobile tools to nationally recognized nonprofit organizations such as Back to the Bible, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Gospel for Asia and numerous others.  (11/30)

BITS: WLIX-LP/Ridge, NY is buying three translators for $150,000 in Long Island... EMF purchases WDKZ/Salisbury and WLBW/Salisbury from Clear Channell for $400,000... KLTY/Dallas AND WFSH/Atlanta now playing All Christmas music...  (11/30)

Christian broadcaster John Fabrin is confident of raising $2.4 million in a week to save the Rhema Broadcasting Group. The group, which broadcasts Life FM, Rhema and Southern Star throughout New Zealand, needs the funds in order to renew its licenses for the next 20 years. "The licenses will run out in April next year, but the Government want the payment six months early," RBG chief executive Mr Fabrin said yesterday. Fabrin was in New Plymouth yesterday meeting with the group's regional members, calling on them to spread the word that they needed to raise a total of $6.4 million. Having already raised $4m, Fabrin said he was confident the other $2.4m could be raised by next Friday. "There will be a way, it's not our intention to let the licenses go," he said.

The group has been broadcasting for 32 years. The stations have 80,000 listeners, 40 per cent of them non-Christian, Fabrin says. "If everyone gave a little they could get there."  Donations can be made at  (11/28)

Georgia based GloryFM has launched a new station.  WGBQ/Lynchburg, TN at 91.9 FM will play Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel and Praise music. Programming includes the morning show DayBreak USA with Scott West and The Scott Wilder Show in afternoons along with sports and news throughout out the day.  (11/24)

WIBI/Carlinville's Southern Il. signal (WBMV/Mt Vernon 89.7)  was apparently knocked off the air by vandals over the weekend. Vandals broke into the Mt. Vernon station destroying and stealing valuable equipment. The signal is currently off of the air while they can assess property values and work with police in that area.  And as if that wasn't enough additional prayers are needed for the staff as station manager/morning guy Jeremiah Beck has food poisoning and overnight personality Craig Norrenberns had a car accident last night (he's okay but the car isn't).  (11/22)

Multi-platinum selling INO band MercyMe was named America’s Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist at last night’s 2010 American Music Awards. The ceremony aired on ABC and was held at the NOKIA Theater in Los Angeles. Winning by fan vote for their latest album The Generous Mr. Lovewell, the Grammy nominated band previously took home the title in 2004. Since then, they have sold nearly 6 million records with all of their albums being certified Gold or Platinum. The band thanked their fans on their blog last night saying, “It makes sense that we’d win a ‘Fan Voted’ award because you guys are amazing. Seriously we couldn’t ask for a better community that surrounds us and our music.  Thank you so much for being involved in our ministry.  We can’t thank you enough.”  (11/22)

Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network (CHRSN)  morning host Brant Hansen is in Afghanistan this week, packed with loads of baby blankets and baby hats, all knitted by listeners, delivering them to the Cure International Hospital to be given to moms and babies who need them this winter.  Brant was also asked to do “kangaroo care” duty in the hospital (pictured left) with baby Zakura who is only 2.5 pounds). Kangaroo care is spending time just snuggling with babies, to help encourage growth and development. Watch the video here

Brant says, “We thought showing God's love for these Muslim women and children was a beautiful counterpoint to the Koran-burning issue. We talked a lot about what "Christian" means, and how that word is never more appropriate than when we love the least, and love our enemies."

Faron Dice, CHRSN General Manager, adds “This is actually a very dangerous trip for Brant in a very dangerous area of the world. But this is one of the things that make’s Brant so unique. If he wasn’t on the radio, I am pretty sure he’d be serving the poor somewhere.”

Mornings with Brant, which is part of WAY Media Inc., airs on over 100 radio stations in 26 states. The Mornings with Brant website is    (11/19)

KSBJ/Houston launched its new online and on-air digital station NGEN (NOW generation) tonight. The launch took place at the TobyMac Winter Wonder Slam Tour in College Station.  NGEN is available through HD receivers on channel 89.3 HD-2 in Houston and 92.5 KWUP HD- 2 in Bryan/College Station.  Additionally, listeners can tune in on FM analog receivers through 93.3 FM in Bryan/College Station and 99.7 FM in Brenham.  NGEN will be online at Listen to the launch exclusively from HisAir.Net here. (11/18)

Changes at American Family Radio (AFR): Rick Robertson transfers to the position of Creative Services Director. Ron Shank returns to AFR as the Program Director. In addition Buster Wilson has joined AFR as General Manager. (11/17)

Update: J93.3 Listeners should not notice any change in the sale of WVFJ/Atlanta to Provident Broadcasting.  Three of Providents principals are also on the board of buyer Radio Training Network. RTN, owners of His Radio and Joy FM, has a family of Christian music radio stations including 18 stations located across the Carolina's, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Florida. Provident and RTN also hold the construction permit for a new FM in Claxton, GA and have LMA's for WLFA/Asheville, NC and WLFJ/Greenville, SC. The station currently uses the voicetracking services of some RTN talent such as Jayar and Steve Swanson.

Terms of the $4mil sale - $1 million cash by the time of closing, and $3 million in a seller note. In 1981, Atlanta businessman Bill Watkins and his wife Joyce created Provident Broadcasting Company and later purchased the station which is now J93.3 and went on the air as a Christian music station in May of 1982. (11/16)

ARB: Aug-Sep-Oct 12+ AQH: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.8... KGBI/Omaha 2.1... WDJC/Birmingham 5.1... WDCX/Buffalo .9... (11/16)

KWND/Springfield (88.3 The Wind) announces the official promotion of Chalmer Harper from Program director to Station Manager. Chalmer replaces longtime KWND manager Ben Birdsong who passed away suddenly in July of this year. “I am very humbled and excited to be placed in this position,” says Harper, “I am looking forward to continuing the mission and ministry of 88.3 The Wind with the help of God, my family, staff, and the community.” Chalmer Harper received a degree in Communications and Religion from Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA. In September of 2008, Chalmer joined 88.3 The Wind from his previous station, WCQR/Johnson City, TN.  At CMB Momentum Chalmer won Echo awards for PD & MD of the year small market. (11/15)

KJIL/KHYM/Meade production director Bill Lurwick has this update and tells HisAir.Net he is back to work six weeks after triple bypass surgery. NO heart damage, and doctors this week said “come back and see us in a year, your doing great!”. Bill says he has been overwhelmed by the prayers, cards, and support of all. It’s been the best medicine. (11/15)

BITS: WVFJ/Atlanta (J93.3) to be sold by Provident Broadcasting to RTN, Inc for $4mil... Salem station KLFE/Seattle changes to talk as "Freedom 1590"...  The UK's Premier Christian Radio has been appointed the official Faith Media Partner for the long-awaited release of Christmas blockbuster movie, The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader... (11/15)

 BITS: Salem has relaunched Crawford’s WDJC/Birmingham trending 3.7-3.2-5.1 good for 6th place overall...Christian talk host Rich Buhler returns to host his program on KBRT/Avalon, CA (740 AM) after a sick leave... EMF purchasing WCTZ/Port Chester, NY (3kw @ 96.7) from Cox Radio... former morning personality at KVTT/Dallas, Tom Dooley passed away last night in Dallas...  (11/10)

Salem Communications Corporation released its results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2010. Compared to the quarter ended September 30, 2009: Consolidated Total revenue increased 4.4% to $51.4 million from $49.2 million; Operating expenses decreased 21.0% to $43.2 million from $54.7 million; Operating expenses excluding impairment of indefinite-lived intangible assets, cost of denied tower site and abandoned projects and loss on disposal of assets increased 6.7% to $43.2 million from $40.5 million; Operating income from continued operations increased to $8.2 million from a loss of $5.5 million; Net income increased to $0.3 million, or $0.01 net income per diluted share, from a loss of $4.6 million, or $0.19 net loss per share in the prior year; EBITDA increased to $11.9 million from a loss of $0.2 million; and Adjusted EBITDA decreased 2.1% to $12.3 million from $12.6 million.

Broadcast Net broadcast revenue increased 2.7% to $43.5 million from $42.4 million; Station operating income ("SOI") increased 2.6% to $15.6 million from $15.2 million; Same station net broadcast revenue increased 2.3% to $43.2 million from $42.2 million; Same station SOI increased 2.0% to $15.6 million from $15.3 million; and Same station SOI margin decreased to 36.0% from 36.1%.  (11/9)

KSBJ/Houston announces additional staff members for it's new HD-2 youth station NGEN set to launch on Nov 18th.  Carlos Aguiar has been named program director for NGEN, Bruce Goff will serve as the NGEN production director, Kristin Haskett joins the station as digital strategist and Drew Wilson comes on board as western region manager. Most recently, Aguiar was MD/on air at WVBM/Tampa (Spirit FM). Goff comes to KSBJ from The Sound of Life Radio Network in Kingston, NY where he worked as production director, hosted a weekly rock show and managed web content. As NGEN’s digital strategist, Haskett will manage online communications of the youth-oriented station. New western region manager Wilson will support the NGEN on-air team through creative on-air campaigns as well as grassroots community outreach. Most recently Wilson served as promotions director for KSWP/Lufkin.

“KSBJ has been blessed with the opportunity to expand with a new HD-2 format for Christian youth and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Tim McDermott, president and general manager of KSBJ.  “All of the new team members bring vast experience and expertise which will help develop strong ties with this now generation of radio listeners.”  For more information on the launch, visit   (11/9)

Sharathon Updates: Jim Smith checks in with HisAir.Net WPER/Wash DC (Virginia's Positive Hits) manager Frankie Morea and his team are still overwhelmed with the results of their most recent broadcast fundraiser that concluded Friday, Oct. 29th. In just three days the station along with the staff of ShareMedia Services not only raised their target amount for funding but they also raised an additional $125,000.00 for a tower project they had planned to start funding in December. “Yeah it is awesome,” Morea reported just last week. “We had a lot of listeners and donors step up to make this possible. We met our Sharathon goal at 9 AM on the final day but the calls kept coming. The tower project for Richmond wasn't due till Dec 31st and our listeners did it all in 3 days.”

Steve Swanson reports that WAFJ/Augusta just completed their fall Sharathon. All though the effort took one day longer than planned, 101% of the goal was attained. To GOD be the Glory!

Jack Davis tells HisAir.Net "The Spirit FM Network in Missouri just wrapped up their Days of Glory Pledge Drive & our listeners are awesome. Our monthly goal was $55,000 & we ended at $55,675 (101.2%).  Our 5-Star goal (one time pledges) was $60,000 and in the LAST MINUTE we were $10,000 short BUT a pledge for $15,000 came in.  We ended at $65,719 (119%).   (11/8)

KYWA/Wichita (90.7 WAY-FM) has hired Matt McNeilly as Operations Director. Matt relocates from Paradise, CA after spending time with the Horizon and CSN/Effect networks. (11/8)

Deals: WNAZ/Nashville sold to Bott Radio for $2mil... EMF buys KLVS/Stockton... (11/5)

Arbitron October 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WFFH/Nashville 159,800... WAYM/Nashville 92,200... WNAZ/Nashville 24,400... KMLR/Austin 39,100... WJLZ/Norfolk 15,100... WKLU/Indianapolis 173,900... WQME/Indianapolis 21,400... WHZN/Indianapolis 17,700... WSTL/Providence 11,900... WNNL/Raleigh 185,000... WNNL/Raleigh 185,000... WKVK/Raleigh 74,000... WRTP/Raleigh 39,800...  (11/4)

Salem Music Network™ announced today that CCM artist Jaci Velasquez will be the new co-host of The Family Friendly Morning Show™ with Doug Griffin airing weekdays from 5-9 am CT. Velasquez said, “I'm so excited to be a part of such a lovely legacy that is the Family Friendly Morning Show™! Having the opportunity to share my love for my family, music and ministry is the core of what this show is about.  I’m overwhelmed with joy at this new endeavor!” No stranger to the Contemporary Christian airwaves, the bubbly and always engaging Velasquez will be sharing moments as a wife and mother of two little boys.  Each morning will offer listeners the opportunity to start their day with Doug and Jaci as they welcome special guests and connect with listeners over topics of the day.  

Doug Griffin, co-host of the Family Friendly Morning Show™ says, “Over the summer we had a chance to have Jaci in as an extended guest co-host.  There was immediate radio chemistry.  She is a multi-talented personality with a heart to encourage and entertain.  We could not have found a better fit for the morning show.” Michael Miller, Vice President of Salem Music Network™ added, “We're extremely excited to have Jaci as part of our team.  She's uniquely relatable to both our listening audience and our radio station affiliate clients as a well-known talented performer and a mom on the go. As a radio program provider we are always challenged to find new ways to inspire, engage and entertain our radio audience.  Having an active Contemporary Christian Music artist on the morning show who is also a wife and mother gives our audience a truly unique listening experience.”  (11/4)


The local Atlanta NBC TV affiliate is featuring Atlanta’s Top 5 Morning Radio Show’s this week on their newscasts and today it featured WFSH/Atlanta (104.7 The Fish) “Kevin and Taylor”. To take a look at the story click here.  (11/4)

The God's Country Network has gone off the air.  Rodney Baucom says “As a listener-supported format, this Christian Country format didn't connect with enough listeners to sustain the expenses of the broadcast. We do believe that in better economic times this format of music would flourish. Please understand that this is not a decision from the owners/producers of the God's Country format, but a business decision of the owners of your local radio station."

The service will continue online only. Most of their stations were from EMF and most of those are now Spanish Christian from Radio Nueva Vida..  (11/4)

Arbitron October 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: KZLV/San Antonio 233,100... KMLR/San Antonio 36,900... KLRX/Kansas City 247,800... KLJC/Kansas City 113,600... KKFS/Sacramento 104,700... KLRS/Sacramento 54,400... KARA/Sacramento 43,900... WAKW/Cincinnati 161,400... WNLT/Cincinnati 101,700... WORI/Cincinnati 54,700... KSOS/Las Vegas 112,200... KKAT/Salt Lake City 94,700... WFHM/Cleveland 191,200... WCRF/Cleveland 94,800... WJMO/Cleveland 32,100... KFIS/Portland 270,500... KLVP/Portland 92,200... KZRI/Portland 66,800... KPDQ/Portland 64,100... KHPE/Portland 45,600... WRCM/Charlotte 192,000... WMIT/Charlotte 163,100... WLFJ/Charlotte 21,600... WTGY/Charlotte 13,900... WCVO/Columbus 222,500... WKMZ/Milwaukee 102,600... WPOZ/Orlando 295,800... (11/3)

Arbitron October 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WCIE/Tampa 121,100... WBVM/Tampa 86,900... WKES/Tampa 58,300... WJIS/Tampa 24,000... WMUZ/Detroit 244,100... KLVJ/San Diego 51,400... KPRZ/San Diego 57,600... WRBS/Baltimore 268,500... KCMS/Seattle 429,500... KWPZ/Seattle 50,500... WEZE/Boston 38,200... WROL/Boston 40,700... KLVA/Phoenix 178,200... KFLR/Phoenix 142,300... KZAI/Phoenix 111,800...  KGCB/Phoenix 48,900... KLJY/St Louis 320,100... KSIV/St Louis 95,500... KLDV/Denver 333,600... KXWA/Denver 83,000... KRKS//Denver 61,600... WPKV/Pittsburgh 180,700... WORD/Pittsburgh 92,500... KTIS/Minneapolis 434,300... WAYF/Miami 51,500... WRMB/Miami 38,100... (11/2)

WSRX/Naples (89.5 Praise FM) names veteran morning personality Jim Channell PD/MD. The station has new owners and is going to be broadcasting live from 6am to midnight. Jim is looking to fill all shifts with "real" Christian radio personalities who want to share Jesus on the air. Send your demos & resumes to WSRX , PO Box 9191, Naples, FL 34101.  (11/1)

Arbitron October 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WGTS/Wash DC 350,000... WAVA/Wash DC 139,300... WJYJ/Wash DC 66,900... KSBJ/Houston 633,200... KROI/Houston 404,400... WAWZ/New York 372,000... WMCA/New York 172,900... WFME/New York 219,400... WFSH/Atlanta 576,300... WVFJ/Atlanta 206,500... WPZE/Atlanta 705,800... KFSH/Los Angeles 519,900... KKLA/Los Angeles 199.800... KWVE/Los Angeles 125,200... WJKL/Chicago 350,500... WMBI/Chicago 303,100... WCFL/Chicago 44,300... WONU/Chicago 75,400... KSGN/Riverside 219,900... KLRD/Riverside 142,200... KLVS/San Francisco 149,700... KNDL/San Francisco 36,400... WPPZ/Philadelphia 325,900... WKVP/Philadelphia 59,800... WFIL/Philadelphia 51,600... WBYO/Philadelphia 54,100... KLTY/Dallas 878,800... KCBI/Dallas 244,500... KWRD/Dallas 47,400...  (11/1)

1st Christian station to start programming ALL Christmas music.... WAKW/Cincinnati (Star 93.3 "The Tri-State's Official Christmas Music Station) officially made the seasonal flip on Fri 10/29 at 3pm. (11/1)

 One of Christian radio’s longest-running programs first hit the air sixty years ago this week. “The Hour of Decision” with evangelist Billy Graham, started as a step of faith and has grown into one of the most widely distributed radio broadcasts in the world. Today, “The Hour of Decision” airs on 581 radio stations across the country and on several networks. Internationally, the program airs on 39 radio outlets in Canada, 345 across Australia and 38 Spanish-language outlets. In all, the program airs in five languages – English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Farsi – in 55 countries on six continents. Cliff Barrows has been the program’s only host since 1950 and remains its host today.  “It’s been my joy and privilege these 60 years to introduce listeners across the world to my good friend Billy Graham,” said Barrows, a member of the NRB Hall of Fame. “The messages Billy preached 60 years ago and over the years are as relevant today as when he delivered them. God continues to use Billy’s faithfulness to reach a hurting world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We thank God for the faithful prayer support of so many who have been our partners in ministry all these years.”  (11/1)

The former KOKF/Oklahoma City is being revived as an online station with the help of the station's former disc jockeys and other supporters of the radio ministry. KOKF was sold to EMF in 2006 and is now Air One Radio. Former KOKF employee Brandon Rahbar is among the station's former disc jockeys and supporters who have joined for the new online station. Rahbar said the group decided to officially launch the new format from 5 p.m. to midnight Sunday (10/31) because the station ministry originally began Oct. 31, 1985. The new "91 Online" can be heard at

Rahbar said 91 Online will continue where the radio station left off 4½ years ago by playing Christian rock, Top 40 from CHR, hip-hop, rap, heavy metal and hard core. He said dance music with a positive message will be played Saturday nights. (11/1)

Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network (CHRSN) General Manager Faron Dice has announced that “Mornings with Brant” has been added on “The New J 103.3”, in the Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.  Cagayan De Oro is known as “The City of Golden Friendship” and has a population of over 500,000. This represents the first-ever international affiliate for WAY-FM and CHRSN.  Brant says …”We are REALLY excited about this.  You never know how the Lord is going to work, and this is evidence of that.  I seriously get goose bumps thinking that God would allow us to play a role in someone's life, on a daily basis, in a place like Cagayan De Oro.  This is going to be fascinating.” J 103 representative, John DeCleene says “The New J (DXJL) is thrilled to have "Mornings with Brant" in Cagayan de Oro City.  Most Filipinos are fluent in English, and many have already commented that they'd like to copy Brant's accent!"

Dice adds “I’m proud of our Mornings with Brant team and excited about the new doors that are opening because of our FTP delivery of the show.  Now, any station can time-shift the show, and have the flexibility to control their own music, too.”  (10/31)

KFIS/Portland (104.1 The Fish) Music Director Kat Taylor has resigned from her position.  After 7 years hosting the mid-day show and handling music duties at The Fish, Kat is looking forward to her new title… full time MOM with her second child on the way.  Kat and her family are also in the process of relocating to Seattle.  “Kat has been an invaluable part of The Fish family here in Portland and will miss her tremendously. She’s been my right arm for the last 7 years but I’m excited for this new chapter in her life!” Dave Arthur Fish Program and Operations Director. Kat will continue through mid December, but in the meantime, the hunt is on for her replacement. Send audio and resumes to Dave Arthur at (10/29)

KSBJ/Houston announces the promotion of morning co-host Susan O’Donnell to program director. O’Donnell has been with KSBJ 17 years and co-hosts The Morning Show with Mike Kankelfritz.  “I’m so excited about this new opportunity with KSBJ!” said O’Donnell. “Great program directors have led KSBJ, who I have great respect for. They have done amazing work with making KSBJ the award-winning station that it is and I look forward to continuing their work.”

“KSBJ is pleased to announce Susan’s promotion as she has been a valuable member of the KSBJ team for close to two decades,” said Tim McDermott, president and general manager of KSBJ. “Susan is a great leader and role model for our on-air team. She has such a heart for our listeners. While she has been able to positively impact thousands through the morning show, now she will be able to have even a greater ministry impact as she leads the whole KSBJ programming team.”

O'Donnell replaces Jon Hull who has served as KSBJ PD for 12 years and will now carry out KSBJ’s vision to assist other Christian broadcasters domestically and worldwide through its mentoring program. Originally from Indianapolis O’Donnell has been in radio over 26 years including stops at stations in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Texas. She is a graduate of Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee. (10/26)


Ireland’s new and first national Christian radio station, Spirit Radio, has been given the green light by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to commence terrestrial broadcasts in January 2011. The station will launch initially on FM in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and 12-18 months later Spirit Radio will begin broadcasting on AM 612 kHz across the nation. Spirit Radio says it is well on the way to raising funds for the launch. According to a press release "Spirit’s music is a mix of contemporary Christian music and secular music with positive lyrics. The station will play contemporary Christian artists like Jeremy Camp, Matthew West and the Newsboys along with crossover secular artists like U2, The Fray and Carolina Liar". The station's website is here.  (10/26)

New Christian station, WHVY/Coshocton, Ohio is expected to go on the air at 89.5 FM with 5kw around the first of the year, according to Brian Benedict, WHVY operations manager. "It's just amazing the number of people out there who are looking for something different, something encouraging, positive or relaxing," Benedict said. WHVY will be part of the Clean Air Radio Network which also operates WHVT/Clyde (90.5 FM in northwestern Ohio). WHVT programming includes old gospel hymns, or traditional sacred music, bluegrass gospel and southern gospel, combined with teaching, preaching and news. Benedict said the station has the potential to reach about 200,000 people north to the Canton area and south to the Fallsburg area. The directors with WHVT learned about three years ago the FCC would open up a window of opportunity for non-commercial stations to apply for broadcast frequencies. Their website is (10/25)

Skip Rice joins KTLF/Colorado Springs as host of  the morning show "Sonrise' airing 5:30-9:30.   Rice has been a touring gospel singer, a Christian-concert promoter, a co-founder and instructor of a charter school, and a worship and senior pastor at a Denver church and will bring his experiences to his new gig. Rice will also be director of development at KTLF, where he’ll help the station become a community presence in the 40 Colorado cities in which it is heard.  (10/25)

Prayer requests for KJIL/Meade Production Director Bill Lurwick who had emergency triple heart bypass surgery on October 4th, just a week after returning from a trip to Ecuador with HCJB. Bill hopes to return to work after November 10th. Bob Ditman is filling in for Bill's New Release Tuesday radio programs and Don Hughes is handling afternoons on KJIL. Bill says he is feeling great and thankful for the new life God has given. (10/22) 

Bits: PT air talent WMIT/Black Mountain Jon Wood takes on event coordinator duties... WJQK/Grand Rapids (JQ99) has adopted an entire Guatemala Orphanage and raised over $120,000.00 so far and plan for this project to be a regular part of their ongoing broadcast calendar... Congratulations to independent artist Matt Brouwer on his marriage recent marriage. Matt and Hannah were married in Houston... (10/22)

Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network (CHRSN) General Manager Faron Dice has announced that the CHRSN show “Total Axxess with Wally” has surpassed 1,000,000 YouTube views on the Total Axxess YouTube channel. The Total Axxess YouTube channel features videos of artist interviews in the Total Axxess studio in Nashville, as well as videos covering Wally’s antics both in and out of the studio. It can be found at online.

Dan Gross, WAY Media Digital Media Director, says “Wally and Zach’s (Total Axxess’s Producer) accomplishments on YouTube are part of our Digital Media Strategy here at WAY-FM. Digital Media has become an integral part of our shows and how our announcers connect with their audiences. Fans of Total Axxess use TOTALAXXESS.COM, along with Facebook, and other digital media to regularly communicate with Wally, and we expect to see successes like this more and more in the coming months.”  (10/22)

KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O'Neal checks in with HisAir.Net "I have been cleared to go back to work with light desk duty as of today (10/21) 3 1/2 weeks after the quadruple bypass. I will not go on the air right away, keeping Donna Cruz on afternoons until decide to do full days with an airshift". Thanks to HisAir.Net readers for continued prayers in Bryan's recovery!  (10/21)

A special fund has been set up to assist the wife and children of Darren Stevens, the WBFJ/Winston Salem Morning Show Host who died unexpectedly last week following surgery for a ruptured appendix. Checks may be made out to the “Darren Stevens Family Fund” and mailed to 1249 N. Trade Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Stevens and his wife were in the process of fulfilling their life-long dream of building a home, which at this point is about 70% complete. WBFJ staff are hoping that adequate funds will be raised to complete the home’s construction. Questions about the fund should be addressed to station manager, Wally Decker. He may be reached by phone at (336) 721-1560 or by email: (10/18)



ARB Summer 12+ AQH: WDJC/Birmingham 3.2...  (10/18)

KLJY/St Louis (Joy FM) PD Greg Cassidy tells HisAir.Net "With the recent upgrade to 100,000 watts, ratings have quadrupled in 90 days. Our P6+ CUME has skyrocketed from 75k to 300k since July.  With that kind of growth the need to better distribute the work load has become apparent.  I'm currently PD, MD and on the Morning Show....Something has to go.  Right now, everyone is wearing too many hats, and we're really excited about making some changes.  So, JOY-FM is announcing that a search for a new Program Director is underway.  We're ready to to take JOY-FM to the next level.  We're looking for someone with the experience and the heart for ministry to help this listener supported, Christian music station reach its full potential.  Being a great on air talent would be a major plus as well".  This is a great opportunity so if interested send your resume to GM Sandi Brown at

Bits: Adam McManus has exited his afternoon talk show on KSLR/San Antonio... KXGM/Cedar Rapids (89.1 The Spirit) moves Gator J. Gaynor from PM to AM for "Mornings with Gator and Nichole"...  Gary Thompson exits his weekend VT gig at KVMV/Brownsville/McAllen as is available WAY-FM and Compassion International sign of an extensive annual partnership covering joint ministry efforts whereby the two organizations will share various marketing opportunities and strategies.  (10/14)

HisAir.Net is very saddened to report that WBFJ/Winston Salem morning co-host Darren Stevens died unexpectedly early this morning. The cause of death was still unknown as of this morning, however Stevens was in the hospital recovering from the emergency appendectomy that he underwent last Friday. Stevens has been hosting mornings at WBFJ since 2004. "A lot of people are still in disbelief and can't believe it," said WFBJ's Verne Hill. "To try to process that Darren won't be there is hard and it still hasn't hit home."  "Darren was the life of the party and he never had a bad day," said Hill. "He was always optimistic, he was president of optimist club growing up. He loved life, loved his family and kids more importantly that he loved radio."  Please pray for his family as Darren leaves behind his wife, Jennifer, and three young children. Stevens was 42 years old. A memorial page has been set up on the WBFJ website. Click here. To watch a news story on WXII TV click here.  (10/13)

Network of Glory Inc has put two new Christian radio stations on the air. KEJA/Cale (91.7 FM) serves Southwest Arkansas and WAKP/Smithboro (89.1 FM) serves Middle Georgia.  Studios are located in Madison, GA. GloryFM describes the music mix as Christian, Gospel and Praise music. Websites for the two GloryFM stations is at  (10/13)

The NRB has extended “early bird” rates for registration thru October 31. The 2011 convention will be held February 26 through March 1 at Opryland. For more info on the convention click here.  (10/12)

WHZN/Indianapolis (88.3 The Walk) increases its coverage to the west side of Indy by simulcasting its programming on WWDL/Plainfield (200 watts at 91.3). (10/12)

Fifty years ago this week, TWR International aired its first program from a 100,000-watt shortwave transmitter in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The transmitter was housed in a building ordered built by Adolf Hitler during World War II to broadcast Nazi propaganda. Never used for its original purpose, TWR now utilizes the facility to transmit the Good News of Jesus Christ to millions of listeners daily throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Today, programs from Monte Carlo are aired in 16 languages, including Arabic, English, French, Hungarian, Kabyle, Romanian and Tamazight, among others. Broadcasts originally began airing on October 16, 1960, from one shortwave transmitter, but now programming is beamed from multiple shortwave and high-powered AM facilities. "Sometimes God turns the efforts of evil men into vehicles for His work in the world," says TWR President Lauren Libby. "God provided TWR a huge voice to speak in Jesus’ name at a strategic time in history. Today, TWR’s programs from Monte Carlo still bring hope and encouragement to millions."  (10/12)

Arbitron Sept 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume:WFFH/Nashville 147,400... WAYM/Nashville 97,600... WNAZ/Nashville 22,600... KMLR/Austin 43,600... WJLZ/Norfolk 20,700... WKLU/Indianapolis 178,300... WQME/Indianapolis 21,800... WHZN/Indianapolis 17,300... WSTL/Providence 14,000... WNNL/Raleigh 180,300... WKVK/Raleigh 67,700... WRTP/Raleigh 39,600... (10/11)

In Augusta Magazine's Best of Augusta for 2010, WAFJ/Augusta was honored with third place in the best local radio station category and second place for best morning show with John & Cleve in the morning. Congratulations to PD Steve Swanson and staff. (10/11)

Remember the actor Corbin Bernsen from "LA Law" and the movie "Major League"?  Corbin is out on the trail promoting his new movie "Rust" and WAY FM's Brant Hansen from Mornings with Brant had the opportunity to interview him last week. Want to hear what Corbin thinks about Christians, and even Christian bands like Third Day?  Check out the interview here.  (10/11)

Arbitron Sept 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: KZLV/San Antonio 203,600... KMLR/San Antonio 25,100... KLRX/Kansas City 243,700... KLJC/Kansas City 88,400... KKFS/Sacramento 120,700... KLRS/Sacramento 48,600... KARA/Sacramento 34,900... WAKW/Cincinnati 154,200... WNLT/Cincinnati 84,700... WORI/Cincinnati 44,800... KSOS/Las Vegas 120,600... KKAT/Salt Lake City 64,900... WFHM/Cleveland 193,300... WCRF/Cleveland 74,800... WJMO/Cleveland 39,200... KFIS/Portland 269,200... KPDQ/Portland 54,800... KLVP/Portland 79,100... KZRI/Portland 44,300... KHPE/Portland 46,500... WRCM/Charlotte 198,500... WMIT/Charlotte 173,100... WLFJ/Charlotte 26,900... WTGY/Charlotte 19,400... WCVO/Columbus 193,400... WKMZ/Milwaukee 101,000... WPOZ/Orlando 329,500... (10/8)

The SOS Radio/Las vegas staff is celebrating as they beat it's Sharathon goal only 2 and a half days into the 3 day pledge drive! They ended with 112% of the goal. Program Director Scott Herrold says, "Las Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate in the country, but we're finding listeners are really searching for hope right now.  They're really connecting with the words in Christian music and the hope behind it. We had so many new listeners calling to give for the first time this year. It's exciting to see SOS Radio grow! (10/8)

Arbitron September 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WCIE/Tampa 140,500... WBVM/Tampa 96,500... WKES/Tampa 55,500... WJIS/Tampa 32,400... WMUZ/Detroit 209,600... KLVJ/San Diego 48,100... KPRZ/San Diego 57,000... WRBS/Baltimore 288,200... KCMS/Seattle 416,000... KWPZ/Seattle 42,300... WEZE/Boston 50,400... WROL/Boston 38,400... KLVA/Phoenix 149,700... KFLR/Phoenix 111,600... KZAI/Phoenix 109,300...  KGCB/Phoenix 32,500... KLJY/St Louis 299,600... KSIV/St Louis 104,200... KLDV/Denver 306,600... KXWA/Denver 70,400... KRKS//Denver 61,600... WPKV/Pittsburgh 148,900... WORD/Pittsburgh 81,800... KTIS/Minneapolis 426,300... (10/7)

A pirate radio station causing interference to Moody Broadcasting WRMB/Ft Lauderdale has been shut down. Broward County Sheriff's Office deputies put the clamps on two guys stealing the Christian station's signal out of their garage. Maurice Roland and Mikhail Rhodd, both 22, were arrested and a search of the house turned up two microphones and a laptop with loads of tunes attached to an antenna on the roof. Authorities believe the men used the equipment to broadcast "Trap Radio" on 89.5 FM. The station used the tag line, "The Official Voice of the Hood."  The pirate station was located between 89.3 WRMB and classical station WKCP/Miami at 89.7. Listeners of both stations were complaining to the FCC about profane lyrics and advertising. A local rapper known as Blakk Babi, was charged with unauthorized transmissions to or interference with a public or commercial radio station licensed by the FCC.  (10/7)

WAY-FM Media Group, Inc. has announced the formal corporate name change to WAY Media Inc. This change reflects the ministry’s growing involvement in media other than terrestrial broadcasting. Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker stated, “Although radio broadcasting remains our core operation, we also have been focusing on other ways to communicate. This includes mobile, web properties, social media, podcasts and video. WAY Media, and especially Mornings with Brant and Total Axxess, will aggressively develop these areas, so it only made sense to drop the “FM” from the official name.” 

WAY Media Inc. was founded in 1987 by Bob Augsburg and his wife Felice as a single radio station in Fort Myers, FL. Today WAY-FM programming airs on 113 signals in 26 states. Markets served by owned and operated WAY-FM stations include Denver, CO; Nashville, TN; West Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale, FL and Louisville, KY. The WAY-FM website is   (10/7)

Arbitron September 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WGTS/Wash DC 362,600... WAVA/Wash DC 191,400... WJYJ/Wash DC 63,200... KSBJ/Houston 633,300... KROI/Houston 375,700... WAWZ/New York 374,700... WMCA/New York 166,700... WFME/New York 167,100... WFSH/Atlanta 568,900... WVFJ/Atlanta 196,700... WPZE/Atlanta 731,800... KFSH/Los Angeles 427,300... KKLA/Los Angeles 217,400... KWVE/Los Angeles 140,100... WJKL/Chicago 464,800... WMBI/Chicago 289,900... WCFL/Chicago 57,400... WONU/Chicago 78,900... KSGN/Riverside 198,700... KLRD/Riverside 143,800... KLVS/San Francisco 162,000... KNDL/San Francisco 39,100... WPPZ/Philadelphia 308,200... WKVP/Philadelphia 52,700... WFIL/Philadelphia 40,400... WBYO/Philadelphia 56,600... KLTY/Dallas 895,600... KCBI/Dallas 247,500... KWRD/Dallas 59,800...  (10/6)

A number of stations are in their Fall Shareathons over the next few days... Those include WMIT/Black Mountain, SOS Radio/Las Vegas, WCIC/Peoria, KCRN/San Angelo, WJIS/Sarasota (The Joy FM), KLJC/Kansas City, KSWP/Lufkin, WCSG/Grand Rapids, among others... Pray for God to move.  (10/5)

WAY-FM Media has announced a new LMA relationship with Cumulus mainstream Classic Rock station WLCL/Sellersburg, IN that will increase the WAY-FM presence in the Louisville market. October 1st, WAY-FM programming began airing on 93.9. With the addition of 93.9 signal WAY-FM will have two outlets in the market for the next few months before plans for 105.9 WAYI are announced later this year. WAY-FM Media Group President Bob Augsburg says “This is a very exciting move for us. WLCL has full market coverage and even serves a good portion of southern Indiana. Now contemporary Christian music fans will be able to tune in to WAY-FM anywhere in the market as well as on their commutes to the outlying suburbs”. Future plans for WAY-FM’s existing 105.9 outlet will be announced later this year.

Matt Hahn, General Manager of Louisville’s WAY-FM stated, “Over the past few years the listeners of Kentuckiana have come to love WAY-FM and it's very exciting to now be able to reach all of Louisville and Southern Indiana with a much stronger signal for our area.”  (10/4)

Steve Tuzeneu has accepted a position with Salem Communications, Washington, D.C. Beginning October 4th, he will be serving as engineer for WAVA AM-FM/Wash DC and WWRC/Wash DC.  Steve says "I'm excited about the opportunity the Lord has given me to serve with a great group of people and an outstanding organization. (10/1)



Congratulations to BGEA Director of Radio Jim Kirkland and the staff at WMIT-FM Black Mountain, N.C. for being named Religious Station of the Year at the 2010 National Association of Broadcasters' Marconi Radio Awards. The awards were announced Thursday night at the annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner & Show held during the Radio Show in Washington, D.C. The prestigious awards recognize radio's outstanding personalities and stations in 21 categories. Marconi finalists were selected by a task force of broadcasters, and the winners were voted on by the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Selection Academy. The votes were tabulated by an independent firm.   (10/1)

WAY-FM/CHRSN announces that Steve Shore has accepted the position as Assistant Network Program Director. For the past 8 years, Steve has worked at WAYJ/Fort Myers (WAY FM) in a variety of capacities, most recently as Operations Director/Morning Co-Host. CHRSN Program Director Jeff Connell said, “Steve brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and unrivaled enthusiasm for what WAY-FM and CHRSN are all about. I can’t think of a better fit for our Nashville team.”

Shore said, “I am honored to be part of the excellent team already in place at CHRSN and am excited to serve with them as we strive to accomplish the ministry and mission of WAY-FM/CHRSN.” He will be based at the Nashville office and starts Monday November 1, 2010. The WAY-FM/CHRSN programming team now consists of Connell, Shore, and Music Director Zach Boehm.  (9/29)

More news at WAY-FM Media Group President Bob Augsburg has announced several changes coming for Colorado’s WAY-FM. The primary change is focused on the Denver area, as well as Northern Colorado. In August, WAY-FM purchased KKHI/Centennial (101.9), the former smooth jazz outlet. This commercial FM station serves the Denver metropolitan area.  Then in early September, an application was filed with the FCC to add mainstream rocker KRKU/Loveland (93.9), with the format switch to WAY-FM occurring later this fall. KRKU serves Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley. Combining the coverage of these two stations will replace the coverage of KXWA//Loveland (WAY-FM’s current Denver signal @ 89.7) which is being sold to Calvary Aurora, a large Denver area Calvary Chapel church led by Pastor Ed Taylor.

Augsburg stated “we are very excited to see KXWA in such great hands. Pastor Ed Taylor has a wonderful vision to impact the Front Range with excellent Bible teaching programs from both national and local pastors. We look forward to working together to have a greater impact on the Front Range. WAY-FM’s reach in Denver and Fort Collins will improve greatly with the two stations combined”.  Augsburg also announced that Pueblo, Colorado will soon have a new 10,000 watt WAY-FM station on 90.9 as well as a new and improved FM signal in Colorado Springs on 103.1. This southern Colorado expansion will be completed by mid-October, expanding WAY-FM’s reach on Colorado to well over 3 million.  (9/29)

Fervent Records’ GRAMMY-nominated artist and reigning Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year Francesca Battistelli and husband Matt Goodwin are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Matthew Elijah Goodwin. He entered the world on September 22nd at 8:47 PM weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 21.75 inches long.  (9/28)

Keith Stevens has been named the Director of Programming at KTIS/Minneapolis/St. Paul. Keith has been serving as Assistant Program Director/Music Director of WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) since 2003. Keith replaces Jason Sharp, who assumed the role of Station Manager in June 2010. “I’m excited for Keith to take KTIS to the next level,” said Jason Sharp. “His gifts and abilities are what we need to continue our growth and impact in the Twin Cities.”   Stevens will be responsible to program, provide and shape the on-air content of 98.5 KTIS. Stevens said, “I am blessed and honored that you have invited me to join your family at KTIS and to serve you and the team.  After years of praying and waiting, I am coming into something very special at KTIS.”   Keith Stevens will begin his assignment on Monday, November 8, 2010.  (9/27)

With WAWZ/New York (Star 99.1) APD/afternoon talent Keith Stevens headed to KTIS,  Star 99.1 Johnny Stone has made some changes to the on air lineup. Night personality Dave Moore moves into the 2-6pm slot while weekender George Flores takes nights 6-10pm effective today. (9/27)

Collin Lambert has been named VP Moody Radio. Moody COO Ed Cannon says "We are blessed to have Collin in this new position. While many other qualified candidates were considered, his skills and strategic management approach are uniquely suited for the job. Collin brings a diverse set of experiences to this new position and his programming background equips him well to lead Moody Radio into the future." 

"I am honored to step into this new role and am excited about the boundless opportunities in front of us. With the movement into new media and the ever increasing demand for content, Moody Radio is poised for tremendous growth. At the same time, we must remain committed to being faithful to the call of boldly proclaiming the Word, unpacking today's issues from a biblical perspective and helping people take the next steps in their walk with Christ," said Lambert. Lambert who has been with Moody for seven years has served as PD for WMBI/Chicago and Manager of the Moody Chicago programming team. (9/27)

WGCA/Quincy generated $277,000 during it's annual Sharathon this month. The two-day, on-air event surpassed the 2009 total of $267,000.  WGCA Executive Director Bruce Rice says WGCA's online presence continues to grow each year. He said the station regularly hears from listeners in all areas of the country and different points from around the world.  "We are 100 percent listener supported," Rice said. "We know this is a tough economic time for many, which makes this figure even more remarkable. Most of our pledges are of the $5, $10 and $20 a month kind. We had one $10,000 donation and a couple of $5,000 donations. (9/24)

ARB Summer Phase 2 12+ AQH: KBIQ/Colorado Springs 3.5... (9/23)

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O'Neal was checked into the Emergency Room at Loma Linda Hospital earlier this week. Doctors performed an angiogram and they decided Bryan needs to have bypass surgery. Surgery is schedule for Monday Oct 27th, with 4 days of recovery before he can go home. Please pray for Bryan to have a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Reach out to Bryan   (9/23)

The Rhema Broadcasting Group (RBG) has an opportunity to secure the right to broadcast Christian radio in New Zealand for the next 20 years. According to a news release from RBG, they must pay the New Zealand Government by October 1st the equivalent of $4.7 mil to renew the majority of its commercial radio frequency licenses for the next 20 years. The only options are to invest in the frequency licenses and stay on air across the nation says RBG’s CEO, John Fabrin. “Don't invest, or only partially invest, and lose important frequencies,” said Fabrin. “This means towns, cities and whole regions potentially with no Christian radio broadcast coverage.”

RGB has begun a major campaign called 2030 Vision to raise the funds needed to keep Christian radio on air throughout New Zealand. John Fabrin says, “It is vital that this capital is secured as RBG is the only multimedia organization that exists to care for the emotional, psychological and spiritual health of all New Zealanders.” RBG’s network of radio stations, New Zealand’s Rhema, Life fm and Southern Star, reaches right across New Zealand, upholding and communicating values that help to maintain and build a cohesive, healthy society. “Every day, many thousands of listeners are positively impacted by RBG programming,” said Mr. Fabrin.   (9/23)

Kim Bindel, half of the "Doug and Kim" morning show on Salem Music Network announces she will be leaving the show to focus on motherhood. The Flagship station for Doug & Kim is WFFH/Nashvlle (94.1 he Fish). Her last day on the air will be Friday Oct 1..... (9/23)

Vincent Azzarello joins KHRT-AM/FM, Minot, ND as Production Director/Announcer.  (9/23)


His Radio's Rob Dempsey joins  Matthew West on tour. Not to sing. But, to share his story. In four select cities Rob shares his story of being a homeless teenager. God used a dumpster and a Walkman to bring an addict and alcoholic to being a Christ Follower. Matthew is currently on tour sharing the stories that inspired his new CD The Story of Your Life.

 Picture: His Radio's Morning Man Rob Dempsey on stage with Matthew West sharing his story.




ARB Summer Phase 2 12+ AQH: WHJT/Jackson .6... WJQK/Grand Rapids 1.4... WDJC/Birmingham 3.4... (9/21)

KSBJ/Houston will launch a new online and on-air digital station November 18. The new station, NGEN (NOW generation) will officially launch at the TobyMac Winter Wonder Slam Tour in College Station.  Using state-of-the-art HD technology, NGEN will provide listeners a format similar to listening to their personal MP3 players with sound quality and music selection.  A “listener oriented” station, NGEN will provide an outlet for listeners to have an active role in the station with music selection and discussion topics.  Featured artists will include TobyMac, Skillet, Fireflight, Group 1 Crew, Lecrae, Relient K, Superchick and Switchfoot. 

“For years, KSBJ has been dreaming about a full-time radio station for our youth.  That day is finally here,” said KSBJ President and General Manager, Tim McDermott.  “We feel it is important to provide this ‘now’ generation of Christian youth with what they want, a station designed especially for them!  It is our hope N.GEN will capture the energy of today’s youth as well as power a world of good.”

Beginning November 18, the station will be available through HD receivers on channel 89.3 HD-2 in Houston and 92.5 KWUP HD- 2 in Bryan/College Station.  Additionally, listeners can tune in on FM analog receivers through 93.3 FM in Bryan/College Station and 99.7 FM in Brenham.  NGEN will be online at  (9/17)

WAFG/WKZG-Ft. Lauderdale/Key West (GraceFM) announces some changes in the on air line-up.  Carl Foster joins the staff to host "The Road Show" afternoons and Mike Schloman (Mike Schlote formely KZZQ/Des Moines) returns to radio to host "Mike at the Mic in the Morning."  YGrace FM streams at   (9/17)

ARB Summer Phase 2 12+ AQH: KGBI/Omaha 1.6... WDCX/Buffalo .5... (9/17)

Seattle-based Crista Broadcasting takes over newly acquired KFMK/Austin (105.9 The River) Monday, Sept. 20 and will change the name of the station to Spirit 105.9. Crista, which owns KCMS/Seattle (Spirit 105.3) purchased the station for $6.25 million from Clear Channel Communications Inc.  “It’s a complete startup. We are building a new station, from building the studios and technical area to hiring a general manager,” said Stan Mak, vice president and general manager of Crista Broadcasting. “It represents a significant investment on our part.” Mak anticipates that it will take time for the station to turn a profit. “No doubt, we’d like to think many of the current listeners of The River will stay when we make the change, and we hope many of the advertisers that support The River will support us,” Mak said.

As reported on HisAir.Net (9/7) Crista has hired Tim McCoy as its GM. McCoy, who most recently served as vice president and general manager of Univision Austin, is putting together a core management team. The station is looking to hire an advertising director. Crista has permission to speak with four former employees of The River, but so far no job offers have been made. When fully staffed, the station will employ 20 people. reportedly MD Steve Etheridge will exit the station Friday 9/17.

“KFMK is going to bring a unique sound and extensive community involvement to the people of this great city. I can’t wait to get started. We’re going to present a new spirit to Austin,” McCoy said. “This format is based on Austin listeners’ input. We think this is going to reflect the taste of Austin listeners. We do not use a cookie cutter approach,” Mak said.  (9/16)

Congratulations to the staff at KSBJ/Houston the Echo Award winner for "Station of the Year" (major mkt) in Orlando last week. We've got the 5:00 demo they submitted for the award posted on the "Station" of the week page... Also check out the new article from KSBJ Production Director Sterling Tarrant "What you Inadvertently learned at Momentum"...  Plus take a look at our pictures from Momentum 2010... (9/13)

Lots of comments from radio folks at Momentum last who look for the online music research courtesy of Ken Farley at Hit Music Research. We've got brand new numbers posted here... (9/13)

EMI artist Matthew West hosted the ECHO Awards at the CMB Momentum event this past Saturday in Orlando. There's a movement on Facebook to get Matthew booked as host of The DOVE AWARDS in 2011 because "he did such a great job".  Well, the Facebook campaign to get Matthew West picked to host GMA Dove Awards 2011 has begun. YOU get to tell the GMA and Gospel Music Channel who you really want!   (9/13)

BITS: 88.3 WAFJ/Augusta, GA was voted as top local radio station in the September "Family Favorites" issue of Augusta Family Magazine...

KFNW/Fargo (Life 97.9) and Mercy Me recently teamed up with Homeless and Hungry and the Great Plains Food Bank to help fight hunger in Fargo/Moorhead, listeners were encouraged to bring food to a recent Mercy Me concert with all the food going to kids who have little to no food in the Fargo/Moorhead area.  Life 97.9 GM/Morning man Tim Unsinn and Cari Drees from the Great Plains Food Bank were excited to see enough food for over 1500 meals donated by those attending the concert...

KKXX/Chico reported the theft of a large quantity of copper wire being used to ground its transmitter. It's the second such loss suffered by the station in two years.  After the station lost its mobile studio in a fire two years ago, thieves struck and stole 120 copper grounding wires, each about 250 feet in length. On Monday the station learned copper wire thieves had hit them again, this time taking about 22,000 feet of No. 10 wire. Manager Andrew Palmquist said the station was never knocked off the air.  (9/13)

Arbitron August 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: KZLV/San Antonio 230,000... KMLR/San Antonio 22,200... KLRX/Kansas City 228,400... KLJC/Kansas City 83,600... KKFS/Sacramento 132,400... KLRS/Sacramento 68,300... KARA/Sacramento 53,600... WAKW/Cincinnati 168,200... WNLT/Cincinnati 73,200... WORI/Cincinnati 45,900... KSOS/Las Vegas 113,000... KKAT/Salt Lake City 72,200... WFHM/Cleveland 184,900... WCRF/Cleveland 99,100... WJMO/Cleveland 52,900... KFIS/Portland 242,400... KPDQ/Portland 40,600... KLVP/Portland 58,200... KZRI/Portland 51,100... KHPE/Portland 29,400... (9/13)

Arbitron August 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WCIE/Tampa 136,500... WBVM/Tampa 118,000... WKES/Tampa 44,000... WJIS/Tampa 38,100... WMUZ/Detroit 198,400... KLVJ/San Diego 43,100... KPRZ/San Diego 84,500... WRBS/Baltimore 292,200... KCMS/Seattle 440,100... KWPZ/Seattle 28,500... WEZE/Boston 47,800... WROL/Boston 39,900... KLVA/Phoenix 183,500... KFLR/Phoenix 83,600...  KZAI/Phoenix 115,700...  KGCB/Phoenix 34,400... KLJY/St Louis 270,100... KHZR/St Louis 23,800... KSIV/St Louis 107,200... KLDV/Denver 284,300... KXWA/Denver 102,500... KRKS//Denver 51,600... WPKV/Pittsburgh 161,300... WORD/Pittsburgh 97,300... KTIS/Minneapolis 417,800... (9/13)

Shannyn Caldwell joins Family Life Radio's morning show with Peter Brooks beginning Monday September 27th.  Shannyn joins Family Life Radio from Crawford Broadcasting, where she was on air at WMUZ/Detroit as the morning show and also served as their Music Director. "Shannyn will be a wonderful addition to our team, she is full of energy and passion, I am very excited to see where God leads us next as we begin working together," Adam Nash Biddell Director of Programming for Family Life Radio.  (9/13)

Arbitron August 2010 PPM P 6+ Weekly Cume: WGTS/Wash DC 317,700... WAVA/Wash DC 166,800... WJYJ/Wash DC 54,200... KSBJ/Houston 621,400... KROI/Houston 373,500... WAWZ/New York 280,900... WMCA/New York 181,500... WFME/New York 179,300... WFSH/Atlanta 571,600... WVFJ/Atlanta 167,700... WPZE/Atlanta 688,100... KFSH/Los Angeles 427,200... KKLA/Los Angeles 248,200... KWVE/Los Angeles 136,900... WJKL/Chicago 362,400... WMBI/Chicago 279,200... WCFL/Chicago 69,900... WONU/Chicago 75,400... KSGN/Riverside 171,600... KLRD/Riverside 139,100... KLVS/San Francisco 146,200... KNDL/San Francisco 40,500... WPPZ/Philadelphia 273,800... WKVP/Philadelphia 48,900... WFIL/Philadelphia 61,500... WBYO/Philadelphia 56,300... KLTY/Dallas 954,000... KCBI/Dallas 284,400... (9/13)

Starting Monday Sept 13 WCLQ/Wausau (89Q) debuts a new morning show. The Wake Show will be getting a make-over as WCLQ office manager April Sather joins host Ken Bishop.  (9/13)

CMB Momentum 2010 Update: The Radio Echo Awards were handed out today and here's all the winners:

HisAir.Net was nominated this year for the "Industry Impact".... we didn't win but are truly honored for the nomination. CMB Executive Director Linda Meyers won the award and we congratulate her for her continued work for the industry.

Station of the year:
KVNE/Tyler (small mkt) WAWZ/New York (med mkt) KSBJ/Houston (major mkt)

Program Director of the year:
Chalmer Harper KWND/Springfield (small mkt)... Carmen Brown WJIS/Sarasota (med mkt)... Jon Hull KSBJ/Houston (major)

General Manager of the year:
Dean O'Neal WPOZ/Orlando

Air Personality of the year:
Jerry Woods WMIT/Asheville (small mkt)... Jayar Reed WJIS/Sarasota (med)... Scott&Sam KCMS/Seattle (major)

Promotions Director of the year:
Morgan Wood KTIS/Minneapolis

Music Director of the year:
Chalmer Harper KWND/Springfield (small mkt)... Theresa Ross WCRJ/Jacksonville (med)... Sarah Taylor KCMS/Seattle (major)

Radio Promoter of the year:
Chris Hauser Hauser Promotions

Scott Campbell Award:
Bob Thornton KXOJ/Tulsa

Rob Gregory Award:
Jason Sharp KTIS/Minneapolis

Industry Impact Award:
Linda Meyers CMB


CRISTA Broadcasting has hired Tim McCoy to be GM of its newly acquired KFMK/Austin (105.9 The River). The company is in the process of a purchase from a Clear Channel-managed trust. “We are thrilled to bring on a high-caliber radio manager like Tim as the general manager for our Austin operation,” Stan Mak, CRISTA Broadcasting’s vice president and general manager, said in a news release. “His excellent background in radio management is complemented by a rich history of employees who have enjoyed being mentored by him.”  McCoy is in the process of assembling a staff for the station, and current plans call for the new format to debut on Sept. 20.  “I am excited about what we will be building here in Austin,” McCoy said in the release. “KFMK is going to bring a unique sound and extensive community involvement to the people of this great city. I can’t wait to get started. We’re going to present a new spirit to Austin.”

KFMK will be the fourth station owned by Seattle-based CRISTA, and the company’s first frequency in Austin. (9/7)

Wednesday we'll be heading off to Orlando to cover Momentum 2010. We'll have updates here on HisAir.Net. Sign up for our Twitter updates from Orlando here... (9/7)

KTIS/Minneapolis announced that they are making their interactive PrayerWorks tool available to radio across the country. PrayerWorks uses a station’s reach to connect listeners that have prayer concerns with listeners willing to pray. While "prayer pages/walls" are available elsewhere on the internet, this program is unique. On most prayer pages, the person submitting a prayer request simply posts...and hopes. But with PrayerWorks, they receive notification every time someone has prayed for them and often, it's accompanied by a note of encouragement.

“PrayerWorks has taken our listener engagement to a whole new level,” said Morgan Wood, Director of Listener and Community Engagement for KTIS. “We are very excited to share it with our colleagues across the country.”

The site has logged thousands of prayer requests in the year it’s been online at KTIS, and over 217,000 prayers have been prayed (indicated by the user clicking on the request once they’ve prayed for it). In addition, over 6,000 notes of encouragement have been sent. Because there are costs associated with hosting multiple prayer databases and providing support, there is a minimal subscription fee, based on market size.

Organization interested in subscribing should visit or contact


WLAB/Ft. Wayne (STAR 883) is growing as they just expanded into new areas for the first time with translators in Orland at 91.3 and a fill in signal for Fort Wayne at 88.7. As a part of that growth, a much needed prayer request was answered as Shelby Lynn joins the team to fill the Co-host role with Ace McKay. Lynn joins the WLAB team Sept. 13th.

STAR 883 also received honors being voted Best Station in Ft. Wayne for the 2nd year in a row by the News-Sentinel Newspaper. Readers voted for their favorites which also saw Afternoon Host Melissa Montana voted Best Personality in Ft. Wayne with Morning Show Co-Host Ace McKay in 3rd place for a second year in a row.

This fall a new signal will be launched in Auburn, In.

Pictured above:  (front row: Morning Co-Host Ace McKay, Tyler Boss and PD Don Buettner. Back row, new morning co-host Shelby Lynn and GM Melissa Montana) (9/1)


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