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Summer ARB Phase 2 12+Trends: Tulsa KKCM 2.1-2.8, KXOJ 1.9-2.1, KCFO 0.4-0.4, Chattanooga WBDX 1/8-2.3, Des Moines KZZQ 0.8-0.8, Jacksonville WBGB 3.0-2.9, Grand Rapids WJQK 2.4-2.4, WMUS 1.8-1.3, Austin KPEZ 2.7-2.5, Jackson, MS WHLH 8.9-9.6, WOAD 0.8-1.0, WHJT 0.8-1.0, Baton Rouge KHEV 5.5-5.5, Colorado Springs KBIQ 5.2-4.9.   (9/28)

"Answering the Call," the weekly radio program launched two years ago by Wichita, KS pastors Terry Fox and Joe Wright, is no longer on the air. Fox and Wright decided this week not to continue the program, which was the No. 1-rated program for its 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday time slot in the Wichita area, according to KNSS/Wichita (1330-AM), which aired it. In February, the show, which focused on religious, moral and political issues, began broadcasting nationwide on Sirius satellite radio. Fox and Wright said Wednesday that the decision to pull the plug was strictly a financial one.  (9/28)

Summer ARB Phase 2 12+Trends: Seattle KCMS 3.2-3.7 (6), Milwaukee WFZH 1.9-2.3, Columbus WCVO 3.1-3.3 (12), Atlanta WFSH 2.2-2.9, WVFJ 0.7-0.5, Indianapolis WISG 2.3-2.6, Louisville WFIA 1.4-1.4, Dayton WFCJ 2.4-2.2, Omaha 2.0-2.4, Birmingham WDJC 4.5-4.6, Albany WPTR 0.6-0.7, Nashville WFFH 1.3-1.6    (9/26)

WPOZ/Orlando has began multicasting using the new HD Digital Radio® technology with 88.3 HD-2 Y-Hot, "Orlando's Number One Source for Positive Hip-hop and R&B," and 88.3 HD-3 Y-Rock, "Orlando's Positive Rock Alternative... EMF is buying WPGP/Tafton, PA for 675K... Jon Hemmer is the new PM drive personality at WFZH/Milwaukee...   (9/26)

Former WMBI/Chicago Prime Time Chicago co-host Denise Pagano joins Country station WXXQ/Rockford in mornings.   (9/25)

"Positive Family News" has adds Southeast Idaho's Christian Radio Station" KRTK/Pocatello to their client list of MP3 delivered newscasts.  (9/25)

Congratulations to KJIL/Meade, KS GM Don Hughes and staff for being named "Religious Station Of The Year"  in NAB Marconi Radio Awards last night in Dallas. Also nominated were KFSH/Los Angeles, KFIA/Louisville, WGNR/Indianapolis, and WVEL/Peoria (9/22)

Mark Thomas has been named station manager of Salem's Louisville News Talk station, 970 WGTK-AM. "Mark Thomas brings a wealth of radio experience to his new position at WGTK," said Jon Horton, vice president of operations. "His market familiarity will be a strong asset towards taking WGTK to a new level." Thomas most recently served as director of sales for the six LM Communications Radio Group stations in Lexington, KY. He was previously vice president/general manager at Clear Channel in Frankfort, KY.  (9/22)

We got your numbers... Summer Phase 2 12+Trends: Dallas KLTY 3.6-3.3 (9), Cincinnati WAKW 2.0-2.0 (14), Pittsburg WORD 1.1-1.3   (9/21)

WRBS/Baltimore announced today that long-time morning host and Baltimore radio legend Dick Ireland will not return to his morning program after suffering a stroke on May 11, 2006. Hundreds of cards, letters and well-wishes have encouraged Dick and his family as he continues his rehabilitation therapy. Dick commented, “Physically I am doing well. There are times when I can’t express everything I want to say, but I am making progress in speech therapy. Our prayer is that the Lord would be glorified through this experience.”  At a recent gathering in his honor, Dick was presented with a commemorative plaque containing the microphone he used at WRBS.  Steve Lawhon, WRBS General Manager noted, “We wanted Dick to understand the depth of our appreciation for his work in broadcasting and to honor his exemplary Christian faith and witness.” Dick was the morning man at Baltimore’s WLIF-FM (101.9) for 26 years before coming to WRBS-FM in 1997. WRBS is expecting to announce a permanent replacement for Dick in the next few weeks.    (9/21)

Former KCBI/Dallas COO Doug Price has been named GM at KVTT/Dallas effective immediately. Doug's experience in broadcast ministry includes over a dozen years at KCBI. Price's role will include the growth and development of the station's staff and financial support for KVTT a listener-supported non-commercial station. KVTT is a 100,000 watt station owned by Covenant Educational Media since 2004. Sources say KVTT is in the early stages of planning an aggressive growth plan hoping to reach an expanded audience in the Metroplex with its Christian teaching and music format.  (9/20)

ARB Summer Phase 2 12+ trends at Christian Radio: Washington DC- WAVA 1.0-1.2, Baltimore WRBS 2.4-2.2    (9/20)

Jacksonville Update: WBGB officially changed hands from Salem to Cox Tuesday morning at midnight and has dropped the CCM format. 88.1 WCRJ/Jacksonville has immediately adopted the name " The Promise" and is now a full time music station moving most ministry and talk programs to it's AM WJGR. Former WBGB Personality Theresa Ross has joined WCRJ as morning co-host. Former WBGB PD Smilin' Tom is looking for his next opportunity. Reach out to Tom at  (9/20)

Kurt Wallace tells HisAir.Net that he is the image voice of a new CCM station that has signed on in Utah. KFMS/Wasatch Front, UT 97.5 "The Oasis" went on the air Sunday 9/17 right after the Third Day concert in Salt Lake City.  The name “The Oasis” was chosen to reflect the geographic connotation to the desert climate and the format theme of being “an escape from the negativity.”  Goodratings Strategic Services is consulting and owner Simmons Media is looking for a PD. Contact VP Programming Alan Hague if interested.  (9/19)

Latest J/J/A Trends: 12+... New York-WAWZ 0.4-0.5, WMCA 0.5-0.4... KKLA 0.7-0.8, KFSH 0.7-0.8... Philadelphia WFIL 0.4-0.4... Akron WFHM 2.3-2.4... Detroit WMUZ 1.0-0.9...    (9/19)

Bits: Chris Squires has announced he will leave his PD position at Salem's Sacramento stations KKFS-KTKZ-KFIA effective 9/25/06... US Gospel News Publisher Paul Boden has passed away...   (918)

The Bible League just completed their Fall Radio Trip to Ecuador September 13th. Joining Bible League Media Specialist Scott Thunder were Thor Tolo/KGNW Seattle, Craig Roberts/KFAX San Francisco, Reba Toney/KKLA Los Angeles, Lee Michaels/KKMS Minneapolis, Adam McManus/KSLR San Antonio, Scott Wilder/KWRD Dallas, Rich Lee/WAVA Washington, DC, Doug Stirling/WFIL Philadelphia, George Flores/WMCA New York, and Bob Burney/WRFD Columbus. The theme of the trip and the Fall Campaign is "Defy The Darkness", with a goal of raising over 200,000 bibles for Latin America. A trip highlight was a journey into the Amazon Jungle to deliver Bibles to a native village and hear testimonies from those touched by Bible League Ministry in Ecuador. More information is available at   (9/18)

Salem Communications Corporation today confirmed its third quarter 2006 total revenue guidance, previously provided on August 7, 2006, to be between $57.9 million and $58.4 million. In addition, Salem announced that it is scheduled to present at two investor conferences to be held during the NAB Radio Show, September 20-22, 2006 in Dallas. Salem is scheduled to present at a Bear Stearns investor conference on Wednesday, September 20, at 10:00 a.m. CDT at the Hilton Anatole and at the 13th Annual Deutsche Bank Radio Only Seminar on Thursday, September 21, at 2:15 p.m. CDT at the Hotel Crescent Court.  (9/18)

HisAir.Net hears the date Cox will officially take over WBGB/Jacksonville (The Promise) from Salem has been moved up to this Tuesday morning (9/19) at midnight. According to the station website "The Promise" will move to 88.1 on Tuesday.    (9/14)

Carmen Brown has been named Program Director of The Joy FM, filling the position formerly held by Steve Swanson who was was promoted to General Manager of WAFJ/Augusta, part of the RTN family of stations. Brown joined The JOY FM in June of ’04 as Promotions Director. She is also a regular on The Morning Cruise hosted by Dave Cruse and Bill Martin. Brown's radio career includes Tampa stations WRBQ and WYUU. JOY FM morning show personality Bill Martin was enthusiastic about the change, “Carmen brings a fresh perspective not only to our station, but to our industry. I can’t wait to see how it shakes up the status quo.” General Manager Jeff MacFarlane echoed Martin’s sentiments: “Carmen's great passion for radio, dynamic leadership, and genuine love for people make her a terrific choice for Program Director. She has the full support of our team, and we share a vision for making The JOY FM network all that it can be for the glory of God.” Slightly less serious, Dave Cruse noted, “There goes the neighborhood.”   (9/12)

Colin Lambert has been named PD at WMBI/Chicago. Lambert has been Director of Marketing and Promotions at WMBI since 2003. Current PD John Hayden is upped to Operations Director.  (9/6)

KWOF-AM/Waterloo will cease it's simulcast of sister FM "89.1 The Spirit" in October to become the world's only "Legendary Christian Rock" station calling itself "The Prodigal". According to Michael James, Friendship Communications President and Founder, core artists will include Petra, White Heart, DeGarmo & Key, Keith Green, and Larry Norman. Check out the audio trailer available at the station website here. An October 20th launch is planned.    (9/6)

American Family Radio has announced that Rich Hooper, former Program Director at KCBI/Dallas, has been appointed General Manager for KTXG/Greenville/Dallas. 90.5 KTXG signed on the air in March with network programming from the AFR headquarters in Tupelo, MS. Rich will begin local programming after he has procured studio space and hired a local staff. For information concerning KTXG contact Rich Hooper at (9/4)

Bits: WBGL/Champaign PD Ryan Springer will also handle weather duties for local CBS affiliate WCIA TV... Former WPTR/Albany and AIR 1 personality Matt Hubbell has joined KKFS/Sacramento for PT weekends... Former KFXZ/Lafayette PD J' Michael is named PD at WXOK/Baton Rouge  ... (9/1)

Latest M/J/J Trends: 12+ Des Moines KZZQ 0.7-0.8... Jacksonville WBGB 3.2-3.0... Grand Rapids WJQK 2.2-2.4... Austin KPEZ 2.4-2.7... El Paso KELP 0.4-0.4... Jackson, MS WHJT 1.0-0.8...  Colorado Springs KBIQ 4.0-5.2 (8)...   (8/31)

Salem National PD news/talk Tyler Cox is headed to WBAP/Dallas to fill the PD position there.  (8/31)

Latest M/J/J Trends: 12+  Tulsa KKCM 1.4-2.1, KXOJ 2.0-1.9, KCFO **-0.4... Chattanooga WBDX 3.3-1.8...  (8/30)

Movement: WSMR/Sarasota PM Drive personality Sandy James moves to mid days... WORD/Pittsburgh announces it's new Morning show with John Hall and Stephanie... EMF has bought the CP for KYFA/Manhattan, KS for 325K... KTKZ/Sacramento host Eric Hogue will launch a new show airing 5-7PM on KFIA/Sacramentpo and KFAZ/San Francisco Sept. 5th...  (8/30)

M/J/J 12+ Arbitrends at Christian Radio released today: Birmingham 5.2-4.5, Albany WPTR 0.9-0.6, Nashville WFFH 2.0-1.3  (8/29)

On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina we're happy to report that most of the staff at WBSN/New Orleans has returned. They would include Josh, Julie, and Dad (Tom Krimsier). Libby has taken a promotion position at Tooth N Nail Records. The station had an extremely successful Spring Shareathon and is looking forward to it's next one in October.  WBSN is also once again live in morning and afternoon drive.  (8/29)

12+ Arbitrends: Indianapolis WISG 2.5-2.3, New Orleans WLNO **-0.4, Dayton WFCJ 2.2-2.4, Omaha KGBI 1.8-2.0  (8/28)

More ARB numbers at Christian Radio: (12+ Spring '06 - May/June/July Arbitrend)... Pittsburgh WORD 1.1-1.1... Dallas KLTY 3.6-3.6 (8th), KWRD 00.5-0.4... Cincinnati WFCJ **-0.4... Seattle KCMS 3.8-3.2 (10th), KCIS 0.7-0.7, KIXI 2.1-1.8, KGNW 0.6-0.5... Milwaukee WFZH 1.7-1.9... Columbus, OH WCVO 3.4-3.1 (12th)... Atlanta WFSH 2.1-2.2, WVFJ 0.8-0.7  (8/25)

KSBJ/Houston is temporarily broadcasting at low power (50 watts) after their main tower was struck by lightning Tuesday night. As a result they're operating at reduced power. The station says it may be several days before they are back at full power.  (8/24)

Bits: WJIS/Sarasota PD Steve Swanson takes Station Manager at WAFJ/Augusta... WMBI/Chicago broadcast live from KLSP at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola Friday morning 8/25...

Latest ARB numbers at Christian Radio: (12+ Spring '06 - May/June/July Arbitrend)... Fredericksburg, VA WAVA 0.8-0.8... Wash DC WAVA 1.0-1.0... St. Louis KFUO 1.8-2.1... Baltimore WRBS 1.9-2.4 (13th)... Philadelphia WFIL 0.4-0.4... Detroit WMUZ 0.9-1.0, WEXL 0.6-0.5... San Diego KCBQ 0.7-0.7, KPRZ 0.4-0.4... Akron WFHM 2.3-2.3, WHK 0.5-0.4... New York WAWZ 0.4-0.4, WMCA 0.5-0.5... Middlesex-Somerset-Union,NJ WAWZ 1.5-1.6... Los Angeles KFSH 0.6-0.7, KKLA 0.6-0.7  (8/23)

WKAP/Allentown will change to Christian and air Salem's Doug & Kim mornings... EMF has purchased WKIV/Westerly, R.I... WLIB/New York will flip to Gospel 9/1... WBVM/Tampa Morning guy Gus Lloyd takes mornings at Sirius on the Catholic Channel... (8/22)

Bits: EMF puts K-LOVE on the air in Philadelphia with the purchase of WSJI/Cherry Hill, NJ for 2.5mil... Clear Channel will add Christian formats to it's HD channels in three markets including Austin, Greenville, and New Orleans by the end of the year... Moody has helped WBSN/New Orleans with a gift of $49,000 to help the station get back on it's feet... (8/18)

Update: Morning Personality Steve Sunshine has been named Interim PD at WMHK/Columbia. (8/16)

WMHK/Columbia PD Tom Greene has announced he will be joining Blue Ridge Broadcasting as PD at WMIT/Black Mountain, NC effective September 11.  He'll also oversee sister station WFGW. Greene replaces Carol Davis who stepped down recently to concentrate on the morning show. (8/14)

Peter Thiele is the new OM at Salem's San Francisco stations including KNTS and KFAX. Thiele was formerly with WORD/Greenville as PD and has also been with WVNN/Huntsville and KSTP/Minneapolis.  (8/11)

Green Eye Creative is proud to welcome new freelance writer and producer Mike Kankelfritz. Green Eye founder Tim Sinclair says, “Mike’s background in imaging and production, along with his amazing voice, will be a huge asset to our company.  We’re thrilled to have him on the team!”  Kankelfritz currently does mornings for KSBJ/Houston, and will obviously continue his duties there. He can be reached at Green Eye has also recently added KPEZ/Austin and WRBS/Baltimore to their client list. Other clients include recent GMA Station of the Year winners WBGL, WCQR, WMHK and KLRC, plus several Christian networks including HIS Radio, Family Life Radio and CHRSN. Green Eye Creative also works regularly with KSGN/Riverside, WTLN/Orlando, WCVO/Columbus, and KWND/Springfield…along with McDonald’s, Word Records, Creation Moments, Third Day Games. For more information, visit (8/10)

A new dimension has been added to the Christian teaching and talk radio station WMCA/New York website. WMCA-TV will feature on-demand videos giving listeners an opportunity to become more familiar with the ministries featured on the station. The Internet TV station was launched with a tribute video honoring Dr. Adrian Rogers. New videos will be added weekly and are available 24 hours a day at WMCA Vice President/General Manager Dave Armstrong said, "The Internet is such a valuable tool, and until now we've only been using a portion of its capabilities. We look forward to providing this new service to our listeners and our ministries."  (8/10)

Jeff Cruz joins the staff of WPOZ/Orlando " Z88.3 FM" as the new Assistant Program Director. Jeff's role will be to assist PD Dean O'Neal with daily operations and programming as well as on-air responsibilities. Jeff began his career in radio as an intern in Birmingham, Ala. He also served as MD for WRRS/Birmingham "Reality Radio". Prior to moving to Orlando Jeff worked for Arbitron in Birmingham, Ala.  O'Neal says "Z88.3 FM is very excited to welcome Jeff Cruz and his family to the Orlando area, and we look forward to watching the ministry grow even more now that he is a part of the team."  (8/8)

"The Jerry Doyle Show" will premiere August 11 on Salem's KKOL/Seattle "NewsTalk 1300" . The show will air live weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. KKOL General Manager Joe Gonzalez said, "Jerry Doyle is one of the leading new voices in conservative radio, and we are confident that he will resonate with KKOL listeners."  (8/8)

Salem Communications announced results for the three month and six month periods ended June 30, 2006. Commenting on the company's results, Edward G. Atsinger III, president and CEO, said, "As a result of significant growth in our non-broadcast media business, we achieved an 8.8% increase in total revenue for the second quarter. While our radio business was negatively impacted by the same weak radio advertising market affecting other radio broadcasters, we achieved net broadcasting revenue growth of 5.4%. Contributing to this growth were our News Talk stations, which grew revenue by 13.5%, and our consistent local and national block programming business, which grew revenue by 7.8% over last year on a same station basis."

Atsinger continued, "During the quarter we closed on the acquisitions of, Xulon Press and Preaching Magazine to grow our non-broadcast media business. As a result of these and other recent acquisitions, and through organic growth, our non-broadcast media business grew its revenue by 70.9% for the second quarter compared to the same period last year.  (8/7)

KWOF/Cedar Rapids "The New 89.1 The Spirit" adds Marcia Ware to PM drive (via voice tracking) starting August 15th. Marcia's background includes experience with WAY-FM/Nashville. PD Jack Davis, said this about Marcia, "She will be able to bring an element to 'The Spirit' that we have been missing in the afternoon - the element of connecting with ‘Jennifer’ in a relevant way."  Also, KWOF will be expanding Total Axxess with Jayar to include Saturday nights starting on August 12th. (8/4)

Movement: HisAir.Net hears Scott Michaels has left the PD slot at KSGN/Riverside. Word is former Air1 programmer Bryan O'Neal will be Interim PD... Jeff Akin joins KPYN/Atlanta, TX to host "Trading Post Mornings" effective immediately...  (8/3)

Bits:WAKW/Cincinnati is now airing music 5:30am to 8pm daily, moving teaching/ministries to nights... HisAir.Net sends get well wishes to WRBS/Baltimore morning man Dick Ireland recovering from a stroke suffered in May... Salem drops Dave Ramsey from 21 stations over "pay" for clearance dispute... (8/1)

KBIQ/Colorado Springs PD Uncle Steve has accepted the APD/MD position at KPEZ/Austin starting August 21st. He'll also do afternoon drive. That leaves the PD/morning slot open at Salem's KBIQ.  (7/31)

Salem Communications announced that Christopher J. Henderson has been named vice president of human resources effective today. Commenting on Henderson's appointment, Joe D. Davis, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said, "Chris Henderson's background as Salem's corporate counsel combined with his private practice experience in labor relations and his five and a half years with Salem brings a new level of expertise to our human resources team. Chris will be warmly received by our various business units across the United States."  (7/31)

America’s first non-commercial Christian radio station, WMBI/Chicago is celebrating 80 years on the air this month. To commemorate its 80th anniversary, WMBI is hosting a concert July 28 at Harvest Bible Chapel. “Few radio stations have been around 80 years and even fewer have been owned by the same company for that entire time.  WMBI is unique in that way,” says Collin Lambert, Director of Marketing and Promotions at WMBI.
“Moody Radio has such a rich history," says Bruce Everhart, WMBI Station Manager. "I'm gripped by [the] visionaries…who captured this technology back in 1926 for the timeless message of the Gospel. May God empower us now to continue to extend that through new programming and new technology, so that even more lives might be changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
For more information, please visit:  (7/26)

WMHK/Columbia has hired Donny Webb for middays and director of ministry relations. Webb was formerly the morning guy at WMSJ/Freeport, Me and most recently doing air work at WJIE/Louisville. He'll start at WMHK Aug 21st.  (7/20)  

Updates: PD Kerwin Feeling is out at WXOK/Baton Rouge... Salem has dropped "The Dave Ramsey Show" from it's stations schedule asking the program to pay for time... Salem has sold WBTK/Richmond...  (7/19)

Random Notes: The Salem Los Angeles creative team took first-place honors as creators of the best station-produced radio commercial in the U.S. at the 15th annual Radio-Mercury Awards on June 8 in New York City... KROI/Houston has flipped to Gospel calling itself "Praise 92.1". The station was previously a Mexican format... Moshay LaRen is now MD for WPPZ/Philadelphia... (7/18)

Bruce Everhart has been named GM of Moody Broadcasting WMBI/Chicago. "It's great to be back at WMBI and serving with a wonderfully talented team in this great mission field of Chicago," said Everhart. This month WMBI celebrates 80 years!  Many things have changed, but one thing is timeless: Moody Radio's commitment to teaching God's Word in a relevant, creative package that spiritually transforms lives."  Everhardt joined Moody originally in 1988.  (7/17)

The Gospel Music Association (GMA) has promoted Bethany Carlson to Senior Manager of Events and Sponsorships and appointed Justin Fratt to a new corporate sponsorship position, announced John W. Styll, president of the GMA. Carlson will continue to manage GMA’s annual events, including GMA Music Week, the GMA Music Awards, GMA Music in the Rockies, GMA Academy and GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Carlson will also become a member of the GMA management team.  (7/17)

Bits: Quenton Rockwell is now Music Director at KXPW/Austin... Salem is selling WITH/Baltimore to the owners of WRBS/Baltimore for 3.25mil... Art Morrison leaves the PD spot at KNTS/San Francisco to join Inside Media Networks... (7/14)

WIBG/Atlantic City welcomes Harry Hurley to the crew at "Life Radio 1020" as the new morning show host. CEO Rick Brancadora says Hurley has spent 15 years at Atlantic City area's AM talkers and he will be a strong asset to WIBG's historically successul format. Hurley was formerly with WENJ/Atlantic City.  (7/11)

EMF Broadcasting has named Eric Allen as the new Assistant Director of Programming for the K-LOVE and Air 1 radio networks. Most recently, Allen served as EMF’s director of regional services for the past three years and worked as the organization’s regional manager for the greater Chicago area for two years prior to that. Allen also speny some time at WONU/Chicago, P.A.R. FM in Virginia (now the Spirit FM network). “Eric is uniquely qualified to serve our national programming staff,” said K-LOVE and Air 1 Director of Programming David Pierce. “He brings a clear understanding of how our stations are competing on a local level and his passion for radio and standard of excellence and creativity will help both K-LOVE and Air 1 reach new levels of success.”  (7/11)

WRIB/Providence, a station airing brokered religious and ethnic programs, has suddenly gone dark. The station was taken over by new owners Faith Christian Church of Seekonk, MA who abruptly yanked all the programming and with no warning, told programmers to take their equipment out of the building immediately. Read a response on the WRIB website here. The new owners have applied for new calls WSTL. (7/11)

EMF is purchasing WIKL/Greencastle, In. (Indianapolis) from Hoosier Broadcasting Corporation for 2mil. K-LOVE has already been airing on the station since 2004.  (7/11)

KXOJ/Tulsa OK welcomes Dave Gordon to the station replacing Gary Thompson who departed last week. Gordon will serve as APD/PM Drive Personality. Gordon comes to KXOJ from Keymarket Communications in Pittsburgh. (7/10)


Andrew Patton, President of Patton House Entertainment today announced the addition of a newly formed radio promotion department designed to be a uniquely operative full ‘service for hire' division of the company. Hired to head the division is Brandy Dennis, most recently Promotions Co-ordinator at INO/SRE Records. Her immediate responsibilities will include launching national radio promotion and tracking services geared to service both major label and independent artist clients. She will additionally initially assist in overseeing day-to-day inhouse management services for Patton House clients including Joanna Martino, Josh Bates, and newcomer Kelly Pease.  Over the past three years, Brandy Dennis has worked radio for a major artist roster including artists such as MercyMe, Todd Agnew, Phillips, Craig & Dean, and The Afters. "I'm very excited about the new position with Patton House," notes Dennis. "It's a tremendous opportunity to work with a company that has a long range vision for serving the needs of the industry both today and in the future."  Official operational launch date of the Radio Promotion Division of Patton House will be July 24th.   (7/7)


Bits: Spirit FM Radio network adds KFFW/Cabool, Mo to it's roster bringing total stations to five... KSBJ/Houston raided 5 million dollars in it's recent shareathon... Randy Phillips from Phillips, Craig, & Dean joins KPEZ/Austin to host a 4 hour Sunday morning program.  (7/7)


July 3rd KUTR/Salt Lake City (AM-820), has switched its programming to full-time "Soft Sunday Sounds," inspirational programming that features the music of Michael W. Smith, Janice Kapp Perry, Kurt Bestor, AfterGlow, Lex de Azevedo, Michael McLean and other artists.  The "Soft Sunday Sounds," program previously aired Sundays-only on sister station KSFI ("FM-100") and was one of the highest-ranked weekend programs in the Salt Lake radio market. (7/7)

Lifecast Radio, a new, listener-supported, Internet-only Christian radio station playing "Positive Hit Music for Today's Family", has just launched.  The station plays artists such as Rebecca St. James, Steven Curtis Chapman, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Bethany Dillon, and Sonicflood.  More information, including a live stream, is located at (7/7)

Salem Communications Corporation announced today that it has entered into an agreement to sell WBGB/Jacksonville (106.5 FM) to Cox Radio for approximately $7.7 million in cash. Pending regulatory approvals, the company expects the transaction to close in the second half of 2006. Upon the close of all announced transactions, the company will own 103 radio stations, including 66 stations in 24 of the top 25 markets. (7/6)

WFZH, Milwaukee (105.3 The Fish) midday host and assistant Program Director Josh Lauritch has accepted the position of manager of national promotions for EMI Christian Music Group in Nashville. Josh will be at The Fish thru most if July and will be assisting in the transition period as WFZH PD Danny Clayton looks for his replacement. See the HisAir.Net
jobs page. (7/5)


WAWZ/New York mid-day personality Beth Bacall has launched a new prep sheet specifically targeted to the 25-54 year old female. To get more info on Beth's "She Prep" get a hold of her at 973-714-7556 or  (7/5)


WAY-FM Media Group Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Parker has more to say about the staff re-organization of CHRSN (Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network). Parker stated, “I am excited to see these changes take place. This will allow Dave Senes and his team to really concentrate on the network and the growth of our highly successful Total Axxess program, along with other projects we are developing under the leadership of Faron Dice.” These changes will allow the Nashville-based CHRSN staff to focus on network programming, in addition to closer coordination of network operations and affiliate relations with the Colorado Springs corporate office. The WAY-FM Media Group, including CHRSN, has 95 signals in 26 states. Markets served by WMG include Denver, CO; Nashville, TN; West Palm Beach, FL and Wichita, KS. (7/5)


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