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Traci Lee





Jackson, MS



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Traci's Career Capsule
I’ve been in radio since 1996. Started as a receptionist at WYJS in Jackson, MS a 50,000 Christian AC station. The station was later acquired by Adonia Broadcasting out of Tulsa OK. I worked as a Sales Rep at KXOJ for a short time, then moved back to Jackson, MS to work as a morning show producer at WYOY, a Top 40 station, then to Madison, WI’s WZEE. I thought my radio career was over, and low and behold WHJT came along. I’ve been working here for almost six years.


1. How has the WHJT evolved over the last few years?

WHJT is owned and operated by Mississippi College and when I first came we were a CHRSN affiliate. They were great and served us well. As the station grew, we started using more and more students on-air. Last summer, (2008) we left CHRSN and started everything in house. It’s cool to finally feel like you have a voice and can make a difference not only in your city but in your industry.


2. Has WHJT made any changes due to economic situation, been affected in any way?

We are a commercial station and since we are owned by a college, we’ve been very protected by the economic times. Our staff has increased this year by 1/3, our sales are up by several thousand dollars over last year. I know things get to Mississippi a little late, but I hope this misses us all the way around!


3. How is Jackson a unique Christian market?

Ahhh Jackson! It’s a great place. Very much a blue-collar city with a white-collar attitude. Our city knows how to work hard and not mess up our hair in the process. Being in the Bible belt has its advantages and disadvantages. While people will be quicker to listen to a “Christian” radio station they have preconceived ideas about what a Christian station should sound like. We love to mess with the minds of these people. J


4. What criteria do you require for a song to be played on WHJT?

The same criteria that every programmer should consider…what’s this song going to mean to my listener? Am I going to insult her intelligence if I play it? Am I going to touch her heart? Is this song worth her attention? If her marriage is falling apart and her kids are driving her crazy and the next door neighbor and her best friend seem to have it all together, will this song reminder her who God created her to be? And she still likes to have fun!


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian radio?

Simple, clean, fun. Let’s face it, if we’re targeting women, (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) she doesn’t have time for a drawn out promotion with tons of steps to get her something she may not have time to use anyway. Keep it simple, get her family involved, or make it revolve around her for once.  And give her access to something she can’t get on her own. Make her queen for a day, for an hour, for five minutes. She’ll listen to you forever if you can remind her she’s still a woman and not just a wife or mother.


6. How do you think Christian Record labels can better serve Christian radio?

Don’t assume that we’re going to add a song because it’s by a group that has had tremendous success in another market. Each market is different, our listeners face different things and songs will minister in different ways. Will GRITS or Manafest work at 7:30AM in Nashville…don’t know, but in Jackson? It’s a no-brainer.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

The same thing that’s happening to our churches… a Generation Gap! Music is changing. How we communicate is changing. The new wave of listeners is not going to tolerate “perky”, “everything’s great by golly” radio. They live in the real word. They want truth and they want it now. And please remember, our listeners still have a mind. Don’t assume they can’t handle a song or you will run them off if you try something different.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality?

To make your listener’s day better! To be a friend, someone she can trust. Chances are, you are the one consistent form of adult human contact that she has in her life. Be real with her about things that you’re feeling or struggles you have. Make fun of yourself so she feels better about who she is. Talk about things that are happening in pop-culture. I hate to break it to you, but Christian women, who listen to your station watch Desperate Housewives and Lifetime. It may not be right, but it’s reality. Statistics show even women who go to church have had abortions and divorces and are caught in all kinds of sin. LOVE HER… no matter what she’s done. If you gain her trust, she’ll open her heart to you and the music you play on your station and who knows… all those artist that have been called to sing about the love of Jesus just may get their songs to penetrate a place in her heart that no one else could. And all because you put down your stones and took her hand.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

KXOJ, WAY FM, (Wally from Total Axxess)


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

Depends. I feel like we’re at a crossroad.. Stations that choose to embrace communication techniques that reach a younger tech savvy generation will be hitting new levels of success in revenue streams they’ve never dreamed of, while stations that choose to stay the course, in my opinion, will struggle to find their place. 



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