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Rob Dempsey

Operations/Program Director

His Radio Network


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Rob's Career Capsule
Robs start in radio began as a homeless teenager, addicted to drugs and alcohol. A youth pastor who reached out to him during this time introduced me to WCIE in Lakeland, Fl. One year later he became a volunteer DJ at WLPJ in North Tampa. God was using Rob to help others the same way WCIE helped him. Easter Sunday 1988 he began a part time shift at WJIS in Sarasota, Florida. It was here that he learned how to do radio. By January 1989 he became the full time overnight announcer. In the years to come he became better versed in radio. The job duties performed were Traffic Manager, Production Director, Program Director, Station Manager and now Network Operations / Program Director for His Radio in the Carolina's and Georgia. 

Today in the Christian radio industry hes known as the DJ who lost a ton of weight and become healthy. Five years ago Rob weighed 308lbs. A year and a half later hi is 140lbs thinner. To date Rob has run 5 Marathons, 4 triathlons, countless 5k, 10k, marathons, biked through 3 states with Mark Schultz, biked another 1,755 miles to Austin, Texas for cancer research and wrapped up the last 90 miles riding with Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong challenge and has biked 336 miles for a local homeless shelter through the mountains of North Carolina. He has even won 1st place in his age group in many of these races. Now, Christian artists and radio personalities call him in search of inspiration to become healthy.  


1. How has His Radio evolved over the last few years?

Weve grown in many ways. Our personalities are becoming real people on the air sharing about their life of faith and connecting with people who listen. Were very active on Facebook and Twitter to connect with people were they are in life. And were listening more clearly to what people want to hear and dont want to hear on the radio. Weve jumped into HD radio providing both a Youth and Praise channel.


2. Has His Radio made any changes due to economic situation, been affected in any way?

Thankfully our support is stable. Like other stations we had to work harder during our Fund Drives. Our staff remains in tack and we look closely at every line item to make sure every expense is a need. 


3. How does His Radio connect locally with markets?

This is very import to us. Every market were in has their own stop-set material twice an hour. Our on air talent has 3 local breaks every market an hour. Three of the seven markets have local staff that remains active in the community through our His Radio Heart & Soul Patrols. This year weve made it a point for our talent to connect with people in all of our markets. Weve taken more trips this year to be were the people are and press flesh. Its been very beneficial in our growth.


4. What criteria do you require for a song to be played on His Radio?

It's got to be a great song! Connect with our target our demo. Artists lifestyle reflects one as a Christ Follower. Song must have recurrent potential. Also, for the song to remain on His Radio it must test strong with our Music Advisory Panel and research. 


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian radio?

Hands down for His Radio its been the promotions that generate stories. We recently were able to connect a daughter and her mother to many miles for them to connect in person. Our friends at PLG worked with us at a Third Day/Jars of Clay concert for a family reunion. Mom was flown in to Greenville. The entire family went to the concert for a family reunion and ate with Third Day! It was touching and reached the heart of every listener. 


6. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

I tell you the obstacle that got in my way. Not living life. I became disconnected to where real people were in their personal lives. I pretended to know that I knew what was going on. Once I personally GOT A LIFE that I began to connect in a deeper way on the air. Now Im out of my safe bubble and comfort zone and reach out to non-Christ Followers in circles Ive never dreamed Id be in.  Seeing real life in front of my eyes give me more passion for what we do as Christian Stations. I think more strategically with promotions, the format, music, imaging, on air talent, ect.. We have by far arrived. But, every day we take steps to move forward to be a station that is Belonging, Relevant, and Community  


7. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality?

My friend John Frost shared with me this one fact were about Stories and Songs. Im continuing to learn how to tell the story rather than announce a fact. Im learning to connect with life as a Christ Follower. People need to hear real people walk through their journey of faith with the same ups and downs as they face. Once were raw and real about whom we are in Christ and understand the importance of living a life of significance then well connect. Our on air talent will continue to be just another voice if we dont get a life and be willing to be vulnerable to share how weve overcome adversity and live our simple triumphs in front of people. Then well connect.


8. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Those who think strategically have my utmost admiration. The stations willing to share and help others grow and become strong are top in my book no matter market size.


9. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

My hope is that weve become community to the markets we serve in connecting with real life with people who have hopes and dreams and desire to grow in their personal faith in Christ. Id love to see our format grow to become in threaded into the fiber of the cities we serve and have real relationships with the people who chose to listen. 



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