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Matt Levy

Promotion Director/PM Drive Personality

WAY-FM / Nashville


Matts' Career Capsule
I began my radio career as an overnight board op during the summer of Ď95 at KWBI in Denver (Inspirational). While doing overnights at KWBI, I would simultaneously intern for the KIMN morning show (Hot AC). Talk about an eclectic experience, Twila Paris at night, Madonna in the morning! I continued to pursue radio in í97 while studying at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. These were the busy years. I picked up an early morning internship at WPNT. From there, I would go straight to my classes. Once classes were over, I went to study in my office where I took on the role of station manager at our campus radio station (WMCR). The internship in Chicago at WPNT (light AC) gave me enough experience to eventually take on a promotions position at WTMX (CHR) in í98. I can remember going to my systematic theology 400 class in the morning, then spearheading a massive promotion at the Hard Rock that night. After living in downtown Chicago for four years, I missed the laid back life of Denver. God eventually opened the doors for me in the Mile High City as morning show producer for KIMN. While in Denver, I married my beautiful wife Kristina. Shortly after, a family of two turned into a family of three, as our daughter Berkley was born. My curiosity of Contemporary Christian radio started to grow. Thatís when God planted us in Nashville at WAY-FM.


1.What events led you to your position at WAY FM?

Starting a family changed my life! I wasnít happy with my position in Denver. I wanted to pursue employment opportunities at a radio station that would allow me to express my faith, and where I could invest a long-term commitment. So, I searched for many hours, mailed many airchecks and resumes. It wasnít long before WAY-FM contacted me.

2. How did your passion for Christian radio develop?

Ever since I caught the contagious radio bug, my desire to see this tool used to further the kingdom of God increased. Christian radio has always been considered sub-par to mainstream radio. After working in both arenas, I (now, more than ever) strive to attain that higher standard every single day.

3. How does God use you in your daily role in Christian radio?

In promotions, I find that God uses those little details to make the greatest difference in a personís life. Things like personally responding to every email, promptly returning phone messages, and sending thank you cards to volunteers, station event contacts, and radio promotions reps at the record labels.

4. What is the one thing you like most about working at WAY FM?

Connecting with the listener during my air shift.

5. In your opinion why is "promotion" important to Christian radio?

Why is promotion important in any radio? I believe promotion is the glue that holds a radio station together. Without promotion, programming suffers, your sales department suffers, and your listenership rarely grows.

6. What kind of promotions work best in Christian radio?

Those promotions that are creative, yet simple. KEEP IT SIMPLE. If itís not simple for you, the listener will surely be confused.

7. What is the one promotion you are most proud to be a part of so far?

WAY-FM Nashville turned 10 years old this year. Our Tenth Anniversary Celebration on April 20th drew more than 16,000 WAY-FM listeners from cities throughout the southeastern United States.

8. What advice could you give to a young person wanting to start a career in Christian radio...especially promotions?

Read Proverbs, do as many internships that you possibly can, and take chances!


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