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Chuck Finney


KLTY / Dallas


Chucks' Career Capsule
-- I've been a believer since September 1998.  My wonderful wife (and Texas native), Lynda, who has been a Christian since her teens, is the most patient woman on earth.  We had been married for 8 years when I chose to give my life to Christ.  She was prayerful and didn't criticize me about it through that whole time.
-- We have two beautiful daughters, Caroline (11) and Catherine (5 1/2).
-- Home for me is Cincinnati.  Started in radio in 1974 during college at Xavier University at the college non-com, WVXU.  Then on-air, mostly overnights, on two CHRs there during college.
-- Became a PD after moving to Louisville in 1980.  Programmed country in Louisville, AC in Flint, CHR in Colorado Springs and Greensboro, before moving to Lansing as a Group PD for Goodrich Broadcasting for four and a half years.  We moved to Buffalo in '91, where I was Group PD for Rich Communications for three years.  Then to Cincinnati in '94, where I was VP/Operations for Secret Communications for another three years.  From '97 to earlier this year, I worked as Operations Manager for Infinity's Oldies WGRR in Cincinnati.  I've been here at 94.9 KLTY since February 2002.


1. How did God put you in His service at 94.9 KLTY?
        Thanks for asking.  It was very much a God thing.  I had felt a strong tug to get into Christian radio for a number of years before Salem Senior VP Rob Adair and 94.9 KLTY's General Manager John Peroyea and I started talking in Fall 2001.  Through seeking His will, we all came to the conclusion that it was the right thing.  And Lynda and I and the girls have been blessed in countless ways since making the move to DFW and 94.9 KLTY earlier this year!


2. What is the most fulfilling aspect to you personally about Christian radio?

        Can I mention three "most important" things?  It's awesome to reach people for Christ while getting to do radio.  Getting to work with a talented, motivated staff like we have is very fulfilling.  And I now work at a station my family can listen to.

3.What do you attribute the recent ratings success at 94.9 KLTY to?

       God.  I was at the Michael W. Smith/Third Day concert last night listening to Smitty sing, "You are the air I breathe" and thinking how profound that is.  Without Him, we wouldn't even have breath.  So, what we're experiencing this year at 94.9 KLTY is all His too.  We've just gotten the opportunity to be the junior partners to the work He's doing here. 

4. How important are ratings for 94.9 KLTY?

        Given that it's the measure of how well we're reaching listeners, they are very important.

5. Do you think 94.9 KLTY can sustain the current ratings?

        This will sound cliche, but Lord willing, we will.  I am sure of this: the ratings will go up at times and they will go down at times.  We're trying to ensure they're in general up.

6. When searching for new CCM radio on air talent what do you look for?

        Frankly, the same things we would look for in any air talent: talent, coachability, work ethic, focus.  We're less concerned about experience in bigger markets than other stations and more concerned about a candidate's ability to get the job done.  And even when we're not looking for a specific opening, we're still looking for great people for future possibilities.

7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

        Our obstacle is also our opportunity: Reaching people beyond the long-time core listener.  There is such a huge demand for positive, uplifting programming without the courseness that's prevalent in much of the media.  For that reason, we have enormous upside.

8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality today?

        Like any strong personality, they need to be able to touch listeners' lives in a real way.  We're blessed to have some incredible talents like Frank Reed, Toni Trueblood, Bonnie Curry, Tony Lopez and Andi Jaxson who do an awesome job of being real, encouraging, positive and fun.

9. What (if any) other Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

        The growth of Salem's Fish CCM stations has truly been extraordinary.   Salem made it possible for those stations to not only get into the format, but to do it in a way that is truly focused on reaching the most listeners and be the most effective for our advertisers.  When you think about the changes the Fish phenomenon has brought about - including reaching millions more people nationwide with Contemporary Christian music - it's amazing! 

10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

        That's up to Him.  Today, things look bright.  We are the format for our time.  And the audience in general is more and more interested in programming that is wholesome, positive, encouraging and uplifting.  We are wonderfully positioned to be a big part of that wave. 


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