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Chuck Knapp

Morning Personality

KTIS 98.5

Minneapolis, MN.



Chuck's Career Capsule

Been on the air for 38 years. In markets such as Fargo, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis.  Married, two daughters. Started planning my radio career at age 8. I've been on many top rated radio stations but KTIS-FM is the finest.  It's God's rocketship.  

1. Chuck after a long extremely successful career in secular radio, how did you make the initial adjustment to Christian radio ?     

1.  The adjustment took several years.  I never could have come directly from KS95 to Christian radio. God placed me on the Promise Keepers staff for four years.  He had alot to show me and He had to get KTIS and it's listeners ready for my style of radio.  He prepares the heart and that often takes time, His not mine.  The leading of the Holy Spirit guided me onto the air in August of 1998 and it was a very tender time but also the counterfeiter was speaking to me and trying to make me as uncomfortable as possible.  "You can't do this, you're not a pastor, you sound silly talking about Jesus over the air."  Just a few of his tactics.

2. What do you see as the main role of today's Christian radio air personality?

I want to lead people to Christ and see that accomplished by breaking down old stereotypes of what the world perceives a Christian to be.  Crabby, judgmental, cold, divided by denominations just to mention a few.  I bring the joy of the Lord onto the air everyday at 5 a.m.  Play that uptempo Praise and Worship music white boy.

3. What preparation is done before you go on the air at KTIS, as opposed to secualar radio?

My show prep remains the same.  Radio is radio.  I show up at 2:45 a.m. every weekday and I can't wait to get here.  My efforts at KTIS-FM are even more dedicated than at anytime in the past.  There's no shortcut to show prep.

4. What are some of the fruits of letting God use your talents in Christian radio?

I give my testimony 40 times a year in local churches and even secular companies like American Express and Northwest Airlines have heard me speak about my "Cornfield or the Cross" experience.  When I get an opportunity to lead someone to Christ, which is really the Holy Spirit through me, it's most rewarding.  This week I got a call from a person who told me a young man stood up before his congregation last Sunday and told them he "gave his life to the Lord while listening to KTIS."  

5. And finally, how would you compare Christian radio today to 5 years ago?

KTIS-FM is light years ahead of 4 years ago.  The music, the presentation, the promos, the discussion, the joy of the Lord abounds.  In morning drive 98.5 FM is Arbitron ranked # 3 in 25-54 and in the top 5 12+ for all radio listening.  That means incredible moments for Kingdom work. The more you reach, the more you have a chance to make an impact for Christ.  Praise the Lord.

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