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DJ Benny Bee


Annointed Sounds Internet Radio

Bronx, N.Y.



Benny Bee's Career Capsule

As far as radio experience, sorry to say, dont have much. I just have a ear for praise and worship.  I remix and mix what you hear on Anointed Sounds. Try to do my little commercials and such.  Whatever I know, the Lord has given my the talent to know and I am sure that he is going to expand my vision on this ministry which is for HIS glory.

1. Tell us about yourself....who is DJ Benny Bee and how did you get where you are today?

My real name is Bernard Gascot, born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y.  Growing up I always had a passion for music.  In reality, I am a behind the scenes guy.  I have always collected record albums and always loved
music.  While I was in the world in my youth I became a DJay mixing music at clubs and parties.  While doing this I felt like I was doing it for the wrong reasons.  In October of 1995 after receiving the Lord as my Savior I began to see that the Lord was just preparing me to do HIS will as HIS servant.  I began takinginterest in the Sound aspect of worship and soon became a sound engineer at my home church.
I strongly believe as it says in HIS word that worship is the most Intimate thing we as HIS creation can do to get close to him.  During prayer and worship strongholds are broken, things are revealed, healings
take place, it's just an awesome experience.


2. Tell us about your internet radio did you get the idea or concept, and how did you get them on the   air....etc?

On "Anointed Sounds Christian Radio" I play Christian Praise & Worship Music as well as Christian Alternative Music. "The Beat Box" is my second station which plays Christian Rap and Hip-Hop music. "Little Angels" is my third station which simply plays Children's Praise and Worship. My
fourth station is "Heavenly GOSPEL". On this station I play Christian R & B as well as Gospel Jams. My last station is "tHE nEW zONE rADIO" which plays Christian Rock and Alternative music. 

My main station is Anointed Sounds.  All the others are sub-stations of Anointed Sounds. While participating in church functions and learning more about worship I found myself just wanting to worship more and more no matter where I was or what I was doing.  At work, I had no kind of
worship music whatsoever. One day I came to learn about live365.  The Lord put in my heart to start Anointed Sounds which has been up and running since December 1, 2000. 

As I prayed the Lord told me to start other stations, so I obeyed.  The rest is in the Lord's  hands, he runs the show, I am just a vessel in use for HIS glory.

3. Who are you trying to reach with your stations and how do you measure the response?

The ultimate vision is to have the first FM Christian radio station in New York City.  We are in need of one!  I am trying to reach the Christians that need that special touch from the Lord and also reach the
lost, the homeless, the backslidden.  I just love to Worship the Lord and I know in my heart that this came from the Lord.  I have received email responses from all over the world, Africa, Japan, United Kingdom,
Switzerland.  It blesses me so much every time I receive an email that tells me that
people are being blessed by these stations and it helps them get through the day and also blesses them at home.

4. What do you think of the impending "CARP" do you think they will affect internet will it affect your stations?

I feel that it will definitely end most or if not all of the internet radio broadcasting industry.The royalty percentage will be too high to pay.  I understand and do believe that the artists should indeed receive royalties if their music is being played on the internet, but not to the extent where small companies or even small personal broadcasters like myself cannot afford to keep things running.  It will most likely lead to me to shut down all the stations. It will get too expensive to maintain.

5. Did you particpate in the internet radio Day of Silence promoted by

No I did not participate with that, I was not aware of that, would I if I had known, would have had to pray on it.

        DJ Benny Bee and Daughter


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