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Jim Beeler

MD / Air Personality


Houston, TX.


Jim's Career Capsule
I started in radio by attending a broadcasting school in Denver in 1973-74. Then, I majored in Communications at the University of Northern Colorado.  While in college, I also worked at a local radio station.  The AM side was an MOR format, but the FM was one of the first all-music Christian stations.  That station is what God used to "hook" me on this format.  I've also worked in Christian radio in Casper WY, Tulsa OK, Minneapolis MN, and Rockford IL.

1. I understand you are relatively new to the staff at KSBJ. Tell us what events led you to your current position?

I had been working at WQFL in Rockford, IL for thirteen years, and was sensing that a change was coming.  Last October, I saw an internet posting of this position, and after praying, felt I should act on it. The posting came one day after I had been telling God that I would do whatever He wanted me to, even if it was no longer radio.  Thankfully, He wanted me here, and I started the Monday after Thanksgiving.

2.Give us a peek behind the scenes at KSBJ. What's the music selection process, who's involved, what criteria are considered when adding songs, etc...etc?

When we choose music, it's a small group effort.  Once a week, I bring new releases into a meeting with our PD, Jon Hull, and our APD, Tom Carter.  We listen to the new tunes, and decide what fits, and what moves to make on our playlist.  Two hours later, Jon and I call our consultant, Brad Burkhart, and run the decisions by him.  Our criteria for choosing a song:  Will our target listener "get it"?  Will she understand the words and their meaning first time through?  Does it fit with our AC format?  Does the song and the artist's lifestyle glorify God?  Will this song make a great recurrent someday?

3. How does it feel to be a part of a station with the heritage of KSBJ?  How does PD Jon Hull keep the staff focused and on the same page?  

KSBJ does have a heritage of excellence in ministry.  The station has always been able to meet the needs of the listener while playing the best of the best contemporary Christian music.  When I first arrived here, I was blown away by the level of staff professionalism on all levels, and in all departments.  PD Jon Hull and GM Tim McDermott are exceptional at keeping the vision in front of us; the vision that God gets the glory, and the listeners' needs get met.  We meet once or twice a week for staff chapel, where we pray for the needs of the ministry and personal needs.  Everyone is encouraged to keep a strong prayer life.

4.When it comes to your personal ministry, can you relate of any times you felt God used you in a special way while on the air?

It happens very often.  On the air, we are encouraged to let the Holy Spirit minister through us, but only when it's truly His leading. 

5. How does a station as big as KSBJ stay focused on the ministry. Do issues ever arise that  you feel may be a compromise?

That's just it.  The fact that KSBJ is so big, and has so many listeners throughout SE Texas, helps remind us that every decision we make, every song we play, every word we speak, is that much more important. That alone keeps us focused on the people God is ministering to through us.

6. With all the changes in the radio industry what would you say to young person choosing radio as a career?

I would tell young people to:

    a. Take God's ministry very seriously
    b. Don't take yourself too seriously
    c. Study your craft thoroughly
    d. Work hard and enjoy the ride
7. What do you think is the role of today's Christian radio on air personality ?

We still need to connect one-on-one with the listener in a relevant, contemporary, conversational way.  The world is whizzing by us at break-neck speed.  And radio is only one small part of what's important to most people.  If we can cut through the clutter, even for a moment, and bring a sense of hope, God's peace and love.............and, yes, them, then God will get the glory for changed lives


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