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Kimberly Bindel

Morning Show Co-host


Salem Radio Network





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Kimberly's Career Capsule
Radio was not “my” original plan.  As a single mom with two small children I worked through college and was asked to be a guest on our university’s radio station.  It only took one time and I was hooked on radio and knew it was something I really wanted to do as a “hobby.”  I went on to complete my Bachelors Degree in Psychology thinking I would become a counselor. God had other plans!  I have been in radio since 1994, with previous stations including my college station- Wayland's KWLD- Plainview, TX.  My first morning co-hosting job was in South Dakota -Rapid City's KSLT.  I moved back to Texas and worked the weekends for Free 107 in Lubbock.  God moved me to Nashville and I worked for WAY-FM.  I also spent some time with Salem's XM station - The Fish.  I have co-hosted “Your Family Friendly Morning Show-Doug and Kim” for Salem Radio Network for the past 7 years.


1. How has the economic situation affected your station? Any changes?

The economic situation has certainly affected our station locally and as a network.  As a team we have had to come together stronger then we ever have before to keep our clients who are affected by the economic situation as well.  We have had to open wide the creative flow and honestly do radio in a new way.  Surprisingly creating an on air and on-line store of our clients services has truly helped to keep the ship afloat.  We just have to stay creative, keep up good radio.  It’s been a tough challenge but our listenership is up!!!  God’s using this to shake us up a bit and I think that’s a good thing.


2. How has your morning show evolved or changed over the last few years?

I think we have truly grown and invested ourselves in our listeners- built that relationship and sense of family.  We have built yearly traditions that our listeners look forward to. (I.e. our Christmas Novelty song contest.)  We continue to push ourselves to find creative ways to connect in the very short time we have between songs.  I do have to say the older I get, the years of radio that seem to fly by- I find that I come back to the simple fact that I am truly blessed that God would use me to effect a persons life in such a personal way.


3. What morning show topics seem to be hot right now?

The topic that seems to be hot for us right now is money saving ideas.  From making your own laundry soup, to getting free movie rentals, to saving big on groceries-  Our listeners have helped us connect on the internet to some amazing websites that save big during this tough economic time.  One of the big lines of thinking that Doug and I have lived by for our morning show has been that there shouldn’t be anything we can’t talk about - meaning if mainstream radio is talking about the octomom we can be talking about that too with the spin of where we as Christians should be on the subject.  Not all topics are worth our time but in the past we have had listeners say “thanks for your insight; I was just going along with all the mean jokes.”  The point is to be in the world, to not be afraid to talk about these things but to point them to the One who can take the subject of the day and cut deep into our soul.


4. What is the advantage of being syndicated such as your show is?

I think the advantage of being a syndicated show is connecting with so many different kinds of people.  I think it challenges Doug and me to focus on topics that are universal.  Surprisingly it tends to bring us all in a little tighter.  Topics that focus on what we are all feeling right now with the economy, our families and the future balanced with a little escapism and entertainment have worked for us.  Our show over the last 7 years has revolved around a lot of humor!!!  Make them laugh but keep it real!!


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian morning shows?

Oh I think those that involve Chick-fil-a!!!  Doug and I have our Lunch for a Bunch Promotion with Chick-fil-a and each Wednesday we go into a business where many times the winner is the only listener.  It’s a super grassroots approach….we love it and I always know what I am eating for lunch on Wednesday. Ha ha


6. Do you use any show prep services… tell why or why not?

We do.  The more input into the creative flow the better.  Some services have been better than others over the years.  We all know there are seasons of creative flow and seasons when the well tends to run dry.   Having that tool has sparked game ideas, call in topics and just pushed us in general not to get boxed in with the same old thing.


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian morning radio today?

Ourselves.  The truth is that listeners love waking up with that radio “family’.  It’s relational or as we like to over use these days – it’s emo with purpose.  If we move away from that too much, we will lose our listeners.


8. Do you think there will be more or less morning syndication in the future of Christian radio?

That is a good question……I think a lot of that depends on how leaders will lead.


9. What (if any) Christian radio morning shows do you consider as innovators today?

Wow.  I really do not have a whole lot of opportunities to keep up with my other morning radio friends.  I have always had great respect for my friends Kevin and Taylor in Atlanta and the crew at KLTY.  Honestly I believe it takes all of us to cover the ground God has called us to and my prayer is that we are not wasting one minute of our listener’s time.


10. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

ALIVE AND KICKIN’!!!  Continuing on with what we have been called to….to point the morning listener to the One who holds the day that will follow in the palm of His Hands.



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