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Kevin & Taylor
“Morning Show Co-Hosts” Although Kevin prefers to be referred to as ‘The guy who taught Lincoln Brewster how to play guitar’ and Taylor prefers ‘Her Ladyship’. No one honors either request.




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Kevin & Taylor's Career Capsule
Kevin and Taylor in the Morning began at Way-FM in West Palm Beach in April of 1998 when Taylor found Kevin renting umbrellas on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. We moved to Atlanta to start The Fish in 2000 and so far no one has caught on yet that we really have no idea what we are doing.

1.  How has the economic situation affected your station? Any changes?

Everyone is tightening their belts and we haven’t been an exception to that. For a commercial radio station that means we have had to run leaner and work harder.

We’ve also started doing the announcements on-air for a local elementary school. In return the whole staff gets free lunches. Love those tator-tots. J (To our sales staff…this is a joke. We don’t really do this. Please don’t look for a sponsorship.) 


2. How has your morning show evolved or changed over the last few years?

We’ve always tried to stay true to some basic guiding principles. Focus on the target demo and always try to present the ‘welcoming heart of God’. It seems to work!

The biggest change for us was stepping down from the dual roles of Programming and Promotions so that we could focus on what we love, the Morning Show. It’s been the best move we’ve ever made.


3. What morning show topics seem to be hot right now?

Relationships and getting people to talk about how they feel about what’s going on in their lives. We don’t believe that genuine care and concern will ever go out of style.


4. What is the advantage of being live and local such as your show is?

We don’t have to deal with the big salary issues like a syndicated show does. I mean, someone like a Ryan Seacrest has to stress about where to keep his yacht in the summer. We are free from that type of stress and we consider that a huge advantage.

Seriously though, we try to find a local angle on everything that we do. We also try to make every element on our show unique to ‘us’. The question we’ll ask when prepping for an interview is ‘How can we make this sound like it can only happen on Kevin and Taylor- what can we do to make this uniquely our own.’ 


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian morning shows?

We tried “Free Beer and Hot Wings” and were really surprised when that didn’t go over very well. The only people that liked it were from record companies. (To our GM…this is a joke. We didn’t really give away Beer and Hot Wings. The part about record reps liking the idea is true.)

We like to have contests that have entertainment value for the vast majority of people that will never participate in radio contesting. For instance, we had passes and food coupons for the local Greek Festival. So we created a contest called ‘Opie or Opah’ where you had to identify something as either being found in Ancient Greece or in Mayberry.


6. Do you use any show prep services… tell why or why not?

We use Ross Britain and we get some stuff from Randy Lane too. We never use them ‘as is’, we always tweak or customize the material they have. Real life is the greatest show prep. Between the two of us we have 2 spouses, 4 kids and 4 dogs…it’s a virtual show-prep machine!


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian morning radio today?

We would like to answer this question in the opposite. We believe that there are great opportunities for Christian radio right now. People are a bit shell-shocked from all that we’ve been through as a country including the bottom falling out of the economy. It’s left a lot of people looking for answers and something to hold onto. Our format has the answer! We’ve got the very thing that people are thirsting for; it’s our job to connect with them and offer them the hope only found in Jesus.

We also believe that Christian morning radio can play a vital role in reawakening the church to get down to the business of being the church. We can spur listeners on to express their faith in their communities and the world with acts of love, kindness and service, especially to the poor and needy.

To quote Steve Fee;  “Come on, come on, your kingdom is comin…Come on, come on, come on, let your kingdom come down!”  Don’t just play songs with lyrics like that; help facilitate it happening! Be a part of the conspiracy! (Nice plug- eh Steve! Gotta take care of the ATL! Call us dude, let’s hook up.)


8. What (if any) Christian radio morning shows do you consider as innovators today?

There is so much great talent and energy in a lot of different day parts in Christian radio right now, it would be hard to pick just one. The staff here at The Fish is really talented as are the folks at KLTY. We enjoy a lot of the talent on K-LOVE and Air 1. Scott and Sam in Seattle are really fun. See what we mean? So many folks in Christian radio are working hard everyday to stay relevant and reach out to their communities.


9. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

Peoria. Every Christian Morning show will be based in Peoria. (To the people of Peoria…this is a joke. As much as we love your fine city, we do not want to live there.)


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