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Jayar Reed


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Jayar's Career Capsule
Afternoons on THE JOYFM Network- Since January 2008/Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota-Clearwater-Gainesville... Previously- Total Axxess – Nashville... Way FM Network- Afternoons... MAGIC 93.1 Boise- Morning host... AIR 1 - Evenings ... KISS 106.1 Seattle... STAR 101.5 Seattle


1. How has your show evolved or changed over the last few years?

I’ve spent the past 2.5 years targeting a much older woman on the air. Which I like. The music has changed but the show I do happens between the songs so that hasn’t affected the evolution of the content. Personally though… it’s all about what happens when I leave the building. Working for 4 radio stations currently has me constantly processing life in terms of bits. I guess it can make one go mad. But construction workers cut/jam their fingers… I on the other hand stare blankly at my wife as she’s opening up to me about something that happened with the kids earlier in the day- all that’s in my head is “what a great bit! I’ve got to write it down before it leaves me” ( I love my wife- this is just my occupational hazard)


2. How important is social networking to Christian Radio personalities?

I only speak for myself…I am trying to guard myself. I want all my focus on the folks listening through their dashboard. If I work hard making it good and it ends up good…people will find a way to pull the audio up through their FBook, Twitter, Cell Phone, Web Site, Shoe, cavity, where ever.

I think management has the task of figuring out how the Social Network sites and technologies get the product out there. I am proud of THE JOYFM management and Daniel Anstandig for their leadership in the SocNet realm and the way they’ve baptized the station into new technology. More importantly, I appreciate Jeff/Carmen letting me focus on the very difficult task of cultivating this cartoon character of myself that I’ve been building for 2 ½ years. I personally use Twitter as a news source but I’ve backed off on how much I talk about it on air. Fbook is just about fair game to drop any time. Works great for contests and replaying audio as well.


3. What show topics seem to be hot right now?

Real life. I carry a notebook with me in my bag everywhere I go. Just because the bit idea makes the notebook doesn’t mean its fit for air. It’ll sit there til its ready. Bits change every day as life does. Today it was about my 7 year old’s task of trimming my hair tonight with clippers in order to save money. Yesterday I hit on the Silly band craze and how my wife and I use them as disciplining tools. (Until you are sitting down to lunch at Olive Garden and people walking by notice that mom and dad have both arms covered in Silly bands but their 3 kids aren’t wearing any because they’ve been losing them all because they were disobedient!) Obviously different day parts have different challenges.

Lara Scott at 11am in LA rolling over song intros still manages to be compelling in a short amount of time.
Sarah and Tom with mad Seattle drive home traffic are able to take a station liner and make it seem like the event is gonna be a party even if its a 99 percent rain chance.
Our morning show can pull off serious local news but still be light hearted.
The Stone's in NY do a great job with topics that even the unmarried can connect with.
For me its the challenge of not having a voice to bounce things off, so for now I wear out our receptionists extension!


4. What can Christian Radio do to develop young talent?

I am very grateful that some of Americas best PD's took time with me 12 years ago...legends like Casey Keating (SF/SEA) and Mike Preston (NY/SEA).
Passion gets the kid in the door. But The radio station must be equipped with someone who’s been a solid jock in this new era in order to cut the fat off of a young personality. I think a good consultant/talent coach can notice things to make them better… BUT…. After that… the only way to get them to the dominating level is to leave them alone! The talent has to find that magic on their own w/o too many voices speaking into this character they are developing. They'll go "van-gogh" and become crazy and stiff. Some will find that dominating level and others will spend the rest of their careers dancing between brilliance or mediocrity. You can make a living doing that dance but it’s a frustrating one for artistic people ;) I don’t know much. Those are just my thoughts based on my experiences.


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian afternoon shows?

I do a solo afternoon show. So for me it’s all about doing a break at a time. Picturing the show as a dude juggling 8 balls in the air. Maybe the 8 are: an interview, silly band conversation, station promotion, weather, traffic, crazy bit ect… juggling all of that in a 4 hour shift is not the hard part. Making every one of those balls relevant at all times is where one earns their money as a talent. It’s easy to get lazy and forget that. I may as well shut the mic off, put it in auto and go home if I am having a day where all eight balls in the air are starting to sound routine rather than interesting.


6. Do you use any show prep services… tell why or why not?

(referring to me and not making an assessment for anyone else) No. Using info in a prep service and giving my spin on it makes me too robotic. I don’t have good enough takes to make someone stick around for my opinion on the latest news or info. I have to go the other way or I become white noise. Plus I forgot our password and username for our station subscription ;)


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian air personalities today?

The more I talk to friends in radio the more I think air personalities are 1) “grateful for their jobs” 2) over worked and under paid like the rest of the country and thus able to give on air only what they have left in their cup when the mic gets turned on. I am grateful that THE JOYFM is working hard to allow me to be free and loose so I can focus on that huge task on my plate… Entertaining/Encouraging for 4 hours.


8. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio?

Truthfully. I’m not smart enough for this question. I truly have no clue. Ask Anstandig!


9. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

Let me just brag on a couple guys that not too many people mention.

a) Nate Thomas- when it comes to young programmers that will be leading the charge in 15 years… keep Nate’s “rookie card”. I’m proud of what he is doing in New England (WLCQ Springfield, MASS). In the year 2025 AD he’ll be mentioned in the same conversation with amazing leaders such as Jeff Connell and Scott Harold.

b) JD Hanks (OM- Wayfm Charleston) … a blue chip prospect in Christian radio! Every station I’ve seen him go to he’s over worked the salary within a year. Now he’s in his first Christian gig and I will enjoy watching him enhance every station he ever goes to... as a matter of fact I’ve tried to get him to join mine since his talents caught my eye in Boise…

c) Matthew Reid 103.3 WODS FM in Boston. (NOT in Christian Radio) A radio mentor from my days at KISS in Seattle and now is a man filled with the Spirit of God. Not sure if our Creator will open the door for him to lead a Christian station but it would sure be great!


10. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

Charlie Chaplin made people laugh. So did Jerry Lewis. So does Jim Gaffigan. So does Brant Hansen. Who cares about the tech side and how people are listening. If Christian radio shows (no matter the day part) can focus on the art of being great entertainers then they can dominate. If a show is truly entertaining… it can then add a component that most General Market shows can’t… The addition of the Spirit into a show! Our jocks and songs can literally change the air in a car! When brilliant talents collide with the infusion of the Spirit and then the music is doing the same thing simultaneously …. UNSTOPPABLE.



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