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Jayar's Career Capsule

I was derailed by 8 months of radio school only to give up and walk into a Seattle radio station … best decision I ever made!! Stood before Casey Keating at KPLZ in Seattle and said… “I want to be on the air can you make it happen?” The road began there. The next 4 years in Seattle I went from the top 40 to the Hot AC and back again. Doing any shift I could get for little money, little sleep, little life outside of radio! From there I hit Sacramento, Reno, Boise, Missoula and numerous other stations before landing at Total Axxess in Nashville.

1. Tell us about your show Total Axxess and how it was conceived?

Total Axxess is an evening show sent out to 96 affiliates and growing. Based out of WayFM Nashville we are heard from the beaches of South Florida to the seal covered shores of Oregon! Cliff Tredway started Total Axxess a couple years ago when he arrived at WayFM Nashville and the show has grown into this machine that’s out of control! The show passes through this filter each night: “The radio show that gives you Total Axxess to the artists you love!” … we try to live by that. Whether it means touring Matthew West’s house on the air or going swimming with Jars of Clay .. we try to take our core artists and present them to our listeners in a light they’ve never seen them in… out of the box!


2. What can of prep do you do to prepare for your show every night?

Each nights show is planned out a week ahead. It seems every day my producer Shimmy and I are off some where in Nashville getting audio ready for a show that’s still a week or so away… We brainstorm the out of the box ideas and then work our tails off trying to pull it off! 


3. How do you personally keep the ministry in the business?

The same way I do when I’m out hanging with friends… whether they are believers or not … it’s just about being real. Translating that onto the air waves each night means… being real!!! Showing your humanness on the air… relating with the listeners about real life and not tossing useless mumbo jumbo on the air. So when it comes to ministry. First off the music does the ministering for the most part, but when there is a chance to go the spiritual route on the show … I definitely go there  “IF” it’s compelling and evokes emotion… If I can’t get the listener to stick around how is anything going to minister to them.


4. Why should a station air Total Axxess?   

I am a harsh critic of CCM radio. I’m not the best jock in the world and this isn’t the best show in the world… but I was a product growing up of bad CCM radio… I guess un-relatable is a better word. Let me be honest. I had reservations of hopping from mainstream into CCM radio. I took this job because I felt the management of TA and Wayfm wanted to do something ground breaking. Do a show that first of all gave your listeners a spotlight into the lives/homes of their favorite artists… but also a chance to do a show in Christian music that was real!!!  I have an amazing team around me that gives me the chance to pull this off each night. From program Director Dave Senes to my producer Shimmy and all the uppers WayFM nationwide. The momentum is unreal. Recently signing up The Refuge Radio Network… JQ in Grand Rapids … When you look at the evening options across the board in Christian radio I think this is the show you have to have! Passionate people giving 150% to relate with the listeners and give them access to Toby Mac, 3rd Day, Audio A on and on each night …


5. What kind of promotions work best for your show?  

Over the past 3 months we’ve done some crazy stuff:

* Flew in 2 listeners for a BBQ in Toby Mac’s backyard

* Acted out famous movie scenes with Michael W Smith and gave away a trip for 2 to Nashville to have a dinner Thanksgiving weekend and hang with Smitty!

* For 2 weeks I hopped aboard Toby Mac’s tour bus along with Matthew West, Barlow Girl, and John Reuben… doing the show live from a different city each night

* Toured Matthew West’s house live on the air…

* Currently taking votes at for the 1st ever TA radio awards… Of those who vote… one listener and a friend win a trip to Nashville to give out a Dove Award on stage at the GMA music awards           

* In March we kick off Cell Phone Superstar 2… like American Idol but on a Cell Phone. Winner receives a trip for 2 to Denver to go to workshops at GMA in the Rockies and then gets flown to Nashville to record BGV’s on the next Matthew West album

* April- I go back on the road with Building 429 and Tait over 4 weeks doing the show live from a different city..

The theme? … Giving listeners access to stuff they can’t buy!


6. How do you think Christian Record labels can better serve Christian radio?

Believe in what we are doing. It’s not the norm so people are hesitant to try something out of the box. Also understanding that when you get your artist in front of ¾ of a million people each night the exposure is the most important thing. An artist will get their spins but artists like Toby Mac understand that developing a relationship with my listeners is more important than the amount of times “Burn for you” is spun on the show.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

Catering to legalism. I’m guilty of it to but when I make this show sound like it’s a “Christian club” … I’m not relating like I should be.  It’s a fine line balancing culture and God on the air. Jon Frost/Tommy Kramer describes it with a simple graphic. One circle is culture. The other circle is God and spirituality… push those 2 circles closer to each other until they overlap and there is your sweet spot in the middle. I don’t want to make this show sound like it’s a Christian church pot luck. Non believers can come if they want but you’ll be sitting alone in the corner with the casserole you brought. I just want to be a dude on the air that talks about stuff that applies to my listener’s life. I think if they can trust that I am a God fearing believer … then they’ll trust me when I merge into “culture”… I won’t say something that will ruin their trust.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality today?

Relate. Know your audience. I just don’t believe that they are all missionary Christians. 95% of the Christians I know only enter a Church on Sundays… they watch this movie or listen to that mainstream station… I think we are missing the mark on the air. If it’s not evoking emotion or hitting her where she is at… why am I saying it? If I go on the air thinking that the listener cares about my opinions… I’m mistaken… if I can evoke emotion… they’ll remember me.


9. What (if any) other Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Oh my gosh I have no clue. I’m sure there are stations out there and shows who are innovating but I just have never had a spare second in my day to listen. Probably the same reasons tons of PD’s don’t know Total Axxess. I also have only been on the CCM side for a short time so I have no history with a bunch of stations. I will throw 3 names out… I think Dave Arthur in Portland is an innovator…he’s walked me through this journey into the Christian side of radio… also in conversations with Johnny Stone I can tell this man “gets it” ... and also knowing the folks at KTSY Boise… they get it… I’m sure there are more I just have never had a chance to listen...and I have also loved working with Bryan O'neal on numerous occasions….


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

IT’S MY PRAYER that Christian radio pulls a Switchfoot!!! I pray we are less concerned with making “Christian radio” … but rather more focused on being believers ”who work hard to make great radio”. I believe God will use us but lets put a great product out there. Switchfoot-factor! They don’t spend their time trying to define themselves as a band… they are too exhausted trying to love on people like God asked them to


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