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Jack Davis

Operations Director





Jack's Career Capsule
Jack Davis has been in radio for over 18 years. He started at the age of 16 in a little 500 watt AM station, KVIN, in Vinita, OK.  He worked early Sunday morning playing Contemporary Christian music from his cassettes & CDs.  He has been all over the Midwest with most of his career in country.  Along the way he has done some part-time work for KSBJ (Houston) & KOBC (Joplin, MO).  Jack’s first shot at full-time Christian radio was in 2003 for KCXR (The Kross) in Tulsa, OK.  He left there to Program KWOF in Cedar Rapids, IA & decided the south was warmer.  Jack joined WAY-FM (WAYH) in Huntsville, AL. in 2007 as Operations Director.


1. Personally how do you keep the ministry in the “business”? 

My ministry is being of service to our listener.  Serving her with a “whatever it takes” attitude is one of the most important things we do.  A lot of radio is about the “personality” and it needs to be about her, our listener.


2. Overall, how is Christian radio different today, from 5 years ago?

More stations & PDs have been buying into the strategic thinking of John Frost & other guys cut from the same cloth.  Reflecting what the listener thinks or cares about is happening more often instead of preaching at her.


3. What do you think are the main characteristics of today’s Christian radio PD?

A servant, a strategic thinker, and patient


4. What criteria do you require for a song to be played on your station?

The song needs to connect with the listener’s life.  We also have to ask ourselves if the song fits the mission & purpose of the radio station.


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian radio?

The best promotions should reinforce who we are & what we are about.  We were a little over a month away from our Valentine Banquet with Jimmy Needham & we had already sold out.  This is an intimate evening for couples only who will be pampered & served by our staff.  They will be the “stars” for the night.


6. How do you think Christian Record labels can better serve Christian radio?

The labels already do a great job with helping.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

The biggest obstacle is being relevant for our listener.  Just because we are in Christian radio doesn’t mean we can get away with being second rate.  We should sound just as good (if not better) than our secular counterparts.  Again, I’m seeing this improve already but we need to be ongoing students of what we do.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality?

To be relevant & reflect what the listener is thinking & feeling.  We need to know what she is talking about & then make sure we’re talking about the same thing.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

WAY-FM!!!  I don’t say that because I work for WAY-FM.  I say that because I believe in what they do.  They are always looking for strategic ways to improve & evolve with technology. The last time I answered this question I didn’t work for WAY-FM but I still listed them.  Hey, it helped!!!


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

Christian radio will continue to grow.  I feel the mainstream stations will start to see us as major players in the ratings game because we’re able to offer a safe alternative for families that they are not able to provide.  I also see new media / technology becoming a big part of what we do & how we do it.


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