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Faron Dice

Affiliate Manager

Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network

Colorado Springs



Farons' Career Capsule
Faron has been in CCM for 20 years, and he says he avidly reads HisAir.Net interviews, but he asked if we would go deeper with him in this interview.  He wanted to talk about more than “what is your role at CHRSN?”…So we did!   

1. What is your background?

Hey I was named after a country singer!  (See picture)  I was destined to be involved in music somehow. I can’t sing, so why not radio?  I’ve noticed a lot of “wanna-be” singer and musicians are in this field. I’ve also had the privilege of working along side some CCM radio greats…Dan Popp, Dean O’Neil, Jim McDermott, Jon Hull, Mark Pluimmer, Rick McConnell, Therese Romano, Sandi Brown, Tim Marx, Mike Couchman, James Dobson, John Fuller (and the people I’m working with now at WAY-FM, too).  I love Christian radio! Radio gigs:   KCVO- Central MO, KGNM- St Joseph, MO, KLTE- Kirksville, MO, KBIQ- Colorado Springs, CO, Word in Music Satellite Network- Colorado Springs, WLGH- The Light- Lansing, MI,  and Focus on the Family.


2. How did you wind up at in your current position at CHRSN?

After doing the on-air thing and the PD thing for 15 years, the Lord lead me to start working with Christian radio stations “off the air” at Focus on the Family.  I was hired at Briargate Media to be a radio station rep.  I found out that I love it. I was paid to talk radio all day.  Now at CHRSN, I’m doing the same thing.  I talk with radio stations all day every day about airing the best Christian music satellite network in the world! 


3. What have you learned talking to Christian radio stations all over the country? 

Lots of things.  Here are the top 3:

1. There are still a lot of GMs, owners, boards, and PDs that want to do it there way.  They don’t care if research shows differently.  They’ve made up their mind.

2. There are still a lot of PDs, DJs, and GMs with a great vision and great goals, but their station is held back by lack of finances.   

3.The best Christian radio stations have dealt with the above two issues.


4. What do you think Christian radio needs to do in the next 5 years?

I want to be like Consultant Mike McVay, who said, “I’m not an expert in radio, I am a student of radio.”  Here’s my list of “things I’ve learned, so far.” 

1. Christian radio hasn’t changed the world yet, but it does impact individual lives.  Every station is making an impact!!!   However, the more professional you are, the more lives you will impact.  

2.  Invest in research.  At least check into it.  You might be able to afford it?   Can you afford not to?

3.  If you’re a PD, but you are too busy with other duties to actually spend time listening to your station and to aircheck your staff, you must talk to your boss.  If you can see things aren’t going to change, find another station.

4.  If you’re a PD, hire on-air people that are better than you are.  Don’t be in-secure.

5.  Roy Williams is a genius.  I want to learn to use words like he does.   

6.  Conflict between sales and programming is a good thing.  Don’t look at it as a bad thing.  The best station scenario includes an aggressive PD and an aggressive Sales/Underwriting Manager.  This will lead to tension, but also to a great balance.

7.  My radio job is not my ministry.  It’s my job.  It’s great that I get to minister on the job, but it’s not my ministry.  My ministry is still with my family and my church.

8.  Radio DJs can sell, too.  I never thought I was a salesperson.  Now I realize I can be.  If you’re a PD and you need money, talk to your boss and then go sell some Underwriting, or get into Donor Development.  Take it on yourself that you might need to make it happen financially in order to make it happen.

Last thoughts?

I did an article for CRW a few months ago.  I asked some well-known radio pros what General Market radio stations think (today) about Christian radio.  I’ll never forget this from Dan O’Day.  “They rarely think about Christian music radio.  They also think it's quite like college radio: Undisciplined, capricious, unprofessional, holier-than-thou. Finally, on the air talent side, populated by burned out, multi-divorced, multi-bankrupted, former alcoholics and ex-junkies who couldn't compete in secular commercial radio.”

I get challenged when I read this!


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