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Jeremy Burgess

Assistant Program Director

KKFS "The Fish"




Jeremys' Career Capsule
Weekends KNCI, Nights KATM, Nights KRST, Mornings KOSO, Afternoons KDND the after well needed secular radio career cleansing....Middays at KKFS
1. How did you wind up at KKFS?

I left a bad personal experience at KDND.  Great radio station but I didn't belong there.  I retired from radio really content I would never work in the industry again.  God had different plans, I found the Fish and thought I might give it one last shot.  Steve Sunshine (former PD) really pushed me professionally and conviced me I still had something to offer.  Landing here was the best decision I've made.

2. What is the most fulfilling aspect to you personally about Christian radio?

No compromise.  I don't compromise my faith here, that was a habit of mine in the past that bit me in the butt one too many times.  I also believe in the format, I am the demo. Except for the fact that I'm a guy.  It's real radio, reaching people exactly where they are at...right smack in the middle of their busy lives,  searching sometimes for just enough grace to get through the day.  That's real and that's what this format is.

3.How has God used you in your role at KKFS?

Hard to answer,  I pray He isn't done using me.  Because of the radio station, He has given me the opportunity to work closely with groups who I line up with on social issues.  I'm honored to be a spokesperson for groups like "Teens For Life".  So, in my role here, He has challenged to step up and stand up for issues I wouldn't have stood up for before.  I've been called a "Christian social activist" before.

4. What is the criteria that determines if a song receives airplay on your station?

How much free stuff I can be given.  What have they done for me lately?  Just kidding.

You never know where a hit is going to come from.  With that said, I lean on research, I want to know what "Jackie" wants to hear.  It might not be what you assume it is.  Scott Riggans "I Love You Lord" is a perfect example.  Here's a guy who pushed it himself on some advice from a friend of his and it's now one of our biggest songs.  You also can't base it on the artist's last song, because "Jackie" typically doesn't keep track of that.  All she knows is what sounds good to her and what's speaking to her right then.  And everyone is capable of recording a stiff.

5. What kind of promotions work best for your station?

I believe in giving stuff away.  No hoop jumping, no guessing, just give it away.  If you have to listen for a song in the 5pm hour, I believe you should tell them exactly when it will play. The lives of our demo, most of the time, are a little too busy to camp out by the radio for even an hour to listen for something.  Promotions that allow us to get out and touch people.  We have had 2 really successful garage sales right here in our parking lot.  Hundreds of people participating and thousands shopping, that's alot of people to touch.

6. How do you think Christian Record labels can better serve Christian radio?

That question can be asked the other way around, too.  We both need to realize and act like we are both on the same team.  I think, we can butt heads too much.  There's alot of great great people on that side of the fence and and a few have become pretty good friends of mine.  Keep giving me hits and free stuff doesn't hurt either!  (wink, wink)

7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

I would say that not being taken seriously.  Only a handful of Christian stations have been able to break that barrier in which they are looked at as a viable competitor in a market.  I don't want to be compared to the other Christian station in town, I want to be compared to the other formats in town.  We all need to strive for access to that playing field.

8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality today?

That's pretty simple.  Be real, be honest, be yourself.  We all don't live perfect lives so don't pretend like you do.  I think that is what will eventually commit a listener to the station.  Talk with her, let her know that you are going through the same things she is.  Kids, spouses, (or lack of spouse), life, money, etc.

9. What (if any) other Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today? far.  They set the stage for the way things need to be done.  I am also very partial to all my fellow Fishes.  We (as Fish stations) are extremely fortunate to have some of the best programmers and brightest talent this industry can offer.

10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

Grabbing shares in markets all over the country.  Finally in a position of power, viability and profitability in every market we're in.  A people promotions machine that is introducing Christ to new listeners everyday, causing others to have to compete with us rather than the other way around.  And how do we do that?  By living it, not talking about it.....but living it, breathing it, in and out every day.


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