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Pete/Lisa's Career Capsule
(Pete) After 24 years in secular radio playing the same songs in different order, I was just plain tired of pretending it was fun. The Lord had been working on my heart for several reasons over the past decade. In the late 80’s Lisa and I had merely hoped that one day we could start our own VO company. In 1996 we actually did. Our mission statement was the same then, as it is now – Glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the gifts he has lent us. Our ministry is providing Christian radio and TV national quality VO at a reasonable cost. We saw a very real need to “raise the bar” for the kingdom! It’s also neat to work with my wife, both of us doing a job we enjoy!
1. Tell us about how you started your own VO business?

(Lisa) Spoken Word Images sprang from our desire to give back to God for his many blessings. When we started, the office was in our bedroom. We didn’t build our own studio until May 2000. (Pete) Initially I was doing volunteer work at a local Christian TV station.


2. What is the most fulfilling aspect to you personally about working with Christian radio stations?

(Pete) To know my words may be impacting someone either to come to know, or grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. (Lisa) During Sharathons, I enjoy hearing the personal testimonies from people who have come to know the Lord because they listen to Christian radio.


3. In your opinion what is the most frustrating aspect about Christian radio?

(Lisa) Dealing with programmers that are stuck in a rut. They’ve been running the same tired liners and promos for 20 years and don’t see a need to change. (Pete) I agree. It’s folks that have a “that’s good enough” or “we’ve always done it this way” attitude. It’s tough convincing someone who doesn’t see the need or value. More times than I care to remember I’ve had Christian radio station managers ask me, “So what exactly is voiceover?”


4. How do you think production/imaging fits into a station's big picture?

(Pete) It’s as vital as the programming and the air staff. (Lisa) Terrific production sets a station apart. When the quality goes up, hopefully so does listenership.


5. What do you say to the Christian broadcaster who says they can't afford station imaging?

(Pete) That’s just not true. As a former rock PD, I know how budgets work. Often pet projects, unnecessary equipment, trips for “research”, and trinkets find their way into the line-items. Successful stations always provide the tools and resources to get the mission done right. What it amounts to is a priority and planning issue. (Lisa) Put station imaging in your budget next year and then give us a call!


6. How can outside production services such as yours help PD's make their station better?

(Pete) Fresh, professional VO speaks new life into a station. (Lisa) A station voice can tie everything together and give the station continuity…IDs, liners, promos, etc. give the station a tighter sound when recorded by voices outside of your market. Spoken Word Images also offers commercial production. Many Christian stations have a skeleton crew to run the day to day operation. It sounds terrible to hear the same voice on every spot back-to-back. It does the clients a disservice.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

(Pete) Not compromising the Gospel. Balancing the preaching of the Word and playing good tunes. It can, and is being done. The other issue is to attract and keep a talented staff. Owners must offer real world wages and benefits.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality today?

(Pete) Be a real person. We all have a “personality” – use it! Be genuine, vulnerable, likable and not Mr. Mike Raphone.


9. What (if any) other Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

(Lisa) The Family Life Network based in Bath, NY has terrific personalities that are down to earth and relatable to the listener. They’re fun on-air, have fantastic production value, and mix in some solid bible teaching with contemporary Christian music. K- Love is a strong example of getting Christian music out to the masses. Some of the on-air personalities can be a little corny, but K-Love’s production is often tight and gets the message across. The unfortunate part about K-Love’s dominance is the squeeze out factor of Christian stations that are already in a market. It hopefully will force stations to step-up their sound and production value or tweak their formats, but more than likely it might put some “mom and pop” stations out of business. (Pete) I’ve always admired WMHK-Columbia. WMBI-Chicago also “gets it.” And many of the Salem Fish stations do too!


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

(Pete) See?? We’re aural Ted, remember! Honestly, I have no idea. Ask a consultant. What I DO know is that the Lord could come today. Perhaps there won’t be a need for Christian radio in 5 years. Wouldn’t that be totally cool?



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