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Doug & Jaci's Career Capsule
Doug was born in Newport Beach, California and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Doug is fluent in German as he spent his senior year of High School (1984-85) as an exchange student in Minden, Germany. Doug has been on morning radio since 1986, previous stations include: KSOL (where he was the traffic rapper Doug EEE Fresh) & 6 years as “Jungle Doug” on KRTY/San Jose – where he met his beautiful wife, Sheryl. Doug has hosted a number of Christian Mornings shows (Dick & Doug, Doug & Connie, Doug & Karla). Doug has been the host of “The Family Friendly Morning Show” since 2002 – enjoying a incredible 8 year run with co-host Kim. November 4, 2010 began a new chapter as he welcomed Jaci Velasquez to the morning show. Since 1988 Doug has operated his own mobile DJ business and has served as DJ and MC for countless weddings, parties and special events. Doug's eldest daughter Lauren is married and his son Garic “Baby-Man” Griffin has been a part of his dad’s morning shows since he could talk.

Jaci Velasquez grew up in an evangelical church where her parents were singers, evangelists and pastors.  jaci has been singing since she was nine years old, and has been singing professionally for nearly 17 years.  Contemporary Christian audiences are most familiar with her hit songs, "On My Knees" (a Dove Award winning "Song of the Year"), as well as "God So Loved" and "You're My God." Jaci has sold over four million albums, garnered three RIAA certified Platinum recordings, three RIAA certified Gold recordings, sixteen #1 radio hits, and has graced more than 50 magazine covers.  Her resume' includes ad campaigns for Pepsi, Doritos, Target, Frizz-Ease, and Helzberg Diamonds. Jaci is married to Nic Gonzales, lead singer of the Christian group Salvador.  Jaci and Nic were blessed with their son Zealand in 2007 and second son Soren in 2009.


1. How did the concept of Doug & Jaci come about?

(Jaci) Honestly the idea was birthed from the genius minds of Doug, Vance and Mike. Doug face-booked me a couple of times when his co-host Kim was out on maternity leave and asked me to fill in and instantly there was a chemistry, we always had fun and I think they and I knew there was something there being that I am a mother of 2 toddlers (boys) I seemed to fit the niche of their demographic.


2. Take us through the process of putting this new show together?

(Doug) The first thing we did was get input from our listeners … Kim and I had a great 8 year run and there were many elements, bits and other characters already in place … We posted an extensive online survey for our listeners and are currently digesting that info right now.  The new show will keep some strong benchmarks. like the “Impossible Question” & our Life Coach segment with former NFL player Chris Sanders, and add new elements including crazy stories about what Jaci’s kids are getting into and having her teach us all a little more “espanol”


3. Describe a typical Doug & Jaci show?

(Doug) We try to continuously go on a journey with our listeners, targeting family values, being a support and encouragement that they are not alone but we face and have faced the same kinds of adventures, the ones that are challenging and the adventures that make us all smile whether we’re living it now or simply bring back the sweet memories.

(Jaci) Our goal is to live our lives out loud with our listeners – to be the encouraging voice in the morning and serve up their favorite songs.


4. What kind of topics will Doug & Jaci talk about?

(Jaci) I personally love to talk spousal relationships, crazy stuff me and all my kids do and how sometimes as a mom, I simply have no idea what I’m doing! Thankfully I serve a God who can ordain my steps and give grace even though I’m undeserving.

(Doug) I think that any and every topic is available to us … From the current news to the latest trends in pop culture – we just have to give it the “Doug & Jaci” spin … I love to pick on her gender and firmly believe that “Men are from Mars – Women are from Visa”


5. What kind of promotions are planned for the new show?

(Doug) One element we are adding soon is an in studio web cam and also staying up to date on all our social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc.


6. Who does the show prep, how does this get accomplished?

(Jaci) Joyfully, I confess Doug does all the hard work cause I’m so new to the “Club” and I’m a stay at home mom when not touring. we typically talk thru each day of show prep the day before and we both listen to the others ideas and talk them thru to make sure we are on the same page. I get to have my “woman/mom” insight to each and every day. And when we don’t see eye to eye I just punch him! LOL JUST KIDDING!

(Doug) I subscribe to some great show prep services but on top of that – just living life – that’s the best show prep.  Everyday Jaci comes in with another “you won’t believe what Zealand (or Soren) did yesterday” story.  My 12 year old son Garic is also never short on “adventurous” tales and my wife is also a great add to the show – not only for the chance to put me in my place (which is rare) but she’s also an author and speaker and has been very real with our audience about her life, her past choices and present hope in Christ.


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing the new show?

(Jaci) For me personally, I am well aware of the fact that I can not “replace” his original co-host but simply be me, Nic’s wife, Zz and Soren’s mom, they are the best part of MY day everyday. =)

(Doug) Like any show or station – just getting the word out … Letting people know that we are here and they need to give us a try.  One great plus to that end is Jaci’s visibility in the Hispanic and Latin community – the show’s international fan base is already blossoming because the world loves Jaci.


8. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio?

(Doug) I think there will be more syndication as it offers a cost effective benefit to the local stations – but I hope that each local station maintains it’s local presence … Even the stations that carry our show have more impact on their market when they also have a local news/traffic/weather person that is also able to make personal appearances.  I would hope as the economy grows – local stations will be able to do more.


9. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

(Jaci) Being that I’m so naïve to this new journey, granted I’ve been an artist for 16 years, I never knew the “other side”, as an artist we walk in thinking it all appears magically and we have no idea of the prep that goes into all of it. Silly us! =)


10. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

(Jaci) As long as there are people driving to work, mom’s dropping there kids off at school, there will ALWAYS be a place for Christian morning radio. Nothing can replace the simplicity of starting your car and hearing familiar voices to set you at ease and make you smile at the start of your new day that will be full of adventures on so many levels.

(Doug) I am so blessed to be a part of such an innovative company, who is thinking outside the box and making waves across the country.



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