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Donna Cruz

Midday Personality


Colorado Springs



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Donna's Career Capsule
Donna has been a radio personality for many years and spent time in Top 40 and Rock radio before joining ministry radio in 2002. She has also had a stint on VH1's Rock Across America, had a recipe published in a cook book, worked as an Entertainment reporter, continues Public speaking at seminars and retreats. Enjoyed Modeling for a fitness line worked part time as a makeup artist and has been spokesperson for local and national companies. (All while working full time in radio)


1. How has your show evolved or changed over the last few years?

Back in 2002 when I initially went to Christian radio from mainstream, my goal was to do a “cleaner version” of what I had done in mainstream. Kind of opening up the same “bag of tricks” just with different labels on them.

As my faith has matured and I’ve had the opportunity to work with radio’s top teachers for the last eight years, the focus of the show has changed to, “it’s all about real life”. Sometimes that’s sweet, sometimes silly, thought provoking, anger inducing or just plain, “wow, me too!” It’s not always *where does God fit into this?* it’s what does this look like from the perspective of one who follows Jesus.


2. How important is social networking to Christian Radio personalities?

Well, this is where having a background in mainstream radio and television comes into play for me. See, I love “Gorilla warfare” radio! I always have. It’s a thrill to be better, as a station, than the competition. So to deny ourselves the same very powerful tools combined with the savvy to use them to full potential would just be a waste.

Social networking is every bit as important to Christian Radio Personalities as it is to mainstream, maybe even more so as we are still very much in a niche format in many markets. This is a great way to be noticed, if done well, and bring new listeners in through twitter, facebook, chirbit, blog comments etc.

Just as an example, the three major dayparts on CHRSN:

Brant is a blogger. He’s amazing when it comes to putting his thoughts in writing and invoking response. And he can do it fast!! You should see the guy type- really. I can’t even THINK that fast.

Wally does video- he and his team do this well. So well, there are hundreds of hits in a show when he’s mentioned something new is there to check out. It’s clever, creative and amusing!

For me, it’s facebook. I update frequently and intentionally. In my daypart, I believe it’s important to do facebook WELL because so many people can’t call in from work or won’t stop what they’re doing to pick up the phone, but still desire to have their input taken into consideration. So this is where *we* can bend to our audience instead of *them* having to bend to our needs. We can literally meet them where they are already- on the computer or smart phone.


3. What show topics seem to be hot right now?

My latest mantra *thank you Tommy Kramer* is Never settle for anything that’s not based on emotion. As long as I stay in that place and consider that statement in each “topic” it’s gonna be hot. Now do I always get it right? I wish! But I try to stay in that place whether we’re talking about work, marriage, pets, play, kids or God.


4. What can Christian Radio do to develop young talent?

Christian radio should start expecting MORE, not less. If you can do the same show on any station, you’re probably doing it right. Because what’s good is good. But many Christian stations are still under the idea of, “we’re JUST a Christian station” Well, than we ought to be blowing everyone away because we’re doing this for the glory of God! Not just to have a good book in the spring.


5. Do you use any show prep services… tell why or why not?

I do have a couple of subscriptions but more often than not, I will be hanging out with friends, grab my iPhone and start typing into the calendar for tomorrow’s show, something that someone just did or said that was amusing, thought provoking or emotional. When they see me go for the phone in mid conversation, they’re like “oh, no!!!!” ha!


6. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio?

Just as mainstream radio has taken the best to a national level and will continue I believe Christian stations will do the same. This serves TWO purposes: Great talent is on ALL the time and the stations save money. Just as a station shouldn’t syndicate JUST to save money, if they don’t have the best possible talent on in their market, they can find it nationally.


7. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

Honestly, I listen to every show on CHRSN, they are all different and innovative which is why syndication works so well for CHRSN.

Mornings With Brant always goes for quirky big brother with a lot of opportunity for discussion about meaty biblically based topics as well as silly stuff that you might be thinking anyway, but wouldn’t say out load…or would you?

The Midday Cruz, as I mentioned, is all about real life. It’s much like “hang out time” with friends. Whatever comes up is a chance to pull up a chair and be one of the friends. No matter where you live in the world, people are people and the common places where we can relate meet the emotions that make us unique and it all comes out on the air.

Total Axxess with Wally is one of the most innovative shows ANY format has ever experienced. Gary isn’t afraid of bringing ANYTHING up. It’s the perfect take on what John Frost would say, “you can talk about anything, it’s just the WAY you talk about it”. This is a show that welcomes the deeply wounded question asking community.





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