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Coos Bay




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Dave's Career Capsule
I lived out the parable of the persistent widow when I was a young child.  I would basically torture radio announcers by calling again and again until they played the songs I wanted to hear.  They would eventually crack and say something like, “Even though I don't fear God or care about men, yet because this brat keeps bothering me, I will see that he gets to hear ‘Answering Machine’ by Rupert Holmes, so that he won't eventually wear me out with his coming!'  In my mid-teens, the torturer became the tortured as I joined the DJ ranks in a natural transition from weak breakdancer to scratch/mix club DJ to weekend radio announcer.  Not only did I have a blast being on the air, I discovered a real love for creating commercials and promos.  I’d typically lock myself away in the prod room like a mad scientist, splicing reel-to-reel tape (pre-digital editing), and starting 5 things at once (including starting a cart deck with my nose) in an effort to get the timing of everything just right.  When listeners were actually calling in to request the commercials I had put together… I knew I was on to something.

There was always a root of Christianity in my life from an early age, but when I truly began walking with the Lord in ‘92, I made the transition into Christian radio… leaving behind my ego, but bringing along all the skills I’d picked up along the way as I sought to serve Him.  Since then, that desire to serve has expanded into a desire to help Christian stations sort out what their unique purpose is in their market and help to highlight that through great imaging and branding.


1. What services do you personally offer to Christian Radio stations?

I can provide dry voice imaging for you to produce or fully produced, radio-ready imaging.  I’m also networked with some of the best voice talent out there, including women, kids and folks with different dialects and accents, to offer more options to stations.  And I’m happy to simply help stations figure out who they are and talk to their target demo through imaging.


2. Overall, what do you think is the general state of production at Christian Radio?

I think, for the most part, stations are doing okay from a technical aspect.  The hard part is keeping things creative whether it’s imaging or commercials and promos.  I don’t believe it’s for lack of “want-to”… it’s just something that can get pushed down the priority list when you’re dealing with a limited budget, limited staff, and a limited amount of time.


3. With a limited staff what are some ways a station can still have good creative production on the air?

The creative aspect really comes into play long before the mic switch is ever turned on, and it doesn’t have to come directly from the staff.  In an industry where we spend all of our time talking, I think a HUGE part of being creative and effective is simply LISTENING… to your listeners, your community and, most importantly, to the Lord.  What does He want to communicate through your station?  What role does He want your station to play in the body of Christ for this season?

While you’re listening… listen to other Christian stations.  It may spark a great idea in you.  And NETWORK.  Whether via social networking sites or just calling on the phone, get to know others in the Christian Radio community.  What’s God doing in and through them?  Bounce ideas off of each other.  Pray for each other.

And there are tons of great resources and webinars online to get your brain juices flowing. Then, when you’re ready, get someone who can put it all together for you production-wise if you don’t have anyone on staff who can do it well.


4. As for production, what do you think are the characteristics of effective promos?

For something to be “effective”, that means that it’s working to achieve the desired result.  It can be done in a humorous way, a touching way, with lots of fast edits and random explosions, or in a very simple, straight-forward way… but it has GOT to get your point across.  What do you want the listener to remember after they’ve heard it?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a clever, cool, funny or tear-jerking commercial on TV and, when it was over, not have any idea who or what the commercial was for.  If their desired result was for me to buy their product, they just wasted their money.  Great commercial… but not effective. 


5. Regarding equipment what in your opinion is essential in the production room?

Hands-down, a quality mic is they key component.  There are processors and programs by the thousands, but most of it is irrelevant if you’ve got a lousy microphone.


6. Can you mention any new production “toys” that have got your attention?

Most of the things that get my attention lately are production and editing apps.  I think we’re really close to being able to match studio standards on our smart phones or ipads.


7.  What advice can you give Christian radio management that may not see the importance of “good” production?

My heart goes out to those in Christian radio management.  They have to look at ALL of the needs of the station and weigh them out.  The sales staff needs to attend a training seminar and they need new business cards.  The engineer needs to take care of that strange phasing in the signal.  The web guy needs a new custom streaming player for the web site.  The computer just crashed in the prod room.  The morning show guys need a new show prep service.  And… the Programming and Production departments need some money for a new imaging package.  They know that sounding good is important… it just gets set aside sometimes while the urgent needs are dealt with.   So, my advice… take care of what needs to be taken care of, but (in defense of good production) remember to prioritize the production and branding.  It’s what ties everything together… the music, the teaching programs…everything.  It’s who you are. 

I’m the father of 4 great kids, and every once in a while things get busy around here.  We all end up running around in different directions, each with our own responsibilities and needs.  But we come together under the proverbial banner of “The DeAndrea Family”.  It’s how we’re known at church and in the community… The DeAndrea’s.  It’s what projects stronger than any individual component of our family unit and we wear the name proudly. 

Your imaging says, “This is who we are.”  Is it saying it in a way that you’re proud of right now?


8. Describe the thought process of putting a promo together?

Imaging and promos are different.  With imaging, you’re usually speaking in sound bites… but with a promo, you can really expand and explore.  I love the brainstorming part!  The thought process varies, of course, depending on the message that you’re trying to get across… but it’s fun to try and figure out the most effective way to say what you want to say.  The possibilities are just about endless.  You can incorporate humor, drama… whatever.  Then, once you’ve got the concept together, script it out.  I usually end up with way more than I can use.  Then… the beauty of working with audio and theater of the mind is that you can make anything happen.  With the right vocal delivery, music and effects, you can create exactly what’s in your mind much faster and cheaper than if you had to do it visually.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Honestly, any Christian radio station that grasps the concept that what they’re doing is a means to an end and not and end in and of itself gets my kudos.  There are those who may be keeping up with changing times and technologies better, but they are no more valid than the small town station that reaches out to their community with the love of Christ by helping to raise food for the local food bank or caring enough to actually do a lost dog report.  What can compare to the love of Christ shining through someone?  Hold that up against what secular radio is doing.  After all these years, true love… 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love… is still innovative!


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

You mean besides every Christian radio station utilizing my services?  (Just kidding)

Should the Lord tarry and the law of the land still allow Christian radio to function as it does today, my hope is that Christian radio won’t grow watered-down or try and fit into the mold of secular radio.  Times are tough right now for people… maybe that will get better in 5 years… maybe not.  This missionary called “Christian radio” can reach over borders and through prison walls right into the heart of the darkest conditions and we should boldly extend the living hope of Jesus Christ like never before.



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