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Radio Interview

Bill Lurwick

Air Personality/Production Director


Meade,  KS

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Bill's "Beautiful History"
Been a 'DJ' as long as I can remember, probably since I was a kid on family trips broadcasting the Daytona 500 from the back seat 'as mom says I would do'. (has it been that long?) Had a back injury in '89 that allowed me the time to go to Broadcasting school at Brown in Minneapolis. First gig at KANO-AM in Anoka, MN, followed by stops in Detroit Lakes, MN at KKDL/KDLM, KEMB in Emmetsburg, IA, the U.S. Army fro 4 years in Radio/TV/Print department, and stints at WQXE in Elizabethtown, KY, WULF in Radcliff, and WXBC in Hardinsburg, KY. After re-dedicating my life to Christ in 1996, decided to only do Christian radio, spent 8 years at WGRC, Lewisburg, PA, and have been at KJIL/KHYM in Meade, KS since 2004. I started the New Release Tuesday radio programs and audio magazine in 2006.

1. How has your KJIL show evolved or changed over the last few years?

I try to make it the listeners show every day. As many phoners as I can, and as much interaction as possible via Facebook, Twitter, and IM'ing. Less about the 'bits' and more about the body. Get it?


2. How important is social networking to Christian Radio personalities?

For me it's vital. On the morning show today, at the suggestion of a Facebook comment to our page yesterday, we made someone a winner of music who commented from the furthest place away. Our winners were from North/South Carolina. I'm in Kansas. Plus I had over 50 comments and entries in just 3 hours.


3. What show topics seem to be hot right now?

We are doing everything we can to keep the Haitian Earthquake from leaving the front page of the news. It is an incredible ministry opportunity.


4. What can Christian Radio do to develop young talent?

That is the million $ question isn't it? What can we do? Where is the passion for radio? It's turned into a passion for the next electronic device instead.


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian radio?

Promotions that meet the listeners needs whatever it is. We want to be their source for as much of the things in their life that they do everyday as we can. Right now we are doing a family life marriage weekend giveaway.


6. Do you use any show prep services. why or why not?

Have tried a few. But prep is really just life isn't it?


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian air personalities today?

A. Finding people to replace us as we're getting older.

B. The availability of media on demand wherever you are. This also might work for us.

C. Getting out of the way of God. That may seem cliche', but sometimes we just need to step back and let Him do His thing. He was doing a great job before we came into the picture wasn't He?


8. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio?

More, but local radio will always survive. There will always be a need.


9. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

Well, (insert shameless plug), the New Release Tuesday new music radio programs are pretty cool.

Really like Positive 88.3 in Orlando.

Joy FM in Sarasota.

His Radio Network

Shine FM


10. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

Hopefully on more pre-set buttons, and with more podcast downloads, and meeting peoples needs where they are better than ever.



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