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Feature Interview

Melissa Montana


Star Educational Media Network

Ft Wayne

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Melissa's Career Capsule

26 years at STAR 88.3, 31 years in the industry Ė 6 frequencies in the region ďWhere did the years go? Iím amazed that itís been 26 years here and itís still new. Iím blessed to have this incredible team of people that I love and we are focused on reaching our community to Share The Love any chance we get.Ē


1. What do you love most about your role? 

The opportunity to lead in love, grow with my team, impact this wonderful community and to share THE story of hope on the air knowing that people need hope daily.


2. What do you feel is your passion in your ministry?

To empower others to become excellent leaders and to encourage people to find the positive in their situation. You can be a great leader without being the President or GM. Everyone needs to see themselves as a leader then ownership takes place in their role which brings a greater sense of fulfillment.


3. How would you encourage a leader or team player struggling with defeat in ministry?

Pray, then get others in a close circle around you to pray. Invest into some humility and ask someone with wisdom to speak into your life. Donít allow the enemy to rob you of your joy. The enemy wants to take you down. Tell him heís not allowed on your property and take back your land, in Jesus name.


4. Share what is on your heart for this industry?

Iíd love to see a desire for holiness. Seeing many fallen people in our industry identified either through confession or conviction makes me realize we are not immune because we are in Christian radio. More than ever we should have our armor on and have accountability in place. I wonder what would happen if we were willing to be more transparent with each other in our struggles? Maybe some of the problems would have been prayed through or counseled with before it became a tragedy.


5. What would you say to someone in leadership that seems to struggle with being a positive leader? 

Unfortunately, some people donít even know thatís them.  If, by the grace of God you get to be in the role of the head of your organization, itís important to either get help, lead or move on! Just because someone is in the leadership role doesnít mean itís a good fit. If you find yourself negative all the time, always needing people to pray you out of the situation or complaining about your team or listeners often then something is not right. You are the one that raises the bar on hope in your organization. Your role is to be the one that inspires your team for greater things ahead. You would be the one that asks each one of your team players if they are okay today and how can you help them with anything. What an amazing opportunity to invest into your people just by loving them and letting them know you got this! They need to feel you are a solid foundation.


6. What is a good sign of things going well in the building?

Laughter! We need to laugh in the hallways. I love it when I hear my team in different parts of the building laughing at something together. I also believe in having a team time every week to gather for devotions, lunch and talk about things ahead or prayer needs. We then make sure we celebrate everyoneís birthday and bring in great food.




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