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Radio Interview

Theresa Ross




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Theresa's Career Capsule
Canít believe itís almost been 24 years since I started this radio thing.  I want to give a big shoutout to Jon Skillman, my first program director at what used to be the CDR Radio Network at Cedarville College (which is now Cedarville University) in the small town of Cedarville Ohio.  He gave me a chance without any experience and I need to find that cassette tape with me reading off the AP newswire.  After learning to do news and weather there during college, I ended up graduating from Cedarville with a degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Professional Writing.  It was in my heart of hearts to do Christian radio once I finished and ended up being hired part time Sunday mornings on what used to be WXIR Love 98.3FM in Indianapolis.   Since that time, Iíve had the opportunity to work for WAY-FM in West Palm Beach, WPOZ in Orlando and presently I do mornings at WTRJ/WAYL in Jacksonville/St Augustine Florida.  I also have opportunities to do news, voicetrack and fundraising for stations all over the USA. 

1. Tell us about your morning show on 91.7 The Promise, what makes it tick ?

Morning Show:  Itís called Family Friendly Mornings with Theresa and Iím on Monday through Friday 6am to 10am waking people up all over what we call the First Coast.  When Iím asked who my co-host is, I say itís me myself and I.  We have some of the best listeners on the planet and one of the biggest things I hear is how people feel they can do another day because it puts a smile on their face.  That is rewarding! 



2. What do you rely on most for daily show prep?

SHOW PREP: As far as show prep every day, I go online to many different websites from local to national.  I find a lot of tips via social networking as well to find out whatís top of mind for each day.  Life is the best show prep and Iím always willing to share funny moments/observations and of course stories about my kids or husband.


3. Where will air talent come from in the future? 

I like to hear stories of air personalities who never had any intention of doing radio but someone saw their potential and how teachable they were, put them on and the rest is history.  They end up being an amazing air talent J  Iíd like to see more of that.


4. What 3 ingredients make a successful morning show? 

Be RELEVANT, know what is happening LOCALLY so you can relate to your peeps, and always be PREPARED (thereís nothing worse than doing things on the fly)


5. What are the goals for the morning show in 2014?

My biggest goal for my show here in the new year is to have a bigger impact on this part of Florida and to connect even more in this fabulous community. 


6.  Would you encourage young people to pursue a career in radio, please explain?

For young people who are thinking about pursuing radioÖgo for it!!!!  I personally think instead of getting a broadcasting degree, you should look into a  broader Communications degree if youíre on the college track.  That way there are more options in your career.  I wouldnít trade this career for anything!




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