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Feature Interview

Steve Young

Station Manager



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Steve's Career Capsule

I began my career in 1986 at WBGL in Champaign, Illinois where I served as announcer, music director, program director and station manager. From 1998 – 2003, I managed WCFL-FM in South West suburban Chicago.  In 2003 I joined WAY-FM to build and manage new stations in both Tallahassee and Panama City, Florida. Since April of 2013, I have been managing LIFE 102.5 (WNWC) in Madison Wisconsin for Northwestern Media.  


1. Tell us about your role at WNWC, your responsibilities etc... ?

As the station manager I get to lead a team of talented people who are passionate about sharing the life changing message of Jesus’ grace and love.  My job is to make sure we have the right people in the right positions doing the right things. And then make sure we can pay for it all!  


2. How has WNWC evolved since you joined them?

At previous stations where I’ve worked, the station was either brand new or just a few years old.  So, WNWC has been a totally new experience for me as it has a 50+ year history as a Christian station. WNWC has an incredible heritage and legacy, but we are working to become more focused, targeted and purposeful in an attempt to penetrate more of the Madison community, which is as diverse as it is vocal in its beliefs, to say the least!


3. What is the best programming advice you've been given?  

No surprise here - I think it would have to be, “Make sure that everything that goes out over the air is something she (our target listener) cares about.”  


4. Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?  

I’m not sure if this counts but I’m very proud to have managed and served with so many incredible people! In almost 30 years, I’ve been with three different organizations – New Life Media in Illinois, WAY-FM and now Northwestern Media. Each organization has really talented, smart and gifted people and I’ve grown a lot from working with them. In turn, I hope I was also able to contribute something to them. I feel very fortunate to be able to call many of the people I’ve worked with “friends” to this day.


5. What is the one thing you must have to do your job every day?

My first thought was my laptop. (I can remember when the station only had one computer and that was used by the secretary! I don’t know how we functioned back then!) But I think my answer would have to be “other people.” I could not do my job without the help and cooperation of a lot of other very gifted and dedicated people. The people here at Northwestern Media are producing some really innovative products like unique, original content for our websites and on-air and PrayerWorks for example. It’s exciting to be a part of that!   


6. Where will future air talent come from?

My guess is they will come from the same places they’ve always come from – college interns, the receptionist in the front office, the waiter at Olive Garden… As long as there are talented people with something to say, it’s our job as programmers and managers to continue to “find” them and take a chance on them. I think you could even argue that it should be easier to find talented people today with so many more ways for them to express themselves online.


7. Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio? 

I think it’s been a good thing. There are a lot of communities that now have access to quality Christian radio that didn’t before. Many of those communities could never sustain a local station with a full staff. Many other stations use syndication to deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost. However, I also strongly believe that the stations having the greatest impact on their community are the ones employing people who live, play and worship in that community.  


8. Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why? 

I was fortunate enough to grow up near Chicago and listen to some legendary stations during their heyday – stations like WGN and WLS. But early on, I learned a lot from Brad Burkhart’s publications and seminars as well as folks like John Frost. As a manager, I try to keep up on what people like Mark Ramsey, Jim Collins, Seth Godin and Patrick Lencioni have to say.      




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