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Feature Interview

Paul Tipton

VP Operations

Christian FM Media

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Paul's Career Capsule

Started in radio in 1990. I've worked every day part and almost every position at a radio station. I was PD of a local station for nearly 15 years before stepping away from local radio. In 2009, I joined Christian FM Media to become the Operations Manager and was recently promoted to VP-Operations. Married for 22 years to Kellie with 3 children Vivian 21, Stephen 20, Jaclyn 18.  

1. Tell us about Christian FM (past & present etc etc)...

In 2009, Christian FM Media was formed to create an CCM AC format using the Storq System powered by Westwood One. We are on over 70 stations nationwide, on a station in Europe,  and just added our first Canadian station a few months ago.   


2. What is the best programming advice you've been given? The worst?

Best advice, play the songs that listeners want to hear and not what YOU want on YOUR iPod. Have personalities who are compelling and connect with people. Worst, you don't need all that research stuff or listeners don't know what they like...really?


3. Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

Helping people. It sounds simple but it's true, nothing is more rewarding that helping a station manager not have to worry about the daily playlist or helping the PD fill a daypart b/c a jock is out sick or on vacation.


4. What is the one thing you must have to do your job every day?

Teamwork. I'm a big team guy and having a great team makes my job easier and enjoyable.


5. Where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

 If you would have asked me this a few years ago I would have said nowhere. But nowadays You Tube, Podcasts and Social Media...They have replaced the old tape recorder we all used as kids pretending to be a DJ. We live in culture where there are some many avenues for people to be creative and you can see all of this instantly. I think we can find diamonds in the rough more now than ever.


6. Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio?

Well this is a loaded question since I work for a syndication company. I think there is a balance between syndication and local programming. I see it everyday with stations I work with where they have a great morning show or afternoon show and use syndicated shows to help fill the weak areas, but it all comes down to compelling content.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian FM?

Great question. For Christian FM, losing sight of our vision and purpose. It might sound corny or cliché but we really want to help stations be the best they can be. I'm a competitive person and it's easy for one CCM station to see other CCM stations as competition and in ways, it's true. But we ALL have one clear mission and that's to see lives changed and know Christ as their personal Savior. If we put low standard programming on the air why would anyone want to listen? But if we put the high quality programming on the air, we have a chance to impact lives. Just because we are Christian, doesn't mean we can just have programming anarchy and expect to have an audience. Mainstream stations don't do it, why do we?


8. Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

 Chuck Finney, he's the one of the smartest programmers period. I love the way he thinks and more importantly, the way he will cause you to think.

The Personalities/jocks, they have one of the toughest jobs but also one of the most rewarding. 



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