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Feature Interview

Lori Reese

Promotions Director


Ft Wayne

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Lori's Career Capsule

My career has been a very non-traditional path to radio. I’ve spent time in education, grocery, church ministry and helping launch a KROC Community Center for the Salvation Army. In the midst of that I even dabbled in law school. As crazy as it looks on paper, God sure knew how each experience would blend together, making radio the ideal job for me when I joined CRISTA Media at KWPZ in April of 2010. And now, this exciting career continues with WBCL. I can’t wait to see what God has in store!


1. Tell us about your role at WBCL?

With WBCL, I am the Promotions Director overseeing all aspects of promotions, including digital and social media. Additionally, I am covering on-air shifts when needed, an exciting, new layer to my radio experience.


2. How has the radio landscape in Ft Wayne changed over the last few years?

Being so new to the Fort Wayne area, I don’t think this is a question I can speak to.


3. What characteristics make a great Christian radio Promotion Director?

I think it’s key as a Christian radio Promotions Director to consciously put God in the center of every promotion, activity, outreach designed to reach a listening audience. In the hustle and bustle of a busy work week, it can be easy to let that slip to the side. Also, to be successful it is important to see the big picture, in addition to all the fine details. Finally, it’s important to slow down and listen…to listeners, donors, co-workers. I often envision the promotions department as the cement between the bricks. Hearing the opinions and ideas of others, only makes decisions wiser and the cement stronger.


4. What criteria do you require for a promotion to air on WBCL?

When generated from within WBCL a key criteria is whether or not a promotion is relational. Does it meet our listeners where they are at? How does it minister to them? How can we serve them while having fun? For promotions brought to us from the community…whether ministries or businesses…we start by asking is this of interest/importance to our listeners? Will this event bring encouragement, spiritual and/or family growth, life-change by participation? And, is this a ministry or organization to come alongside and support. Ultimately, and this is often said around WBCL, we are first and foremost a ministry so that guides our decisions in promotions.


5. What is the process of getting promotions on the air at WBCL?

For internal promotions, our promotions team plays a role at the development phase of a promotion. The team, with key staff from all other departments, bring perspective to each promotion that provides a strong foundation for the promotion to be built on by the promotions team. Brainstorming is key often elevating a promotion beyond what it was originally conceived.

For a promotion of an event, concert, seminar, etc being brought to WBCL, the process begins with an organization completing an event request form, which comes to me. Once reviewing them, I send potential events to the team for our ‘thumb wars’…thumbs up on promoting it, thumbs down on promoting it this year. Some key factors taken into consideration for ‘thumb wars’ is how did the event (if this is a repeat) go last year, was it beneficial for WBCL to be in attendance, will this event be of importance/interest to our listeners, is this a key community partnership, etc.

Once approved by the team, we get underway with the nuts and bolts of the promotions.


6. What is the one promotion you're most proud of at WBCL?

Currently, we are nearing the end of our Pack the Pantry major promotion. This promotion gives listeners the opportunity to win a $300 grocery gift card. Some choose to use it to meet the needs of their families. Others bless neighbors, friends, co-workers etc. with the gift card.

For the station, this 12 week promotion sets 8 listening appointments each weekday. We’ve had a qualifier call while she was trackside at the Indy 500, a winner called from St. Thomas while she was on vacation. Listeners are very engaged. The stories they share are often emotional and inspiring, deepening the roots of the WBCL Family.

I love how this promotion, while meeting the needs of the station during Spring ratings, really meets the listeners right where they are. It’s not about doing a promotion for promotions sake anymore. It’s about creating and strengthening relationship with listeners. Through that we are able to share the love of Christ, which is the ultimate ministry.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest promotion obstacles facing WBCL?

Currently, we are in the process of reviewing all aspects of promotions at WBCL. Right now we are focusing on organization and accountability of inventory. We want, and our sponsors and donors deserve, open accountability for what we are fulfilling for them. It’s not that fulfillment wasn’t being completed, but now we are adding a layer of what we provide and our sponsors/donors are having a huge positive response, further deepening their commitment and relationship with WBCL.

Also, we face the struggles of integrating digital and social media into our promotional and programming game plans that I feel other stations around the country have struggled with or are currently in the process of incorporating it to how radio is and needs to be done today.


8. Complete this sentence, Success at WBCL is _________?

 …broadcasting Christ’s love across the WBCL listening area. To know that we’ve impacting even just one life for Christ is success!




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