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Radio Interview

The Family Friendly
Morning Show



Los Angeles

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Family Friendly Morning Show Career Capsule
Bob Shaw, Lara Scott, and Producer Rodney (Miller)

Bob has been working in radio since 1998, and he's been with the morning show at The Fish since 2000. Lara started in Bend, Oregon, with stops in Portland, San Francisco, and KYSR in Los Angeles before joining The Fish in 2006. Rodney's been in broadcasting for over 20 years, working in San Francisco and Sacramento (Programming Assistant for the K-Love and Air 1 radio networks) before coming to The Fish in 2011.

1. Tell us about your morning show, what makes it tick?

We're different from all the other Southern California morning shows because we're not talking about celebrity gossip and artist news and more "surface" topics. Our show focuses on real life, and we share our own stories, listener stories, and other stories that we find that are all funneled through each of our unique perspectives and our faith. The goal is to connect on an emotional level with everyone listening and go deeper when talking about things like the Olympics.



2. How did the current members all come together?

Bob has been with the morning show on The Fish since 2000, Lara joined the station for middays in 2006 and then moved to mornings in 2011, and Rodney joined from the Bay Area in 2011.


3. Do you believe a morning show needs to connect off the air in order to gel on the air?

Well, it's going to be hard to pull it off (especially on a Christian station) if you hate each other's guts. But do you need to constantly hang out? No. We do think a certain amount of respect, trust, and friendliness makes things a lot easier, and comes across on the air, and we've all hung out with each other's families and genuinely like each other.


4. What do you rely on most for daily show prep?

Our own lives, stories from listeners, and current events.


5. Where do you think tomorrow's radio air talent will come from?

It's interesting; I (Lara) used to have tons of interns and young people asking about radio. In the past eight years...I have had two. That's a tough question, because all of us think that radio is changing. Where can you find new talent? Look for people creating good content in any shape or form.


6. What 3 ingredients make a successful morning show?

Caffeine, preparation, and realizing that it's not all about us.


7. What are the goals for the morning show in 2014?

To share what we do with an audience beyond Southern California, and reach more people with the message that we're all in this together and no one is alone.


8. Would you encourage young people to pursue a career in radio, please explain?

Yes, if they understand that the landscape of radio is changing so quickly and they need to be able to change with it. With social media, the days of doing a shift for a few hours and walking away and being done with work are over. There are more shifts, more events, and things that constantly need updating, so be ready to work. BUT...if this is your passion, pursue it and don't let anything stop you.



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