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Feature Interview

Kevin Avery




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Kevin's Career Capsule

I've been in radio for 26 years now. (Yes, Marconi was a very nice man.) I started in Rock radio and developed a lot of my radio skills there. I also developed a pretty serious drinking problem. I mention this because Jesus took the alcohol dependency away (not of my doing- I can't explain it, I can just say 'Thank You') in my late 20's and placed Christian radio in my life too! Amazing Grace- that's my story.

I went to work with the wonderful Dusty Rhodes at WAY-FM in South Florida and also got to know John Frost there. West Palm Beach is also where 'Kevin and Taylor in the Morning' became a show. From there I was brought on by the incredible leader- Salem VP Allen Power, to be the Program Director and Morning Show host at The Fish. Fast forward to 2014 and I am now blessed to be able to focus only on the Morning Show and get to work with great leadership like our Program Director Mike Blakemore and VP Mike Moran. Oh, and John Frost is back in my life as our consultant!

1. Tell us about the Kevin & Taylor morning show, what makes it tick?

K&T has been a show now for almost 16 years, starting in South Florida and here at 104.7 The Fish in Atlanta for almost 14 years. The 'vision'  for our show from the beginning is simple; "Show the welcoming heart of God in everything that we do". Add to that a shared passion for great radio, focus on the target demo and mutual professional and personal respect. We are grateful to work for Salem, a company that 'gets' that and has given us the opportunity of a lifetime!



2. How did the current members all come together?

Way back in the last century, in South Florida, we had an opening for a morning show co-host and Promotions Director. Taylor was by far the best candidate and joined me in the morning along with doing Promotions. We both wore two hats through 2007, Taylor as Promotions Director and I was the Program Director. Now we are fortunate to be able to focus only on the morning show and have fantastic leadership at Salem to take Promotions and Programming even further.


3. Do you believe a morning show needs to connect off the air in order to gel on the air?

It sure helps. My wife and I have great respect for Taylor and her husband. We get together a lot, my 4 kids have only known them as 'Aunt Taylor and Uncle Glenn' as they are God Parents to all 4 of them. I'm not sure that every show would have that dynamic, but it works for us.


4. What do you rely on most for daily show prep?

Real life stories that reflect the lives, values and lifestyle of our target demo.


5. Where do you think tomorrows radio air talent will come from?

Probably from where it's always come from...the kids in school that get in trouble for talking too much and love music! (That was my story!) But I'm encouraged by the number of young people that we meet regularly that want to get into radio and Christian radio specifically. Having a passion for the Lord, for broadcasting and for people, that's where tomorrows air talent will come from.


6. What 3 ingredients make a successful morning show?

Coffee! Seriously, transparent-vulnerability, having a unique perspective and hi-definition personalities


7. What are the goals for the morning show in 2014?

Always #1-To show the welcoming heart of God to everyone that listens. #2- Executing the things that influence PPM in a positive way with focus and discipline. #3- Remain a Top 5 Morning show in Atlanta.


8. Would you encourage young people to pursue a career in radio, please explain?

If someone has a love for this business and the passion to do whatever it takes to make a career happen...I would absolutely encourage them. I get a little tired of the nay-sayers that have been saying 'radio is doomed' to young people wanting to get into broadcasting. The doom and gloom predictors have been around for my entire 26 year career and radio. First it was dot-coms are going to kill radio. Then ipods. Then satellite. We need to get excited about radio again! As long as we have a universal delivery system and a product that is worthwhile, radio will always have a place and it will need new, young talent to make it happen!


Bonus question/answer! How do you feel about Social Media and how it relates to radio?

Social Media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram) is a great tool for radio to use. But, radio is the original 'Social Media' and is by far still the most dominant. It's almost comical to think that there are broadcasters that get giddy over a Facebook Page that has 5,000 followers while there station cume is in the hundreds of thousands! Social Media is a tool, but radio is the vehicle. I can't overemphasize this...we can not lose sight of what is the most important thing; our on-air product, what is coming out of the speakers is the most important. 



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