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Feature Interview

Jayar Reeves

Afternoon Personality



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Jayar's Career Capsule

I started my career working in skyscrapers in Seattle. I would do whatever they needed. I have slept in some weird places. 15 years later grateful to still be doing a show. I am live in Tampa and Atlanta and also do shows in Massachusetts and South Carolina. I am married to a Seattle chicka and we have 3 kids under 12 and they were all born in different time zones. We watch a lot of English soccer in our house. We live just south of Tampa St Pete. 

Afternoons on THE JOYFM Network- Since January 2008/Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota-Clearwater-Gainesville... Previously- Total Axxess – Nashville... Way FM Network- Afternoons... MAGIC 93.1 Boise- Morning host... AIR 1 - Evenings ... KISS 106.1 Seattle... STAR 101.5 Seattle


1. Tell us any recent changes (news) at THE JOY FM...

Around Easter this year my afternoon show in Florida began syndicating live in Atlanta. So now The Morning Cruise and The Jayar Show are both heard live in Florida and Atlanta. It makes cross promoting so much easier when the morning show and afternoon show are heard in the same markets.

We also went full power in Tampa earlier this year with a massive boost all over the bay area. It all means more people hear dead air when I leave a pod down accidently while taking a restroom break.


2. What is the best programming advice you've been given? The worst?

So much to choose from here: I’d have to credit Marcus D at STAR 101.3 in San Francisco for making me sound human and relaxed on air. Bender at KISS FM Seattle for teaching me to plan a show but ready to go off script when content arises! And I’ve always hung onto a great line from Valerie Geller: “Prep like crazy, don’t take it into the studio though, walk in without it and let it rip”.


3. Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

My producer Shimmy and I really took Total Axxess (WAYFM) to some special places but it would take a close second place to what Scott Herrold (SOS Vegas) and I have been able to do at A service for jocks that was meant to give jocks actual content and audio to use on a daily basis.

Being a jock in this format is not easy. This community of jocks use each other to borrow actual workable content (Bits, Phoners, Audio, ect)
Our members are very special to us and they range from coast to coast and even some NON CCM jocks.


4. What is the ONE thing you must have to do your job every day?

VOX PRO and Coffee are essential.


5. Where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

Scott Herrold (SOS Vegas) and I were just talking about that late last night. We didn’t have an answer.. We were wondering the same question.
First of all there’s less jobs and secondly everyone is wearing too many hats to train younger talent. Those are obvious statements. Right now we have one person in the building that is a solid fill-in jock (Krispy Kreme) that cover’s everyone’s vaca’s and sick days. The format needs those hard working young cats that spring up out of nowhere to do whatever they have to do to get on the air… we just can’t find them too often!


6. Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio?

That’s a multi pronged answer that I will take the 5th on . But I believe the JOY FM’s owner Jim Campbell is doing it the right way. Syndicating a great product just far enough out so that you can reach them face to face. We bring in thousands of shoes and turkeys for those in need throughout the year.

Not to mention year round sticker stop remotes every other month. The top of our Florida coverage map and the bottom of the map can all be reached with a station vehicle (thankfully we have about 5). It’s probably a 5 hour drive but we manage to do stops in Gainsville down to Port Charlotte (nearly Ft Myers).

Now our Atlanta staff on WVFJ is doing same thing with that local crew. The Morning Cruise and I rotate Atlanta trips so the audience can connect with us in person as much as the Florida listeners get to. If your product is great… grow it…as long as you still can reach out and touch it. When you start building too many Burger Kings, the Whopper will eventually start tasting poor.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

The music is a smash hit. The world is getting darker and the music is shining brighter and sounding sweeter! Unfortunately everything costs money. If I was an owner starting a radio station the first hire I’d make is to nab the industry’s top donor relations guru. We have a great one at THE JOYFM in Johanna Antes. It is so much easier to do quality radio ministry when the bills are paid! Not easy as we all know.

As for on air… a major obstacle is mentioned in an earlier question. In 20 years where will the listener engaging talent come from? Maybe jocks can start training their radio children now and pass the torch… like Ken Griffey Jr/Sr! Bobby/Barry Bonds! I’ll have my 3 young ones ready to fill out our day parts in 20 years!


8. Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

I mentioned a couple of them earlier. I am also the product of Matthew Reid at MIX 104 in Boston. He is a believer working on a Hot AC that mentored me in Seattle. Scott Herrold in Vegas is a top mind and strong leader that has imparted a lot to me. Nate Thomas at THE Q in Springfield, MASS has one of the best sounding stations in the format on a smaller budget. We have built something beautiful in New England these past 5 years in Springfield/Worcester with Rich Dunn, Ryan Gagne and the crew.

But I have to say that after nearly 7 years at THE JOYFM … we have a successful thing going in Florida/Georgia. I have a supportive GM in Jeff McFarlane and a PD in Carmen Brown… so vital to someone in my trade. The jock must be viewed as a painter… hire them based on their past paintings then give them the freedom to use whatever colors or brush they need to create master pieces for you.




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