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Feature Interview

Frank Reed




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Frank's Career Capsule
Over 40 years in the business, formerly WMJX Miami, WNBC and WWDJ New York, and the last 22 years at KLTY Dallas-Ft. Worth.

1. Tell us about your morning show, what makes it tick?

Our show has a definite ‘feel’ and personality to it. We are upbeat and fun with a lot of forward momentum. One of the promo lines I use is ‘we get you up and get you movin’. That is very accurate. We play the hits, but I like to look at our content in the same way, we use nothing but the best, most relatable info. We don’t waste people’s time with stuff they don’t care about. We are tight, focused, live, local, and extremely plugged into DFW. We are always on the lookout for info that will make life just a little bit easier for our listeners. That info could be tangible, but it could also be emotional or spiritual. I’m surrounded by a great team, killer production elements and promos (thanks to the creative genius of Bonnie Curry and John Hudson), and excellent on air contests and promotions. I’m blessed to have all the tools we need to compete in a very competitive market.


2. How did the current members all come together?

Totally God. There was no set plan. I was actually programming KLTY when we lost our morning show. I stepped in 12 years ago and have been there ever since. Starlene Stringer was doing traffic so we moved her to news, Perri Reavis had been doing traffic at KVIL and came over to do traffic for us. Producer Cowboy Chris came from promotions and is a perfect fit. The chemistry between the 4 of us is great. We’ve been together long enough we sort of know what the other is thinking, and where conversations are going to go. If it sounds like we are having a good time, it’s because we are! People connect with that, and it works.


3. Do you believe a morning show needs to connect off the air in order to gel on the air?

Not really. We are all very open and transparent on the air, so that time IS our connection time. We all have a genuine love and concern for one another, and that comes through on the air.


4. What do you rely on most for daily show prep?

Not any one source in particular. We are all accessing local info via the web, TV, etc. for local content. That and any big national stories that impact our listeners is what you are going to hear about on our show.


5. Where do you think tomorrows radio air talent will come from?

Really anywhere. The days of having to have a big ‘voice’ to be on the air are history. If somebody is interesting, compelling, and can master the programming basics, there could certainly be a place for them in our business.


6. Recently you released your book "Frankly Speaking" about your radio career, how did that come about?

It had been in the works for quite a few years but last year I finally got to finish it. Whenever I would go speak somewhere, I would hear comments like ‘wow you should write a book!’ so I finally got it done. I made a decision to follow Christ while on the air in New York between Don Imus and Howard Stern, so there’s some awesome God stories in it. I wrote it for skeptics as well as believers. I’ve also felt led to speak to men’s groups this year, and the book has been opening doors to do that. Xulon Press is owned by Salem (which owns KLTY) and I self published with them, which worked out great. Self promotion is a little awkward, but God graciously opened the doors and I walked through them. It’s been a great experience. Audiobook coming in June.


7. What are the goals for the morning show in 2014?

Since I’m very competitive by nature, I'd like to continue to increase our audience share while also making an impact daily with the truth of the Gospel. We’ve been consistently the #2 morning show for a few years now, but we are always looking for ways to move the needle up. Even though we have a bigger eternal purpose than ratings and revenue, I still love winning with this format in a major market. I truly believe I have the best job in radio; I get to have some fun, make a living, and make a difference. Plus I get to work with Mike P.!


8. Would you encourage young people to pursue a career in radio, please explain?

Yes if they feel truly led, and if they have a passion for the business. You have to love it. I also encourage young people to be open to other formats and other media, provided it doesn't compromise their core values. God may very well want them making an impact in the mainstream marketplace. I also like to leave them with my paraphrase of Matthew 6:33: Put God first, everything else falls into place.



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