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Radio Interview

Ellis B. Feaster




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Ellis's Career Capsule
I was born & raised in Philadelphia, and was a hod dog street vendor, when the PD of Philly radio station, WIFI 92, who was one of my customers, said I should consider going into radio. He mad a phone call to a friend in Atlantic City who programmed a station, and two weeks later, I was on the air. I spent most of my career doing morning radio in CHR & Country. Stops along the way include; WXLK Roanoke, WNVZ Norfolk, The Power Pig WFLZ Tampa, KRPM Seattle, KBEE Salt Lake City, WCFB & WWKA Orlando, and the place I've call home for the last 6 years, Z88.3.

1. Tell us about your morning show, what makes it tick?

I think it all has to do with use being good friends. Tyler & I have been good friends for almost 15 years. Tyler & Tracy are best friends. That genuine camaraderie come across on the air. Pretty much what you hear on the air, is exactly the same way we are off the air. We laugh a lot, and look for those moments to be impactful.


2. How did the current members all come together?

Tyler & I worked together on the Country station here in Orlando for several years. We even did the morning show together, for a while. I had always wanted to work, on air, at Z88.3, but I had never worked in Christian radio, and didnít know if I would fit in being such a goofball. In 2008, GOD opened the door for me to come across town and do the morning show with Tyler, who had come aboard a year earlier. Being with her, again, felt like a homecoming. In 2012, Tracy Leek, who had spent a few years on the afternoon show, came to join us on the morning show.


3. Do you believe a morning show needs to connect off the air in order to gel on the air?

I have definitely worked on some shows where they did not! I do believe it helps. In addition to just helping to know each outside the context of the show, it can sometimes lead to great stories & adventures that you can share on the air.


4. What do you rely on most for daily show prep?

The lionís share comes from whatís going on in our lives, & our community. We look for those things going on in our daily lives, that listeners can identify with & see themselves, and their own families.




5. Where do you think tomorrows radio air talent will come from?

With radioís farm system in small markets mostly replaced by automation and voicetracking, we donít have as many places for new people to grow. I really think itís going to be up to programmers to really be looking for young people who have the passion for radio, take them under their wing and help them develop. Rather than small markets, we may have to look for talent in other places, like that woman at church that seems really excited about your radio station, or a station volunteer that has some raw talent, or even that high school kid that calls the request line, with a million questions. Passion can sometimes be more important than experience.


6. What do you attribute the high WPOZ ratings to?

We are surround by great programming minds, like Dean OíNeal & Tate Luck, as well as awesome consultants Alan Mason & John Frost, and talent coach Tommy Kramer. I would say one of the biggest factors is being relevant to ďKateĒ and connecting with her at a personal level. In this era of impersonal, disconnected, voicetracked, radio, the Z strives to show we are going through the same struggles & issues that Kate does, by sharing our lives on the air. Even on the weekend, when most stations are in robo-mode, our full-timers are on the air. Another factor is serving the community. This month we are working with Florida Hospital to hold CPR classes. In the past we have been a part of mammogram screenings, & exercise classes to encourage listeners to lead healthier lives. Our weather commitment is another way we serve the community. A few years back, when we had 3 hurricanes, over a 2 month period, pass through Central Florida, Z88.3 was one of the only radio stations in Orlando that did not simply rebroadcast audio from the TV stations television during the storms. We are amazed, and humbled, to see how GOD has allowed this little tiny signal, to become a beacon of light in Central Florida.


7. What are the goals for the morning show in 2014?

To continue to grow and be impactful, while having fun & being relatable. (I know, generic answer, but true!)


8. Would you encourage young people to pursue a career in radio, please explain?

Are there still young people who want to get into radio?!?! Just kidding! When I run in to young people who seem to have a passion about choosing radio as a career, I try to give them an honest & realistic view the radio business today. If they still want to go in that direction, then I tell them to go for it, and Iíll help if I can.




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