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Feature Interview

Dan Raymond

Content Director


Des Moines

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Dan's Career Capsule

My adventure in radio began in 1993 when I paid to be a part of it, while in high school, making a day sponsor donation to a free-form community radio station not far from my hometown in MN. Some moves and paid radio gigs followed; I landed in Iowa... which is where Jesus got a hold of me. I was able to transition from commercial mainstream radio to noncommercial Christian radio. In 2005, I joined Northwestern Media's Life 101.9 in eastern Iowa. From there to sister station Life 97.3 / Duluth, Minnesota in 2011. When my position there ended due to budget a year later, God provided for me to be able to stay with Northwestern and moved me to Des Moines to join Life 107.1, where I've been since 2012.

1. Tell us about your role at KNWI, your responsibilities etc... ?

I get to work with a great station manager and team as we execute a soon to be fresh and new content strategy. I have my hands directly on all music choices, scheduling and research. On air, I do afternoon traffic & news, and track evenings. To quote my boss, I'm also our resident NexGen / tech guru.


2. How has KNWI evolved since you joined them?

We have been blessed to have our ideal morning show begin to come together. Erick and Jen have a ton of talent & passion. I was thrilled to be able to step out of mornings earlier this year to make way for Jen as she brings a heart and presence to the morning show that Life 107.1 needs.


3. What is the best programming advice you've been given? The worst?

* Ask and answer the question, "what are you trying to accomplish?"
* Play the hits; don't make them.

If there has been any "worst", I hope I've forgotten it and am not modeling it!


4. Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

It was an intense God-driven team effort led by a highly focused station manager, that I feel like I had very little to do with: Being able to have a front row seat as Life 97.3/ Duluth crossed the finish line fully funded in 2012, for the first time ever in 3 decades of ministry.


5. What is the one thing you must have to do your job every day?

(Hard to choose among: time in God's word; a fast laptop; one strong cup of coffee; a decent internet connection; my USB key for MusicMaster...)
I'd say - my water jug. I drink a gallon or more of water each day.


6. Where will future air talent come from?

We who are in the leadership positions now have to keep an eye and ear open all around us. Certainly watching mainstream radio talent who might hit that tipping point of being sick of the profit-centric workplace drama, and want to be used where they can work in their faith. We also need to be actively watching and willing to bring in "normal" (non-radio) people who have that unique ability to paint vivid word pictures and tell captivating stories.


7.  Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio?

Syndication is neither good nor bad. It's a content delivery method. Our listeners will fall in love with, be changed by, and give to support really good content, regardless from where it comes. That said, I believe "local" can be a vital part of relevant and compelling.


8. Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

My original radio heroes include John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tom Barnard, Mary Lucia, Brian Oake & Brian Turner in Twin Cities radio. More recently, and as mentors pouring their best into me: Doug Smith, Scott Michaels, Reid Holsen, Dick Whitworth & Dave St. John.




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