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Feature Interview

Dale Elliot

Air Talent/Acct Exec

UCB Canada


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Dale's Career Capsule

Iíve been in radio 14+ yrs (Ď85-89) and (2004-14)

1. Tell us about UCB Canada and your role there ? 

First off, UCB Canada is an acronym for United Christian Broadcasters, an organization that is in 23 countries around the world. My role is primarily advertising sales, with a lesser focus on Promotions. Oh yeah and being a small staff, Iím a swing shift on-air jock as well. We have 6 stations across Ontario and are in the process of taking over a 7th in Thunder Bay. Our website is  Weíre on Facebook, Twitter and have a smartphone app.


2. How is Canada Christian radio most different from in the US?

Well, one main thing is that itís much newer (the Canadian government began issuing broadcast licences in the late 90ís. With that being said, itís a growing format with 50+ stations coast to coast. Also, we are required to play Canadian content or CANCON as itís known here, as well as commit a percentage of oneís operating to the development of Canadian talent. The Christian format is typically only required to play 10% CANCON, but we intentionally play well beyond that.


3. Tell us about your morning show?

Our morning show is called Rise and Shine and is M-F from 6-9am. Rise and Shine is hosted by our Operations Manager, AL Baker and he has 2 volunteer co-hosts- Lisa and Karen. These 2 ladies rotate which days theyíre on with Al, sharing the sidekick duties. Regular features are Morning Trivia and interviews with local non-profit organizations.


4. What are the best variables that make a UCB promotion?

My favourite is when local businesses are integrated into the promotion and the contest winner is given a prize that includes donated items from these participating businesses. That way our listeners are exposed to potentially new to them opportunities and the business owner increases their sales too. It creates a WIN-WIN.


5. Where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

Much of the time, itís young broadcast students fresh out of school, but an increasing number of non-trained air talent seems to be more prevalent. Being a good public speaker and quick on your feet are more key in getting hired than having the more technical skills needed in the past.


6. What is your most memorable UCB promotion so far?

I fondly recall doing a FUN and interactive promo 3 summers ago for the Soul Surfer movie. It had already had a good run at the theater, but not in our city. We rented a historic local movie/play house and had 2 screenings. In addition, we partnered with 7 local businesses and made a great contest out of it as well. Between the 2 screenings we had over 1000 people come see Soul Surfer. You could say we felt like we ďcaught a BIG waveĒ with that promotion.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

I would say being distinct and having a sound that is unto itís own. We should never act holier than mainstream radio, while remembering that weíre doing KINGDOM business and itís not merely entertainment. Christian radio should be as exciting and fun as any other option, BUT distinctly clean and mindful that the Gospel transforms lives! We carrying the greatest message ever to the public and thatís no small task. The bottom line is not financial itís eternal and if we keep the weight of that in mind, I believe God will bless Christian radio.


8. Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio?

I believe syndication is there to serve Christian radio and especially for the smaller operations, itís a necessity. However, I also believe there needs to be a strong local, hometown flavour with personalities that engage their community. Without that, we become obsolete and much like a jukebox that operates on itís own.



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