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Feature Interview

Chris Staley

VP Programming & Administration

SOS Radio

Las Vegas

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Chris's Career Capsule

I've been at SOS for a really long time. I was actually in high school when I started as a weekend DJ. It's where I learned the business, the ministry and the ridiculous fun that is Christian radio in Las Vegas!

1. Tell us about your role at SOS Radio, your responsibilities etc... ?

I'm VP of Programming & Administration which includes working with all of our department heads on strategies to achieve the vision and purpose of SOS. I handle most of our FCC responsibilities that aren't related to engineering and I help plan and implement the logistics and philosophical blueprint of our 2 annual fundraisers. Then it's time for lunch...


2. How has SOS Radio evolved over the years?

Style elements have changed through the years with the continued commitment to stay at the front edge of what God's challenging us to do every day. SOS has always been pushing forward to find the best ways to reach the greatest number of people possible. For the first 3 decades on the air the general attitude among Christians outside of Las Vegas was so negative that it was a continuing challenge to build a staff here large enough to pursue the potential of the coverage area. (SOS was the first 100kw signal in So. Nevada in 1972.) God did amazing things with a small but truly great staff during those years. The image of Las Vegas began to change about 10 years ago as Christians in other places began to find out about the great things God had been doing in the city for a long time. That shift in openness created a wave of awareness that is still bringing believers to live and work here for all of the same reasons people chose to move anywhere. I suppose it's only honest to say that attitudes have changed in the Body of Christ in general over the past several years and there just isn't the same reticence by people to be open to the possibility that God is giving them a great opportunity to serve Him in a city that has about 2 million people who need His love and encouragement to live for Him every day just like anywhere else. There are many who are involved in the resort and entertainment industry in this town who also love Him and get to take His message into their workplace everyday, and they too want to keep their minds on Him and need to be reminded that He's with them where they are. It never gets old hearing how God does that through what's on the air. Imagine how exciting it is to be a ministry in a place like Las Vegas, 42 years on the air, and watching God continue to bring some of His most talented radio people to join the team and see SOS grow even deeper in the connection He wants to make with listeners!


3. What is the best programming advice you've been given? The worst?

So much of both to pick from...ok, how 'bout...

BEST: you're never hurt by what you don't play

WORST: "Nah, that new song by Mercy Me about what happens when we see Jesus is just too country!" (fortunately, advice not taken!)


4. Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

I'm proud of the team I get to work with. People who are so excited about how God wants to increase the impact of this network for His kingdom purposes that we're stretched to keep up with the potential in front of each of us.


5. What is the one thing you must have to do your job every day?

A good memory. After all the times I've seen God bring solutions to problems, answers to questions, provision for needs and victory from defeat, I just show up and see what He's gonna do next.


6. Where will future air talent come from?

Scott Herrold's passion to teach 'em!


7. Who are your radio heroes and influences?

Wow. I know so many super-talented people today, and I've been blessed to know many of the real pioneers. Obviously I could make a long list, but indulge me as I at least mention my dad, Jack French who was a Christian radio hero before he ever founded SOS. That was after a career that included putting the powerhouse WFME on the air in the New York City area in 1963, Managing KHOF in Los Angeles before it became KKLA and lots more. He taught us how to follow God's vision rather than our own, give Him our true-best and see His faithfulness without fail.




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