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Feature Interview

Adam Frase

Program Director



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Adam's Career Capsule

Adam has been at WCTL since October 1994 and began full-time at 1997. He started on Sunday mornings as a board-op, moved to Assistant Program Director and P.M. drive announcer in ’97, and finally moved to Music Director, Program Director and Operations Manager. Adam has learned the radio trade from “OtJT (On the Job Training) with a degree in MIH (Make It Happen).” Before working at WCTL, Adam worked with cars at a dealership, auto parts stores and as a mechanic. Adam’s hometown is Erie, Pa. Adam lives in Erie with his wife Carrie, daughters Myah and Arie and their miniature schnauzer Hanna Joy.


1. Tell us about WCTL and your role there?

My grandfather started a new church in the early 70’s and, to not burden the new work, took a part time job at the local Christian radio station.  He announced my 5th birthday on air and I was hooked!  That station was WCTL.  Started part time 1994 on Sunday mornings and went full time as APD in 1997.  Today, as PD/OM, I am responsible for what comes out of the speakers (PD) and the physical plant (OM).  In other words, I schedule the announcers and music, and dump the trash after snow blowing the walk.  In the summer, the snow blowing changes to station van and golf cart maintenance and filling in for vacationing staff members.


2. How is your station most impacting the community?

 I think we’re impacting the community the most by being a consistent, encouraging, God-honoring voice.  We also strive to be a connecting point with believers in community events.


3. What is the best advice you've been given about getting into radio?

It’s like eating chips; once you start it’s hard to stop.  The worst?? – This is a great way to become independently wealthy.


4. What is the one thing you can't program your station with?

Magic 8-ball


5. Where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

They will come from people who have a passion for content which honors Jesus.  They may not be ‘radio air talent’ as we currently know it, but those that have a calling to honor the Lord with their gifts will invariably find their way in front of a mic or camera to host, commentate, and/or connect with the current culture from a Godly worldview.


6. What is your most memorable promotion so far?

Taking busloads of listeners to Toronto to be used as extras in the movie Left Behind. The following year, we hosted the largest free outdoor Christian music festival in Erie, Kingdombound By The Bay.  With great music from local and national artists, and Kirk Cameron speaking, the event drew around 9,000 people.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

Being more than just a niche format, being culturally relevant in a postmodern society, and keeping up with the way the medium of radio is seemingly consistently moving toward extinction.


8. Do you feel syndication is good or bad for Christian radio?

It depends what the station’s mission is.  There are just some things you can’t do while a syndicate, however, if it allows music and encouragement to happen where it wouldn’t otherwise, then it could be viewed as a requirement. 




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