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Las Vegas


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Scott's Career Capsule
Started doing sportscasts & news at 88.1 The Escape/WSDP Ė it was a 200 watt radio station at my high school. As a high school senior, I started working in mainstream radio at Planet 96.3 in Detroit. I also worked at 93.1 DRQ in Detroit, 96.3 WDVD in Detroit, 102.5 WIOG in Saginaw & 106.9 K-Hits in Tulsa. After I graduated from college, I moved to Tulsa to do mornings at 100.3 The Kross. I later became Program Director/Music Director there. Iíve been in Las Vegas for the last 5 years doing the morning show, new media & programming SOS Radio.


1. Tell us about SOS Radio, a little history/background.

SOS Radio celebrated its 40th anniversary on the air this year! It was started by Jack French back in 1972 as KILA/Las Vegas. It was the first 100,000 watt FM radio station in Nevada. Over the last 40 years, SOS Radio grew into a network covering 9 states. We have about 35 different frequencies now, plus our iphone/android apps & The first employee that Jack hired 40 years ago was Brad Staley, who is our President & General Manager now.


2. Recently SOS Radio has seen some pretty impressive ratings numbers, can you explain the growth?

Yeah lots of prayer! God is doing some big things in Las Vegas. Weíve specifically worked to grow deeper with our listeners. Plus, our team has built a great community, both on and off the air to help the listeners connect with God and other Christians. Weíve worked hard to figure out why our listeners come to our radio station, so we can deliver better. Our company really is a big family. Brad & Chris Staley (our fearless leaders) have made it a priority over the years to really invest in people. I think thatís a big part of our growth behind the radio. Great people who really love their community!


3. Tell us about the SOS Radio morning show?

I do a solo morning show, but itís very interactive. Love to talk with artists & listeners about life and faith. We have a lot of fun. I invite you to listen in at


4. Recently you've launched, a service for air talent, tell us about that?

Itís a really unique resource. Itís showprep and idea starters for our shows, but the personalities in our forum leave comments and ideas to make each topic even better. The point of Creative Cardio is to challenge our creativity and stretch us to connect our ideas better. In addition, the site challenges us to take the idea starters and develop them in different ways for on air discussions, storytelling, bits and simple talk breaks. We also do monthly brainstorming calls as a group. They are super deep! Just recently, we bounced Christmas topics for an hour over the phone as a group.  We also have some simple mentorship opportunities, so we can challenge students and new broadcasters for Christian radio.  Check it out at


5. Where do you think future Christian Radio air talent will come from?

I pay a lot of attention to students studying media like web/apps/social media, TV/film, music business & marketing. Iíve always looked for media savvy people who can communicate in an authentic way. We can train them to do radio, if they communicate well. When I worked in Tulsa, Iíd talk to students at our concerts who expressed interest in our radio station. The students knew our music, they knew a lot about new media and they communicated well, so I invited a few of them to come hang out at the radio station or volunteer. Iíd give them some simple assignments and sometimes that would develop into a voice tracking session. Iíd have them track overnights and Iíd just delete the trax before they aired. They loved the opportunity to voice track! After a while, the trax start to sound ok, and I stopped deleting the trax. The co-host of our afternoon show on SOS Radio started by voicetracking in our production studio and calling in regularly. (Believe it or not, that show is consistently top 3 in Vegas now)


6. What is your most memorable SOS Radio promotion?

When Mercy Meís ďGenerous Mr. LovewellĒ cd released, we asked listeners to tell us about people in our community who needed help in the tough economy. We asked listeners how we could partner with them to meet these needs.  Theresa had a story that really caught our heart. Her mother in law, Glenda  lost her 25 year job after the Horseshoe Casino closed. Her 1996 Kia was falling apart and she couldnít find work after 9 months. We ended up partnering with Meyerís Auto Parts in Vegas to do an extreme makeover on her old car. (Bad radiator, bad suspension, driver door didnít open, bald tires & brakes. The Kia didnít even have a radio!) She had no idea her car was being fixed until the guys from Mercy Me drove it up to her sonís house before their weekly Sunday brunch. Mercy Me gave her a Visa gift card to pay her bills too!


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

I donít see a ton of obstacles right now. I see a tremendous opportunity for Christian radio to love on the local community. Lots of mainstream companies have been cutting staff, research & marketing. Many are investing in more syndicated/national programming and doing even more voice tracking. Thatís a huge opportunity forlocal Christian radio to work differently. Plus non-commercial radio stations have a huge opportunity to make content the priority, since they donít have all the corporate sales mandates. Many of the heritage mainstream stations in our markets are just not investing in the things they used to. That opens the door for Christian stations with real vision & quality content to move forward now that the external barriers & threats arenít there.

8. What Christian radio stations do you consider innovators today?

Iíve seen some very cool new media ideas coming out of the New Life Media stations like WCIC Peoria. I think KXOJ Tulsa & Joy FM Florida are innovators in the way they grow deep with their local community & online brands. Radio U & Way FM have always been innovative in the way they reach young people through technology & I love their focus on developing on air talent.


9. Where do you see Scott Herrold in 5 years?

I plan to be right here.  I just pray that God continues to bless & grow our team at SOS Radio, I want to see more people in our community develop a deeper relationship with God. I hope to see SOS Radio add more great leaders to our family and possibly grow into some of those markets where there is no Christian radio.





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