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Steve Tuzeneu
Sonshine Media

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Being a radio engineer can often be a lonely profession.  There are the 2 a.m. trips to the transmitter site, or the project that can only be completed during the wee hours of the morning when no one is in the office and studio complex. For the engineer who professes faith in Jesus Christ, there is companionship through an on-line fellowship called C R Tech.  Short for Christian Radio Technician, C R Tech is an on-line forum delivered to your e-mail inbox.


Fellow engineers ask each other for advice on technical topics, sometimes they ask if anyone on the list has a particular part lying around they could spare, or sometimes the discussion involves asking the list for prayer.


James Bellaire of WFRN, and Tom Bosscher of WCSG are the hosts for C R Tech.  Christian engineers can sign up at  You will also find a number of useful resources on the site, like a sun outage calculator, a chief operator's log,  and free software.  There is also a link to Barry Mishkind's  Broadcaster's Desktop Resource:  Barry's site has a lot of great stuff there, and I'll get into that in one of my next articles.   


One of the most rewarding aspects of belonging to C R Tech is being able to help a fellow engineer find the answer to a technical question.  Another great aspect of the forum is being able to ask the group if there is a device that meets the need of a particular application. Often an engineer has used a device that does exactly what was asked about on the list and a link is shared that directs the person in need to the device or software that solves his problem.


If you are an engineer, or know someone who is, have him (or her) check out C R Tech.  The solution to a problem may only be as far away as an e-mail.


Steve Tuzeneu is an experienced radio station manager and engineer and is the Director of Engineering for Sonshine Media, LLC.  You may reach him at: