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Steve Tuzeneu
Sonshine Media

Another Resource for Engineers





 Engineering can be an information-intensive occupation. The faster you can find the information you need, the more time you have later for the actual engineering work.

One of the places where engineers can find a large number of resources is at The Broadcaster's Desktop Resource (BDR). The brain child of Barry Mishkind, it is located at


Years ago, I was wishing there was a website that had all, or most, of the information I needed without having to do a lot of searching, or bookmarking a long list of sites.  Barry must have been thinking the same thing, and now we have a great resource in his website. The BDR has an extensive list of information that any engineer will find very useful, including a page with news about what is going on all over America in the world of engineering and radio broadcasting. There are articles about audio codecs, a section about FCC matters, including EAS, inspections, rules and regulations, what to do when the FCC shows up.  Then Barry has a number of informative articles about R.F.,  IT, a section about doing business as a contract engineer.  There is a section dealing with people profiles, news about engineers who are no longer with us.


If you are looking for a good, used piece of equipment you may just find it for sale in the Used Buy/Sell pages. You can sell your surplus gear as well.  Looking for help?  Or maybe you need a job?  Then click on the Jobs tab. I especially enjoy the eye-opening articles you will find in the War Stories section.  Some of those stories are funny, and some of them document the sad condition of some radio station facilities.


If you're looking for a contract engineer or a consulting engineer, then click on the Services tab and you'll find someone who can help with your project. Click on the resources tab, and you'll find places to purchase EAS supplies and handbooks. FCC checklists are also found in this section, as well as a list of useful websites and broadcaster's forums.


I enjoy poking around the BDR and getting Barry's newsletter.  I often learn about late-breaking news from his regular newsletters before I read about it anywhere else.


If you are an engineer, or know someone who is, spend a little time at  I think it will be time well spent.


Steve Tuzeneu is an experienced radio station manager and engineer and is the Director of Engineering for Sonshine Media, LLC.  You may reach him at: