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Stacy Stone
Air Personality

“Coca Cola” Stunt




How long has it been since you pulled a “Coca Cola” stunt for your radio station?

At last week’s Oscar telecast, the pizza guy showed up with boxes with the Coca Cola logo on the side. This would not normally be a problem but PepsiCo is the official soft drink of the broadcast. No one can say how much the exposure for Coke was worth but, with 30 second spots going for $1.9 million, you can assume it was a pretty penny.

As a promotions person in the 90’s in secular radio, we did everything we possibly could to get our logo on TV or on people at another radio station’s events. So much so that our logo ended up on “America’s Most Wanted” on the back of a handcuffed suspect. But seriously, with smaller budgets and smaller staffs, how is your station thinking about getting the word out? Here are a few pointers that I live by:

1.      Joining another group’s parade is always a favorite for Christian radio promotion departments. If you can find a parade as big as the Oscars go for it but most of the time we are handing out tchotchkes at concerts and festivals. Understanding the challenges that we face, my challenge to you is to take your promotions to the next level and think about guerilla marketing.


            Have fun! Let me tell you – if you are not having fun doing a promotion, the listeners and staff around you are not having fun either! Most everyone has no idea of the planning and preparation that goes into your events and promotions and they don’t care. The only way they will figure out if something goes terribly wrong is by the look on your face so stop stressing and have fun! I can guarantee that the pizza guy on the Oscars was having a blast.

There is a long list of promotions people who are creating these moments daily and studying what they are doing is a huge bonus for those of us in the field. Without listing these great promotional campaigns, go with the adage that there are no new ideas and, as long as they are not doing it in your market, copy away!

Contemporary Christian Music radio never has been known for big commercial campaigns - only the big dogs in each market get their mugs splayed across the TV screen on a regular basis. So, lean on our ancestors (from the 90’s
J) and their ideas to make campaigns and promotions thrive for your station. And, if it means that your logo ends up on the side of a pizza box at the Oscars, we’ll all salute your ingenuity!   


Stacey is Afternoon Co-host/National On-air Promotions at Family Life Radio based in Tucson. Contact Stacey at


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