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Stacy Stone
Air Personality

How's Your posture?




“You wouldn’t want to buy any spots from ______________, would you?” I actually heard that phrase come out of a former sales manager’s mouth when I was at a past station. He was assuming automatically that the person on the other end of the phone was going to say no or give some push back so his posture reflected that belief. Guess what? The person on the other end of the phone said no and hung up. The sales manager’s posture was so beat down that he had a difficult time doing his job.

So I ask you today, how is your posture? As we move into the year-end fundraising time and the celebration by some stations of a 30 day challenge to listen to your station, what is your posture telling others about what you believe? Johnny Stone and I have looked deep into what we believe and have found that, once we have faith in something, it is not hard to ask those around us to support that something. If your fundraising is down or your radio station not financially stable, you may want to look at what message your posture is sending.

First and foremost, to have perfect posture you have to be strong in your belief in Christ. When someone asks you what type of radio station you work for, do you flinch before answering? I found myself in this position with the staff of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I met one of their producer’s at a function and, when she asked what type of station I worked for, my brain went searching for the PC answer first. That flinch directly affects your posture so I recommend that you first look at your relationship with Jesus and how you have answered in the past.

With the amazing talent in programming and on-air positions and fantastic music quality, there is no reason for anyone to hesitate when answering “a Christian music station”. If it is your positioning statements, production or clock alignment, 2014 is your year to fix it all, including your posture about it. There has been some discussion recently that we don’t want to be lumped in with Phil Robertson by using the descriptive “Christian” but how can we be ashamed of the word when, after everything we have done, God is not ashamed of us. Follow His posture about us and you can’t go wrong!

Second, for great posture, you must believe in the quality of your radio product. Whatever is coming out of the box is what you are asking people to support so know your station and keep your posture when talking about it. Your competition on the air in your market is every radio station, online station and anything that takes your listener’s attention away (including small kids in the backseat). So what is coming out of their car speakers when they listen to you has to be the same quality as all of your competition.

Do you listen to your station on a regular basis when you are not on the air? Do you take critique well and know what could be better? All of this will lead to better posture and great fundraising. If you believe in your radio product, your listeners will hear it in your voice and want to give to something you feel so strongly about.

On another note, your posture of giving will also convince others to give. If you do not feel strongly enough to give a portion of your earned income back to your station, how can you ask someone else to give? (side note by our Director of Development Dawn Heitger)

And finally, you must believe in yourself. Sometimes the hardest part of posture is knowing that God created you for greatness and we have only begun to receive the blessings He has planned. Preparing ahead of time, knowing that you are in the right place at the right time and shining brightly for the Kingdom are all part of having the correct posture and succeeding at year end or year round fundraising.


Stacey is Afternoon Co-host/National On-air Promotions at Family Life Radio based in Tucson. Contact Stacey at


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