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Stacy Stone
Air Personality

What If Your Station Is The Tiara?




My husband Johnny and I were on an airplane flying to Nashville for a wedding and the flight attendant asked if we wanted anything to drink. After taking our order, she put down a napkin that said Delta, Minute Maid Pink Lemonade and a pink ribbon with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation written upon it.


After she set down my Diet Coke I picked up the napkin and asked Johnny “Has the Breast Cancer Awareness month become the tiara?”


Let me explain, for years in promotions and marketing we have been trying to come up with the extra (or tiara) that would bring the radio listener back to the station again and again. Whether it is a CD that you win while qualifying for a prize, a meet and greet at a concert or a chance to have breakfast with the morning show, there is always a wish on our part to create the next big tiara for the listeners to strive for.


While you watch the NFL play in their pink shoes, etc. ask yourself if the pink itself has become a tiara for the NFL?


On a side note, I am not disparaging Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the research that is accomplished because of the donations. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor of over ten years and I pray that someday no one will have to suffer that terrible disease. But in some ways that pink ribbon says something extra about the company that pays to represent their good will toward women with that October reminder to get a mammogram.


Our stations represent the good will of a life with Jesus Christ and maybe we need to start thinking of our stations and the message itself as the greatest tiara of them all.


Stacey is Afternoon Co-host/National On-air Promotions at Family Life Radio based in Tucson. Contact Stacey at


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