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Scott Herrold
SOS Radio






Heart. It just might be the one thing that can transform your show. It might be more important than anything youíre doing on your own strength. Heart drives everything that comes out of your mouth, so it should also play a huge part of your strategy.

Heart drives values. It drives passion and resilience. Heart connects with everyone, when itís authentic. We just donít hear much of it on the radio. We hear stories. We hear bits, we hear calls, we hear branding messages and liners, but heart is something that we feel.
Everything we do on our show should consider why our listener tunes into us in the first place. Often, she's looking for:

A better connection with God.
A better connection with others in our community.
A friend.
Great music. 
Spiritual satisfaction.

I know I can do a better job delivering on why she originally comes to my show. I think the glue really is heart, because she can feel it. Our original radio station vision came from our founderís heart. Each of us decided to join this format because of something in our heart. Company values come from the heart of our executive team. Our management styles are ultimately driven by our heart.  

When we try to wrap our head around our company vision and strategy, we also need to wrap our heart around it. Then we apply it to our show!


Scott Herrold is the morning show host & program director at SOS Radio. Heís also one of the founders of Ė a community to help radio personalities challenge their creativity. Connect with