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Scott Herrold
SOS Radio






The best worship leaders are not performers. They are composers & servant leaders. They gently lead the audience through worship by inviting the individual to be part of something bigger. They follow Godís presence and they help that individual connect the dots.

It always surprises me how many Christian radio personalities donít actually listen to music they are playing on the radio. We let performance, bits & traffic reports pull us away from the bigger reasons our listeners tune in. They are looking for hope, encouragement and a better connection with God.  I think we can all do a better job in our delivery!

What we say in-between the songs should tie into the mood and the style of the music. It should enhance the words the artists are sharing. If youíre not adding to the listenerís experience, you should probably just keep quiet and let the artist shine. Listen back to your show today and see if you added anything to your listenerís day.

In Christian radio, we play songs that speak to every element in the human conditions. We frame songs that share powerful stories of changed lives, yet we donít really listen to the words or reference the hopeful elements in the music we play.  Weíre missing some big opportunities!

Hereís the challenge. When you are on the air this week, go out of your way to actually listen to the words in the songs you are playing. Use those words to help connect your listener to the deeper themes behind your music. Use those words to help set a different tone in your show. See if it helps you frame your music better and connect on a deeper level with your listener. Be more of a worship leader than a performer. Help the listener connect with God in a better way.


Scott Herrold is the morning show host & program director at SOS Radio. Heís also one of the founders of Ė a community to help radio personalities challenge their creativity. Connect with