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Rob Regal
Family Life Radio

Creating Content





-  How do I get into this break?  How should I begin this script?


If you have an inner-PD, you are likely telling yourself to begin with the subject or the listener.  If not, your literal PD will likely tell you to do this sooner or later. 

Either way, in the first few seconds (about 9 or 10), itís vitally important that you make the target listener want to keep listening.  More than simply catching oneís attention, itís also holding oneís attention. 

This cannot be done without emotional connection, which should be done within those precious first few seconds of your break, spot, promo, et cetera.  And, remember, to do so by beginning with the subject or the listener to help ensure relevance.

-  There is no way I can sell this! 


Many a jock or scriptwriter has muttered these words.  Someone above your paygrade has required you to invest a break or script into something you are sure the target listener would never care about in a million years.  What to do?

Donít fake it!


At the very least, make sure the listener will want to consume your message (break, spot, promo, et cetera).  Weíve all had the experience of actually enjoying a TV or radio commercial for a product or service that was totally irrelevant.  This is the inspiration we must tap when the product or service itself leaves us feeling less-than-inspired.

Obviously, you have to be careful of those classic advertising moments where the product gets lost in the creativity (ďLove that commercial!  So funny!  What was it for?Ē).  And you never know.  Perhaps in the process of enjoying the creative process, youíll develop an appreciation for the product or service you can pass on to the listener.

Should I tell a story?


Storytelling is all the rage, and it has been for several years now.  Yet, we all know the person.  This is the chronic storyteller who isnít just bad at storytelling, but lacks the self-awareness to recognize that you simply needed directions to the nearest restroom.


Storytelling is simply one tool in the emotional connection toolbox.  Other tools in this box include, but are not limited to, songs, music beds, sound effects, vocal tone, and choice of words.   Overuse of one tool is like dumping an entire bottle of spice onto a salad, or using the wrong tool (sinking a nail with a screwdriver).


Emotional connection is the goal, is the whole, and is what turns the station-listener relationship into a tribe that would make Seth Godin proud.


Rob is Senior Production Director for Family Life Radio in Tuscon. Contact Rob at



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